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  1. Where is the button "all of them"?
  2. Attacking force = caster's creatures, and you mean lower number of rounds.
  3. So... you are saying that status of the attacking force sets the rules of battle?
  4. No adepts don't add any bonuses to combat.   Adepts help you with healing creatures manually. Basic amount is up to 8% of current ve per ap, each adept increases that amount linearly by 8% and of course you can't overheal creats this way. It's capped at 100% but very likely due to max ve limit on creat rather than actual cap on this bonus.   This makes me wonder if a mp6 with lets say only 300 current ve could heal it's dead creature by more ve than he/she has. In other words use 300 ve yet heal it for around 800 ve. If so then we have a bug :p
  5. Well there are warnings related to such issues, although they could be nicer and more accurate.
  6. You say you can't join frat because you will stay mp3(at least that's what I understood), but still why MB and not GG citizenship?   Or in case you don't consider yourself MR anymore, that "MR" part in start of your name is still confusing.   Also... why was ally taken over by Pip in first place?
  7. So? It was pointless feature in first place and it was also badly implemented, you can't do ascii art if font ain't changed to monospace.
  8. Not just the creat id, the creat type id too. Purpose is so that custom names don't confuse people. Even better would be unique name of creature type (but I guess such thing doesn't exist yet in DB?). Creat id itself just shows us which creat did what, doesn't assures us yet what kind of creat it is. Creat id also isn't enough for it's own purpose because we don't know which slot it's in.   Combat window has the "log" and "display" parts and it's quite messy to figure out which creat action from log did what. You can put 6 santas in ritual and all can be of same name.   We want l
  9. That is like half of things up there. Some stuff are debatable. It's a tons of work, so Chew how deep are you planning to dive on the problem?   Some things are questionable by design on large scale and are highly debatable, some were as well discussed in Combat Talk and it's sibling topics. "- ability to protect rituals indefinitely" as Asthir put it would fall under that category rather than just fixing/improving/clarifying the current system, it means rework/redesign of combat.     Comments for above post (Asthir's): "temporary effect lines" are displayed only when all
  10. First things first, EMERALDGLARE. It stole that def from you.   Secondly, combat effects are broken, they don't apply at start of round, they apply when applied by creatures during rounds. Meaning you will see that round thingy countdown on effects but nothing will happen unless it actually gets reapplied by creature. Also that round countdown will always be larger by 1 than it should be. And yes some lines just keep printing once triggered. There's all sorts of fun and weird with effects. Especially with end of effects (regen kills for example). It also depends on how many times it got
  11. This script is still in same spot but now it's password protected. Reason for this is because in near future I'll be away for prolonged time and won't have net access and hence won't be able to "maintain" it. Password protected scripts don't require to be "maintained" (I think) so it will be in place till then.   Password is "Ary is awesome!".
  12. Chew, rewrite whole combat system, please.   EDIT: Just saw announcement, YES YES YES
  13. Aw.... I actually instantly rep+ just because of evil look, then I read the post....
  14.   Well that's actually 2g10s. Question is how much is it worth to Richy.
  15. Honestly, you will be happy to get 5sc for it, if you even manage to sell it that is.
  16. You have too many labels, that's why. Such outrageous amount of them wasn't considered when pm popup was designed :p
  17. Tabs are actually irrelevant. Regen timer won't reset if you don't do any system-recognized action. Basically time ticks down but it actually doesn't, refresh for instance is recognized as action, hence after refresh you lose time on interval because it "reset".
  18. If I understand you correctly on what's happening, then it's not about tea, it's actually the problem with regen interval. See http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/14961-regen-timer-tick-glitchbug/
  19. Nice post No one, but I highly doubt Mur is talking about combat. This just got confusing...
  20. Exactly. Fights happen when both sides think they are superior over the other.
  21. Just to give you critical information before your decision is finalized. Bellians don't have cookies..... you should rethink your options because cookies are just outrageously delicious.
  22. :huh:  I thought inner sun is abstract thing.
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