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  1. you have MP2/3 because you didn't pick the 3rd principle.


    Go sac a creature and you will get that principle.

    [spoiler]each altar grants different principles[/spoiler]


    He can't do that. You need to have a principle unlocked first in order for specific altar to offer it.


    Even if it worked like that... then people would be getting forced principle in many cases. For example, player has 2/3 and altar gives 2 principles that he doesn't have, so which one of those 2 would he get as his third principle?

  2. and no, mp7 will not be about voting, that might be for mp6 ...mp7 is for both vilains and heroes ..it is like a powerup mode, ...how exactly will get activated i am still not certain, i think a heat related thing somehow, heat is fuel for "magic" afterall. Won't be fight related either. fights remain for mp5, i want mp5 to be top level for fighting


    Well.... fighting -> briskness -> heat; so yes, using heat makes it automatically fight based, it's just delegated.

  3. Guys... did you really question allowance of Mp6 to attend certain quest yet you overlooked worshipers of said mp6?


    Lets put it this way, Mp6 that moves without spending ap plus his summon spell equals free movement for WHOLE population (theoretically). In practice it means you will have "mortals" that have to walk and others who are privileged because they are besties or close enough to said protector. Since we have small population, mortals will be the ones that don't serve interests of said protector and majority of population will be all about teleporting.


    I don't get it, we have such a complex system for player movement that has a purpose of lingering the speed of player movement, yet in practice that same system makes us go almost anywhere in a blink. Wasted effort in my eyes. How about removing ap from movement system altogether? -_-

  4. I noticed that on page for buying credits it's mentioned that MD uses this service as one of the methods for buying credits yet there ain't any links for it. Question is, did MD stopped using it and therefore text on that page should be edited or is link missing?

  5. Utilization you ask....


    As with any real multiplayer roleplay game, you have complete freedom of creativity and possibility, limited only by setting of game, in this case MD realm. With such freedom comes system's inability to make decisions in conflicting actions of interaction among players. in other words system can't decide anything (nor it exists) rather, social environment (community of other players that are present at the place of action happening) decides the outcome...


    Basically if you are to hit somebody on the head with a bottle you must make it believable that you have the means and ability to do it on your target for all the present observers and action should be accepted or refused/countered in same manner by the victim subject so to speak.


    Now all those RP commodities such as items, avatars, spells, tags, "character-establishment" and such come into play because they reinforce that said "reality". As a follow up to above example, if you have avy that looks aggressive, item called head cracking bottle and a tag named head smasher; the above exemplary action would be very likely to be accepted by surrounding players. On other hand if you always force something to happen the way you want it with no regards to your and other player's rp "resources", then you are basically god modding.

  6. All those quests have something related to MD : "MD" has to be present in pictures & proof that it is yours or it is discussed / presented / role played in MD.


    My question is how does that relation to MD actually improve anything ingame / gameplay? Basically it can be broken down to "doing something and putting MD sticker on it". I don't see value in such quests.


    I don't see how could quest such as "write short poem with X theme and record yourself" be valid quest for any kind of reward no matter how fair judging is. Those kind of quests have no effort on behalf of quest "maker", it literally took that person 10 seconds to come up with it just because he felt he has rewards to give out.


    Such stuff aren't quests, it's more of a "entertain me and I'll throw you some gifts"



    A wishpoint is important as the things it "buys" are not available to buy from prettymuch any sources.

    A wishpoint is to be given for hard work and actual achievement within MD. In the past it was given out by RPC's and represented the highest reward available. It is still worth a decent amount due to the unique things you can obtain with them.

    Keeping them vaguely hard to get is important :)


    There's always harder way to get those same stuff. WPs make it easier to obtain and lower the amount of work for game master. It's easier to do some quests and earn wps to buy spell that you could incorporate into your role than it is to actually play your role and eventually obtain it. But anyhow since wps are there people don't waste their custom rewards on such stuff, they of course go for custom/unique or powerful (wpshop unavailable) reward.


    Custom rewards are the current highest and most esteemed as well as most wanted rewards, something that I personally think wps should be and were meant to be in start yet they got degraded into wpshop. But currently MD isn't ready for it anyway, because having something rarely given out and hard to earn are two very different things yet both have same statistical result hence it being not the way it should.

  7. No man's land is already exempted because it can't go above 0 visc. I like idea of tying it with number of visits person makes which means it would motivate people to move just so they would unlock fogless scene. Also visc is currently capped at +20 not +40.

  8. While you wait for admin to validate your forum account, you could try getting solutions to your problems by talking with people ingame or contacting ingame Live Help (flashy orange button on the right of scene artwork).

  9. I just might go dig them, even though you pay for 10, just one non Mur's quest of such is enough to prove my point especially if no complaints were risen and if it wasn't rigged, isn't it? (also what if said quest rewarded more than 1 wp? should we count number of wps or number of quests? :P )


    Consequently, shouldn't the rules of all quests be more laid out and actually make impact on game/characters/events rather than just be imaginary unconnected parts? For instance bunch of "MP8" type of quests like plant a tree, craft a drach etc have no tie with ingame anything besides reward and maybe being md thematic (since I do hope you sculpt actual drach rather than dragons from skyrim for example). Then there are those so called "art" quests, story quests and similar that aren't connected with game reality nor are meant to influence any type of ingame change.


    It's sad that many quests are like "lets do something that could be fun and reward the best one". In my eyes real quests should actually make impact on game/characters/events, be actually in touch with roleplay, make things alive and going, or at very least be useful to real person playing the game or the world around her (talking about mp8 type, even though I dislike those). WP or not there are bunch of quests that don't fulfill any of my last sentence yet they do fulfill everything in first sentence of this paragraph and I think it's a bigger problem.

  10. Problem with validity in my eyes was that you were taking joke entries as valid above....


    Why would wp quest have to be related to md? As if Mur's quests are the only ones that cross that "boundary" :rolleyes: just pointing it out, I could go dig.

  11. I think that subject doesn't really fit with the "obvious" part. Soon we will be discussing how JFK actually wasn't assassinated but rather he was some covert agent and that was extraction mission... anyhow pointless to talk about since PRISM is watching and if we come near truth with solid proof against their story they will intervene :P same with this moon landing.
    If you are serious with wp, then this is valid contest and should be moved to that section.
    Maybe this should be moved to heated discussions because you think Mur's contest isn't really worth of giving out wps and this is your protest, yet I wonder how nobody complains when wps are awarded for scene decoration quest or story writings for example. If that's the case then this is discussion about what does deserve wp awarding and what doesn't.
    But if this is just mockery, mockery is form of insult and as such is against rules and hence it should be closed, also you are on private property.
    Nim tell me what do you think that I as mod should to do with this topic? Can this contest be voided and closed or you prefer one of other 2 options?

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