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  1. I will miss you a lot Shem. You indeed were my mentor. You inspired me and it was always a pleasure to talk with you.
  2. And then? What is the race about? I am sorry, but I do not understand this. I would like to participate though. Can you please explain a bit more?
  3. Thank you Rophs! Maybe I pressed the button twice.
  4. Greetings, Yesterday evening I had a burst. Just like the other bursts it came after 12 won fights. Then suddenly a very frightening message appeared on my screen. "Three of your fights were not won the right way. Going on like this will get you banned." (Or something like that.) I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, I did not use magic, I just got this burst like the others I got in the past. The text disappeared and the burst was counted, but it made me a little scared. I haven't heard of anyone else being confronted with this problem. Can someone please explain to me what happened and why? Thanks in advance. Summer breeze
  5. I use the message cloud for relevant messages from certain people and make a list of who is under what sign. So, that person is under the crown, that one is under the head etc. It works quite good for me.
  6. For those who are not yet able to enter Loreroot, you can contact *Mya Celestia*.
  7. To all who do not know what Yule is, it is the celebration of the returning of the light. It is celebrated on the shortest day, so December 21.
  8. Hereby I want to announce the Yule ceremony in Loreroot on December 21. Further information will follow.
  9. Hello gonzalocsdf and powle, Summer breeze giggles.That can become cosy! I asked Shemhazaj too already to teach me the ways of the druids. I am looking forward to the conversations with him and powle. That is why I voted for him. I hope to see you soon in Loreroot powle. Summer breeze
  10. You were my first friend here Maebius. You gave me my first gift and wrote the first entry in my PL. I will miss you. :(
  11. Mine would be ELO's Can't get it out of my head.
  12. Winter, cold And then all of a sudden There is spring Blossom
  13. No pain, no words No dreams or hopes I lost it all.
  14. Happy birthday Andur. Sorry I am a day too late. I hope you had a great day with a lot of fun and presents. My present is a leaf from my tree. It will always stay with you and be there for you.
  15. Bashaw, I still don't get it. You want people to make new poems in English here? :unsure:
  16. So i can't join this quest, I don't read Montenegron, you don't read Dutch. I wrote some pretty good onces, but how can I let you read them? :huh:
  17. Wow, then I have to translate my most dearest poem first. Thank you for your answer. :o
  18. Bashaw, do you want only original poems here. or can you place your favorites here too? :unsure:
  19. I hope this is not considered a spoiler, but you could try to get a pickle. That will raise your AP. Or you could ask older players to lower the viscosity for you. I wish you luck!
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