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  1. http://magicduel.com/players/Ary_Endleg   public profile place where weapon set should be displayed   Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/magicdue/public_html/member.php on line 378   this wasnt there before, i used pass papers and it said weapon bonus wont count for next 2 days, i guess thats the cause
  2. ~comments on self introductionary story - short introduction about my character ongoing story - stuff happened so far, this part would be updated as things go on aspiring story - mention stuff that my character aspires to achieve, if those stuff changes it gets updated updating can happen inside that part of story to which it belongs to, but then simultaneously need to update aspiring part so to mention change happened like this stuff is done as you read above and that something new is pursued, or updated will be linearly after aspiring story part, in a journal way (seems like better way)
  3. really?   guess i will have to take extensive notes on everything that can change -_- and track this thing down.... after i get to mp4 since mp3s cant see all....   i have the hunch it could be what i think it is
  4. i wonder what is this 4 small orange bar thingy named something which was gained in amount of +1000? [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  5. oh that, ok, i thought you wanted to know what exactly is broken so you can fix it faster/easier, my mistake sorry
  6. oke chewett here it is :p latest win7/ff/flash regen timer tick glitch - control check after login or after it ticks and you refresh to verify that it happened, take note of time on any clock, or even open stopwatch although any clock will do it wait for it to tick, dont tab out of md, dont go to facebook or youtube or anywhere or if you do, come back before time runs out and refresh and stay active in md tab when timer runs out, wait a bit for response on flash thingy with stats or refresh manually you will notice tick happened -requirement and steps to reproduce md in one tab, fe
  7.   quest log says i need 100-100     also combat log summary, creature tab display their ve from start of fight and not end of fight
  8. but if lets say i took a stroll and went back with like 5 ap and kept clicking, and i hit the right code, would it say it failed to open or would it look the same as entering wrong code?
  9. unlike other puzzles goe pillars dont have any message lying around saying that its some sort of puzzle   yet each of them is labeled with pair of letters, also all locations seem to have pair of letters hidden somewhere in scenery which are different from ones on pillars (i dont think i saw same pair of letters shown on pillars to appear anywhere else, but i could be wrong) and when you touch them in proper order useful thing will appear....   so i guess it is some type of thingy to solve but i have been breaking my head for quite some time now and i fail to see ANY logic in how
  10.   does that counts for apatridic population (no homeland and no mans land) or will that move force players who want to enjoy those resources to join one of 4 main lands (mb,nv,gg,lr)
  11. i finally can prove this kind of stuff is possible as i thought on day one with shades, dark slime "cheated" a bit with its stats, so i called in extra help, special thanks to syrian for making this possible   i hope this is extreme enough or at least pretty cool   [spoiler]Loading Ary Endleg creatures Loading Dark Slime creatures Applying 52% of Ary Endleg's energetic influence Applying 39% of Dark Slime's energetic influence Influences for Ary Endleg ###### Influences for Dark Slime ###### Applying Ary Endleg's Creature Tokens at 48% Barren Soul's creature tokens [] App
  12. my guess is greed doesnt decay over time, so it looks like your patience might be futile :unsure:
  13. ah thats bad news, at least my phone bill is safe :D
  14. unsure if this goes here or in shop subforum   comparing this and this i would say that md phone payments need update since allopass covers more countries than its shown on md link   can this coverage get updated for md? because i see croatia on allopass coverage but i dont see it on md phone credit link  
  15. ouu i am getting noticed *looks around for place to hide*   i am still on the lookout and will post on forums or message lho if i find something new
  16. thats good to hear, but i got told that in this game combat isnt mandatory, and thats something i really like, so i will see what path exactly will i tread, be it healer or some other casual civilian :D
  17. few toys to play with sounds good, i will come pick them for sure, hopefully they aint harmful, i dislike doing harm ^^     well it still applied on 6th and 7th shade, i will see if it still applies now that i am outside of tutorial, but i guess that would be noticed by now?
  18. hi there i am new, i guess this post would go here...? didnt saw any pinned topic on how to post bug report, so here it goes i got this when i clicked inventory button on right Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/magicdue/public_html/bar/inventory.php on line 42 i also got pretty much same error when i completed registration form, just on different line i think it was line 352 after beating last shade you get offered principle choice, but on first pick theres only 9 choices "one is missing", in fact first button gives you time and entropiei   sometimes when
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