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  1.   Briskness: 101 (78.59 + 7.86 + 15)   As you can see weapon bonus is 10% of the base stats but in fact it should have been 10,8%, however it got rounded down to the nearest full number so it's just 10%. If weapon set bonus wasn't present it would be 9 (6 from non set and 3 from set (5 set items = 60% bonus = 4,8 which got rounded down to 4 and then 6 from other items got added))
  2. Same thing, set bonus applied, but final percentage rounded down from 10,35 to 10 on attack, as for other bonuses 15% bonus on their value is too small to pass full number, hence it gets rounded down and it looks like on them that no set bonus got applied. For example power is 3*1,15=3,45 and it gets rounded down to 3 which makes it looks like nothing got added.
  3. I rechecked it and set bonus was applied in my case. I'm using royal guard set in combination with some non set items. All the math was fine. Only thing is that final percentages got rounded to full number. For example it was supposed to be 10,8% boost but 10% was applied instead, that's the only problem I encountered, set bonus got applied for me.
  4. As said above one could just deactive his summon tag and hence be removed from summoning which is responsibility.   Another example of same action is abuse of the system where people could "untag" themselves for the purpose of summon for only specific people who would still be tagged.   For example 3 people are in summon group, person A needs summon, person B is in maze and person C is east. If persons B and C untag themselves temporary, person A can get "selfish" summon without messing up with other 2.   It's simply no longer group summon thing and it was meant to pull ev
  5. I think you did the math wrong.   If set has 6 pieces (75% boost) and it gives defense boost lets say for example 10, 10, 20, 30, 15, 15. You need to sum that up first, in this case it's 100% boost then add set bonus of 75 after which you get 175% boost and that's when you take your stats and multiply it by that boost multiplier which is in this example 2,75.
  6. Ah I meant that they have range of IPs which is smaller than that of a cable ISP.
  7. How you mean "no" yet the rest of your post confirms what I was saying? O.o
  8. Unless you have what he wants and are willing to sell it for cheaper, you may not.
  9. Indeed, although I was referring to mobile gsm connection, not wifi.   It's very easy for it to happen with mobile networks and it happens a lot. However even for cable/wifi connections this can still happen for various reasons. Only Chew can tell you more.
  10. Have you logged to MD with mobile?
  11. Not sure what you are bragging with. I'm pretty sure neither number is record.... unless this is sacc gain for mp3?   Oh max heat at mp3...
  12. Yush! After almost 2 years it got implemented! Yes, yes I know hue is Bordeaux red instead of bright Mur red but I guess we will have to settle for it. Thankies Chew.   Yeah almost beat the highest rep count but the 29 rep post had peak population I believe, so... it doesn't really count? :p   Anyway... moved to Implemented Ideas
  13. You could charge for slot usage too! Not to mention the slider % :p
  14. MD olympics that are completely fair without any possibility of shady play occurring? How exactly do you expect NC to sign up to such a boring thing? But then again spartans weren't allowed to compete in olympics either... or at least pankration part of it.
  15. Even if this was allowed how could people be assured that 3rd party scripts they download ain't malicious? It would require to have somebody checking them each time they are submitted/updated to the public.       Voting reminder   With 25 rep this is officially the highest feature publicly requested on forum. Even beating the citizenship feature request by 2 points! :P
  16. Then make it that help request is marked again as unread if it didn't got replied to after 10-15 min after it was opened.
  17. Lack of inactivity you say? :huh: :p
  18. Well obviously there's another end game beyond end game then :p since mp5 is requirement for mp6
  19. Hmmm okay there could be some semantics issue. I don't equalize the rules of religions with beliefs. I consider those "many gods" just different manifestations of the same. Looks like same thing to me, only difference is how long it takes you to get to Rome.
  20. Uneducated? Maybe. I prefer to call it different point of view. I find it somewhat offensive that my rejection of such limitations you find uneducated.   I think that those limitations you mentioned is a product of religious groups trying to shut down other ones for X reasons rather than order from deity itself.   For me all those religions are different manifestations of same thing. All paths lead to "Rome".
  21. Oh... if that link worries you then you don't have anything to worry about. I remember watching some documentary where they claimed they found the gene that's responsible for making people serial killers and such. Yet like 50% of those badies didn't have the gene. Your head is fine :p
  22. I disagree. I don't feel like explaining why currently because there's a lot to write. I also remember seeing this exact thing already discussed on forums long ago.
  23. Yes... or at least as far as I remember, but certainly lower number than non ally vs non ally.
  24. Why wouldn't I be able to believe in all of them? I was taught that all of them preach same thing :p
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