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  1. There just isn't any backyard-low-budget-diy method that doesn't include making assumptions/speculations with "flawed" logic without the use of tech/knowledge made by other people (claiming they ain't trustworthy yet we are to put aside questioning reasons/motives why they wouldn't be) to prove either that world is flat or round. You gave too many restrictions. Methods given by people above are good in my mind but they don't meet those requirements you asked for.   Hence this is just a moot point endless debate for purpose of brain workout and hence the answer is irrelevant, right? If s
  2. They don't.... except elus, but they work without name changing....
  3. So all this is fake?   I'm not sure what you mean by "picture made by civilian". NASA and other agencies alike are civilian not military so... or you simply meant that picture would need to be produced by non government official? Well SpaceX of Elon Musk is commercial company who flies up to space, if world was flat they would told us :D unless they are part of conspiracy too....
  4. That "future" cauldron is ... 5? 6? years old. I call it dead hope.   As for other items, they are just "personal" (item type) Mur's items, and as such they offer an illusion of power (having demon/demigod's blood might come in handy in weird demonic summoning rituals and "blackmailings").   Nothing useful for casual player hence they are nice big gold sink, well that's just my opinion.
  5. I think that people should be enabled to store their active avy themselves in their vault. Currently vault features are messy.   (on side note I wonder how shopping for avatars works if you are in illusion, does it breaks stuff? :p )   As for fuss, expensiveness and hoarding... In my opinion not worth it, shuffling the shop is expensive, having multiple avys is pointless since it costs 2 creds to swap between them. Getting avy commissioned is much easier and cheaper not to say that you might sometimes find people giving them up for free.   Now that I think of it, the above
  6.   Simply look at what No one wrote, it says most of the why.     Current system forces you to risk. Now you might argue that it means nothing since certain people can one-shot other players in combat and hence ain't making any kind of risk but do remember that such scenario wasn't intended in first place and eventually will be reworked. Also look at what Sy told you.     You see, in that case you still paid the price instead of taking the "risk", where in case of a slider you keep your ve.   This type of slider instantly removes the tactical use of TS
  7. I had the very same idea once but I realized that if it gets implemented, you can flush whole combat system down the toilet.   Aethon and No one said it right.   EVERYTHING in combat is directly tied to that little mechanic of slider, change it and everything goes back to drawing board, every single piece of combat.   If you somehow try and manage to keep stuff afloat by trying to keep it true to current combat philosophies, you wouldn't actually change anything. Effectively you would make combat system more complicated, harder to learn, harder to use, yet more unfair and
  8.   As I said, pointless to put your stuff in public expecting that if public knows about it, it would help you somehow, yet you don't explain anything. From my perspective you are just throwing red herrings in here.
  9. Excuse me, but I fail to see connection regarding how does "having influence over dst" give you east crown. Care to elaborate?   It seems pointless to me to make public posts about something that nobody knows what's it about except few people involved. I've no clue what the first post is about, even less the following ones. All I see is some claim for crown based on.... what exactly; and because of... again what exactly? Really what's going on?
  10. Update!   Just hit Ctrl+M in your MD tab if you are Firefox user to mute all sounds on that tab only. Just make sure you are using the new version of Firefox.   It's easy, simple, effective and without any side-effects.
  11. Ever after Mur deleted bunch of avatars due to poor quality many people got avatar amount shown in shop reduced. I for instance see only 4 while all of us should be able to see 8.
  12. Indeed but why expand now when current system is still broken, when we are unsure of stability of current system (post fix), when we lack plans and concepts and considerations for said expansion.   As I said, if such priority goes after initiative then it has pointless effect in combat from tactical point of view (the same weight/usefulness as knowing the combat action numbers currently is) if it goes before initiative there's a ton of work to do since it would change everything.   Current system is good, it just needs those unforeseen holes filled (proper last filter/parameter i
  13. Well I simply pointed out other areas that have similar problems which originate due to same thing. Hence it seems only logical to mention them too since they could all benefit from same fix.
  14. Ha! That's me at 0:22. Black as darkness and fluffy as evil. It's unmistakable, it must be me. ^_^ :D :))
  15. For giving priority based on ability, it would increase coding complexity because current system assumed that players won't have high stats and that creature's own stats would be enough to dictate such plays (read as: 0 init on grasan was assumed it would be enough to make it go last; that's how it's planned slowness is currently implemented). It also wouldn't make any significant impact since it goes after init check anyway, and yet it ain't unique filter.   I guess we all agree that creature slot is both logical and best way to go.
  16. Because currently we have no idea who will be targeted first, which aura will go first nor which creature will act first if all parameters are same.   It's not just a targeting issue, it's also order of attack issue, when more creatures have same init, the first one to act is the one that php/db sorts first, usually by id order. (if I remember correctly Asthir told me once about some anomaly to this id rule, I told him he's hallucinating :p :)) )   In order of attack issue attacker over defender priority would be needed. For targeting it wouldn't be needed I guess, although I hav
  17. This needs to be sorted out. If everything is equal then some parameter needs to have final say who goes first in combat and in auras. ID seems to be a good solution but it would be better if ID isn't used.   It needs to be unique parameter, not random one, it should be possible to tactically use it. ID can't be tactically used because it's fixed.   I like Rophs' idea with slot number. Slot numbers are unique and you can tactically use it, meaning it's up to your decision where you want to place creature.   There's only small problem with slot numbers, each side has it num
  18. I agree. It's no secret that some aren't in it to be slaves, rather they are in it to be partners.     When people make deals among each others to buy each others' leashes for a purpose of helping each other travel around rather than boss around; then you have a problem, the one which this topic brings up. Some auctions are staged just so one could acquire leash and has nothing to do with being slave, bossed around, pranked all the time, (insert inconvenience here).... It simply has no rp base or relation, only purpose is technical, the power of item.   That's why somethi
  19. Not a bug, just a left over code that wasn't hidden after things got changed.
  20. Why not? Nobody felt upset when I was talking about a lot of in-depth combat details in Combat Talk last year.
  21. http://www.ehow.com/how_6134042_reduce-frequency-simple-circuit.html
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