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  1. Still is Dimensional Shifters They are placed in MDA, yet their role can't be tied to any single land
  2. Makes me wonder just how is DS ally tied to any land.....
  3. The only difference is that utopia is an idea of heaven on earth, so to speak, rather than afterlife thing, hence limited to possible reality.
  4. What about posts that vote for a person in contest yet that same person +reps them, conflict of interest?
  5. He can't do that. You need to have a principle unlocked first in order for specific altar to offer it. Even if it worked like that... then people would be getting forced principle in many cases. For example, player has 2/3 and altar gives 2 principles that he doesn't have, so which one of those 2 would he get as his third principle?
  6. Indeed, I even think there was a topic stating how people should behave in auctions, sadly it wasn't pinned. At very least I hope you try to come to a compromise with Nim.
  7. That's exactly what I said.
  8. Well.... fighting -> briskness -> heat; so yes, using heat makes it automatically fight based, it's just delegated.
  9. Hold on... wasn't this boost removed years ago?
  10. Guys... did you really question allowance of Mp6 to attend certain quest yet you overlooked worshipers of said mp6? Lets put it this way, Mp6 that moves without spending ap plus his summon spell equals free movement for WHOLE population (theoretically). In practice it means you will have "mortals" that have to walk and others who are privileged because they are besties or close enough to said protector. Since we have small population, mortals will be the ones that don't serve interests of said protector and majority of population will be all about teleporting. I don't get it, we have s
  11. Necrovion is love, and love can't be tamed.That's all I need to know :p
  12. It matters not, this is actually power acquisition not a bounty warrant.
  13. I noticed that on page for buying credits it's mentioned that MD uses this service as one of the methods for buying credits yet there ain't any links for it. Question is, did MD stopped using it and therefore text on that page should be edited or is link missing?
  14. Utilization you ask.... As with any real multiplayer roleplay game, you have complete freedom of creativity and possibility, limited only by setting of game, in this case MD realm. With such freedom comes system's inability to make decisions in conflicting actions of interaction among players. in other words system can't decide anything (nor it exists) rather, social environment (community of other players that are present at the place of action happening) decides the outcome... Basically if you are to hit somebody on the head with a bottle you must make it believable that you have the
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