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  1. A very happy birthday Sunfire. I wish you lots of presents and good company.
  2. Happy birthday Plix Plox. May you get a lot of presents!
  3. Ah, I will miss you! I wish you all the luck in the world!
  4. Why shouldn't we read this and respond? we are nice people!
  5. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon. I was looking for a game to play. And so I met MD. And I care about a lot of people here.
  6. I would love to help Jester, you know that, but right now my health is too poor. I would hate it to make a promise and not be able to live up to it. I am very sorry, but at the moment I am not even certain if I will awake the next morning. Besides, my laptop is very ill too.
  7. I like fanh So why not just leave him alone??
  8. Sorry for my belated wish. A very happy birthday!
  9. I might have read over it, but how long will this race approximately take? Hours, days, weeks?
  10. Okay, thank you Sephirah. Must be enough time to write a beautiful poem! Nice quest!
  11. The date is really August 24, or is this a mistake? That is 8 months from now!
  12. Welcome back Kyphis. You were missed in your nest.
  13. I will miss you a lot Tom! Please reconsider. You were always kind.
  14. Yeah No one, I have no use for the treebark. My offer still stands.
  15. I am sorry, I can't get anymore, because my laptop is very ill and I can't see the resources anymore. I removed the cookies and cleared the cache as Grido recommended, but it made no difference. So all I can offer is 39 treebark. You could give me as much water as you are willing to pay for it, otherwise I hope you'll find someone who can give you what you need. Good luck! Summer breeze.
  16. Oh, what a pity! Well, I hope I once will get another one
  17. I would very much like an Angien too please!
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