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  1. Fall oath   I have Sun frozen in my soul Its purpose forgotten but its dreams endure Whos will to burn is only matched By the embrace of its icy cull...   It is not a power given, to use it at my own free will But a curse bestowed gently So me too could endure the burden that comes with it With power...   Scent of summer carried upon the wind of hearts Where my hopes are standing still In the gardens of eternal fall My golden chains...   It is not the fear itself It is not the outcome of this battle But something more than both More than me...
  2. yes, if you believe it then everyone else will believe it too:))
  3. when i draw something it is usually not very different from my 14 year old brother :)) two artist i know, and perhaps the rest of them, said they were born with "it" but i dont think its about equipment, its about spirit:) well, that is the case with poetry :D
  4. here is mine, and next time you guys, come to right place for story:P and when you do, please be awake:)) Aragbor Forged of silence   Silence, true silence, is more than just absence of sounds, words and voices. It is the void where our fears never sleep and secrets are no secret at all, because the void is not empty space… It lives in shadows, winds, flesh… In the million of small things from every world which made his immense, and be it because of fate, coincidence or something else, those worlds sometimes collide… Embodiment of all things you dare not to speak, o
  5. perhaps sarah was the name he give to his anger?
  6. this poem is special as the person to whom its dedicated :)) keeping friends, one of the virtues i know, but tend to forget easily:(   Secret in the Steel   As always, blank piece of paper That screams at me with its whiteness Much like the storm of the dreamer And nothing like the silence… Secret in the Steel   Where are all those, promised words? Lost somewhere between the lines I`m cursed to seek something there Which cannot be found A secret in the Steel…   And it is there where did i learned From someone who appear just as small That true strength is to for
  7. well, i made forum acc few days ago and i`m "old" in game only 50-60 days:) that verse is much stronger than the rest of them so its only natural to ask if you read it somewhere:P you should write more poems and less all that other stuff:)
  8. As the moving force of the many things, poetry deserves its places here, dont you think?:) Tell me where dreams speak the truth Where all my illusions are more than dust And although there is no eternal youth There is something else…   Higher than hope and deeper than faith Something different than all routines Where our souls deserves to rest After being freed…   Choose me over the world Ignite the passion within the dying So they may be also free When their time turns to nothing…
  9. perhaps you should choose between those worlds:) anyway "in a poetry without its poem" did you made that verse?
  10. Let the heaven breaks light of the storm...

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