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  1. I deem action number thing important because it would help us learn how long battles could last in which scenario and hence be able to predict at what point exactly battle would end in case it wasn't complete annihilation.   Loss of info on grid thing ofc isn't okay, but if somebody comes with a genius twist for grid that would somehow show us everything, then it's worth considering, otherwise not.   As for Creature ID, indeed it does help tie specific creature with whats going on, but what I proposed that instead of it you put slot number, creature level and creature type name y
  2. Since nobody else started it....   Worthy stuff to take a look at:   This looks interesting, but challenging to implement if all information is to be displayed, hence this idea would require modification if this is decided to be implemented. Currently it's just nice layout idea.  http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11815-matrix-like-fight-logs/   This one actually is very old topic talking about how logs used to look like before they looked like they do today. This one is significant because in old logs there was displayed the number of actions performed in combat
  3. Wookie officials have swarmed the auction site and all bidding is hence over, luckly they found only bingo players in there. So it all went smooth.
  4. So that you can't use single lvl 1 knator in def!   Probably because the code looks something like this   if vit > 300 then use ritual else use random   rather than this   if vit < 301 then go random else use ritual
  5. Then one of those type of tokens was overlooked when they were being changed.   If creat has 13k max ve due to tokens, 100 regen stat will make it regen 13k at end of fight.
  6. It also applies before tokens.   No you don't understand how stat gaining formula works. 300 heat is the baseline. Unless you gain 100 VP you can't gain any other stat. 300 heat = 100 vp. VP is stat by itself.   That bonus amount of VP is gained because of honor bonus.   Announcement citation. http://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/130   Today that would be impossible but when game started when people didn't had stats nor many creatures with regen stat. It was possible to set for example Water Being lvl2 on def permanently. If this 301 rule wasn't in place it w
  7. Those tokens work only inside the fight as much as I'm aware of because they got changed a way back. It won't overflow the vitality. But it would make such creature require 50 regen stat to get fully regened instead of 100.
  8. Yes, but log will say creature regained according to how much regen stat it has at end of combat, if it has 5k max ve and 200 regen it will regain 10k ve according to log. However it will be reduced to 5k in reality because system prevents vitality "overflow".
  9. Bid needs to be private otherwise it won't be forwarded to the holder of said item :p
  10. It applies before slider application. If you set a only bird, no matter the slider it will go random.   How we want it to apply is a totally different question on the other hand. I think it's good as it is.   It's in there so people couldn't set some dummy ritual that gives nothing to the attacker stat vise. With this rule system ensures that there is opportunity for at least minimal stat gain if defender's situation allows it (ie defender has living creatures)   Btw I think this is out of Asthir's mp3 expertise :p
  11. Apparently a certain person got one of his dear personal items "missing". We here at Black Market Ltd. are offering you opportunity to acquire this mysterious item. Who is the previous owner or what this item is will only be revealed if you have the winning bid.   The special thing about this item is that previous owner is interested into reacquiring said item. Hence you could potential grab a finder's reward, try to sell it back in order to get some profit or favor. Maybe you could blackmail that person and maybe it's not worth as much as you thought to that previous owner so you wou
  12. I simply don't see the use of excess heat. That's all.
  13. Actually I would go even far, I would limit heat gain from battle to be limited to amount of heat needed to gain max stats from it and limit the heat loss to double that number.
  14. The way I see it, those are rules Rophs would be putting in place if he is chosen to be Torch Master, basically his post is application for position the way I see it. Meaning that you guys can make your own rules and compete for spot.
  15. Oh so that's the cause of weaken def doing silly small numbers, nice.
  16. 2 more turn based abilities: defend and intoxicate.   Confirmed.   Edit: no time to read second post about martyr plus I might have few things to say regarding martyr and stacking mechanisms
  17. You didn't secretly ate delicious candy or voted before upgrading or fought some badass duel(s)?
  18. Currently at +1110. Still a mystery.
  19. All that happens because when you attack with otherarmy system views it as otherarmy fighting and not you hence doesn't let you see the battle log.
  20. Yeah not really a bug, it's just how it works. Although I would argue that at least user should be informed somehow if fight was won or lost rather than trying to figure it in haste before page auto refreshes. It simply should get improved a bit, it just isn't nice to see "errors/warnings" jumping up and things disappearing unexpectedly.
  21. Ratings are mostly given on grounds of how well participant did in relation to questmakers expectations. They rate the quality of effort/genius for specific "quest" but you can't compare WP one from one quest to WP won from another quest made by another questmaker.   For example. One WP is won on a super hard quest that had 100 active participants and lasted 2 months. Other WP is won on a quest that had 5 participants with task to recite short poem about how fluffy and evil Ary is and put it on youtube and be judged as best. In my eyes they can't compare :p second one is obviously wo
  22. For me this rises the question of how much is WP worth nowadays in relation to effort/genius invested to acquire it. I'm pretty sure that many can agree that some WPs were acquired way easier than others due to varied difficulty of tasks.
  23.    Yes, with exception of non-set pieces not receiving set bonus of course.
  24. Yes my soundtrack is awesome :p   No I didn't use external page, I used internal stat page. When you asked me last time for example I gave you the one with royal set and briskness because I don't feel like swapping gear back and forth and redoing math for each post since it's always same and works the same way.   But yes I did get proper numbers with your medusa 2 pieces.   Quite simple really if you have 4% from one piece in set and 5% from another piece in set and no more gear is on you then that's total boost of 10% not 10,35%. It gets rounded down. If you however have
  25.   I would rather like that erolin device right under slider is actually working and that heal button at end of fight works too.
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