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  1. Bigger reason would be that nobody uses wiki for feed podcast. You need someplace that everybody can and will notice. AL and announcements are only ones with such built in capabilities.
  2. This isn't just Angien case, it's the case with all unusable eggs, it's a known thing if you ask me, I knew this since very long time.   For example ele egg also has ability, and could technically be used. But Angien egg lvl 1 doesn't have it while lvl2 has it... Depends from case to case.
  3. I'm pretty sure somebody already posted this, although I can't seem to find it :/
  4. It doesn't. That rule is in place to prevent last second win bid.
  5. No you can not.   Why? Because it's not publicly available to everyone.   However..... this is public.     Side note....     How is that any different than me for instance asking "does anybody know some game secrets, they would be very good for figuring even more of them, gimme!"   Honestly I couldn't believe you really asked such question. Don't get me wrong I would really like it if spell docs, (storymode), r&c, etc are openly available, but they are not. They are unlockables and there's an obviously good reason for that.
  6. You can change thread name yourself if you use full editor on first post. Anyhow, done.
  7. Moved to offtopic and locked.
  8. MRW is almost correct. Sit at Angien Shrine in shade of Tainted Angien for 8 days and you both will be purified.
  9. I never got that error on profile pages but... I got that error (or similar one maybe with just a different number) when I logged in few days ago as popup, page automatically refreshed and all was normal. I don't really think it's a bug, I guessed it's some autofix. I thought it had something to do with recent announcements.
  10. Blasphemy! Why would you do this?   The only way to get rid of the taint is to embrace it fully. Trying to purify yourself in any way is just delaying the inevitable or merely switching one taint for another.   Taint always finds a way unless death finds you first.
  11. I consider this canon from now on and nobody can tell me otherwise! :))
  12. @Miq: If another criteria is added like percentage or minimum in addition to current suggested max amount then that problem would be solved.   @Chew: Well I wrote much longer post but I cut it down not to hijack the topic.
  13. I don't like those alt ideas. That will quickly fail because it requires constant effort to maintain it. People are rarely doing such things now and making an official decree that LHOs are required to do it, won't really change much. Better make NPCs with frozen honor, fixed def and make them reattackable but also to go poof for good once some MP3 has reached X amount of AD to prevent excessive npc grind. (I also don't really support mass npc idea either but it's still better than official alts idea)   There would also be little point in papers on them, if such thing can be available on
  14. This all is too messy for me to understand if it is or isn't duplicate, but I'll trust you on this one too :)) Moved.
  15. Yes but it's form of expression, and you can't ever fully express anything, there's always that little something wrong or missed bit.
  16. This only applies to how much age did person had when they posted it.   That's why people tend to bump their entries without any updates to get higher in the list since it's listed according to AD at time of post.
  17. Because of memory tainting or something like that that's related to spells in general.
  18. Yep, Asthir is right, it wasn't red. Bugged joke? :p
  19. LHO activities: reply to help pm welcome newbs helping with common problems such as technical or pointing into right direction chat monitor Did I miss anything?
  20. April fools! :D   Funny thing, I first saw this on forum.... :))
  21.   There are few problems with this. First can you prove that said person really didn't know about and isn't just playing stupid. Secondly "strange behavior" is very vague. Losing heat was many times considered strange thing and bug by many newbs, while some deep hard to notice combat bug will go unnoticed, yet many will be using it without knowing. It's very hard to make distinction.   Z, what tools besides toadspeak do they have to enforce rules?
  22. I believe this guide would be on how to properly do LHO job rather than how to play game or bundle of faqs.
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