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  1. Hey Nim.. ..I´m sorry, for I didn´t understand something, I guess. You always tell us (participants) to post screen shots of our roleplay. Yes, I understand this. But.. where? Where to post them? Shall we put them into our papers? (I´m in fear, that would disturb my sense of beauty :() Or post them here in this topic? And if you now agree.. isn´t it too late for that now? I mean, the quest time is over, so I guess, it wouldn´t be allowed to change anything more in the papers, would it? Greets so far :)
  2. Well.. nice said!! Yes, you´re right - that are great words and I will keep them in my mind. Thanks for `em. And.. yes, you are right: the realm would be very boring, if everything was nice and beauty and good. For me, I think.. I think, I´m just tired of.. hmm.. how to say? Tired of all those envy and distrust and.. You know, these days you are overwhelmed with so many things. Always have to have the most popular things, to be "in" and modern. I am so tired of that ellbow society, commanded by egoism, greed, dark glances and distrust. When I look around in the "outer" world, I see those things everywhere, every day, propagandized by the medias.. I just was sad to see, that it is the same here - as I thought. Maybe - because I´m new - that opinion was made to early. Or.. maybe I just brought my "outer" fatigue here. (What, by the way, would mean, that I did, what I denunciated in the upper post). Thanks for your comment. It´s good. It makes me thinking a bit more far, taking a step back and looking on the theme again with some distance. Maybe the solution is somewhere in the middle..?
  3. I agree with you, Tom Pouce!! It´s a bit hard for me to write this now, because.. you see: I´m new and I think, taking a stand always gets you more new enemies than friends. But I do now. For my inner voice cries for it - if I can say it like this. For I am new in this forums and in the realm, I may not know everything about the little intrigues or blasphemies, that may go around here. But they do - this is, what i realized, yet. I´ve read some topics and forum threads and there are things like this readable very often. Being new anywhere isn´t always the worst, because.. it has the advantage that I can come here very impartial. The first thing I thought, that I entered the realm was something like: "Wow!! What a great world! What a great community! Everybody helpful, everybody friendly. A world, just to grow. For me, for my role, to grow!! A world, where everyone can be, however he want´s to be. Something like freedom.." (I don´t know, if this is understandable..?!) I was so much.. impressed, overwhelmed.. When I first made my walk through the forums, fulfilled with the impressions of the realm, I found those some topics, that are the same way as this one now. And I thought: "Oh no! Also here distrust? Envy? Intrigues?" This is really really a very pity!!! So I please you: Don´t be envious. Don´t be bad. Isn´t it just great to be part of that realm, part of that forum? To design it? Why always looking for the futile bad things? Of course: you can always find something to whinge about. But the reasons are mostly internal. And those reasons make such a great project become "normal", become "egoistic", become like a platform, we all do know from our "outer" lifes, from the "outer" world. Hey, people out there: it´s up to us!!! It´s our choice! Do we really want to make this "world" here - the realm and the forums - make a world, we all know, yet? Stay excited! Stay intent! Stay creative! Stay childlike! Wonder about everything! Ask about everything! Be generous! Be sympathetic (- also by being happy about another one´s win)! Let´s keep that a wonder(ful place). So.. ..this is, what I wanted to say.. By the way: it was a nice little puzzle - I like the one´s like this. :) For the next time, I may know better, what to look for and where to keep an eye on. Congrats, Valoryn!
  4. Ok, here I go :D Count me in, please!! [spoiler][/spoiler]
  5. Well.. I just want to say "hello" to all of you. As you can see - this is me: Jorana. You may know me out of the realm?! For I am still a newbie, I´m just on my way to discover this world with all its beautiful places, with all its shadows and mysteries.. I´ve quite managed to register here and - here I go. I wonder, what may awaits me here.. well, I´m a bit excited. For this moment, I think, I´ll rummage in the forums, taking a look into the gallery and may visit some members.. first trial lesson, so to speak.. Wish you all a nice time and.. a great HELLO to everybody! :)
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