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  1. aha! make way, mad king coming through:D it, often, happens to people who "play themselfs" here so its natural that MD influence your mind in such way:) actually, its more likely to be connected with certain stuff you and azull shared which binded you guys in some new way:) there is no weird dreams:P
  2. it would be good that these rewards are somehow automatic so people dont have to chose between their friends, making "most popular" factor(in its human way) much more influential to all others.. which is perfectly normal but certain feeling of tiny guilt can hardly be avoided in this cases..   Adventurer: Amberune Most Popular: Summer Breeze Most addicted: Syrian Helper of the year: Syrian Top Techie: Darkraptor Rookie of the year: Ary Endleg Prime Quest: Darkraptor Champion fighter: Concussion Outstanding service to MD: Chewet Fossil of the year: Prince Rhaegar Pre-eminent
  3. hope to see you back in action soon, shem;) be well:))
  4. take care, nim,  hope to see you around more when you take care of rl:)
  5. i use cloud for similar reasons:) so i dont forget important stuff.. still, sometimes i cant remember what i forgot or where did i put that forgotten thing:D
  6. i promise no arguments and wars from my side:D it would be nice for all to see to avoid potential "behind people`s back" feeling (which would be justified) and to answer questions they might have:)
  7. only me, awwww:( i was looking forward to see stuff others wrote it seems unfair to win wp like this.. perhaps something from other rewards if no one join me
  8. me too, i`m lazy to even think about it:D though this can be useful:)
  9.  I see you as the wind, trapped  In the hair of the past Screaming with no one to hear  How those chains are not so vast But which holds your dreams so very near...   And still, you cant reach them The distance measured by strides of time  And every second, every hope you hold dear  Is taken away in the hair of the past...    I see you as phoenix  Immortal soul in flames of battle Every feather an unyielding mark  Of conquered death, from imprisoned life...    Never stop!  Never falter and back away Never
  10. ha, using drugs is sign of weak will:D who needs drugs when fight itself is stimulating enough:)
  11. Take me by the hand, shrouded in ice Remove the ring that has all winters Take my soul away from the sight From cold sorrow`s fiery fingers…   Where it cant reach light of the dawn Frozen in time, in my own escape Spare the suffering from my mind And my smile from the hate…   Truth is never what soul would want What white lies are hidden beneath How to get Steel sky of my head And clouded ground under my feet…
  12. much better:) dont write poems if you are "dry", wait for inspiration :))
  13. srecan rodjus, pa da donese sto ti najvise srce zeli :))
  14. well, younger players can try to keep with much more experienced guys that way :))
  15. although the some of greatest poets have that rare "power" to put one poem in few verses, even in one verse... your poem is deep but painfully precise, it lacks the question it suits you well though;)   "I was killed by a word too strong" (ubi me prejaka rijec)-branko miljkovic
  16. that is right:)) if you can write poems, write on english, dont translate ones you wrote on your native language, although i would like to see such effort:) so put some verses guys, i`m looking forward to it :))
  17. ahahah, it is not quest:D well, poetry is primarily meant for its "native" language dont know :(
  18. to translate a poem? that is rare and remarkable talent, as most meanings of verses are  lost in translation, you need to know those languages extremely well while feeling the poem in both..
  19. original:) to feel the poem is to feel the fraction of poet`s soul it does not need to be grand or immortal poem of well known artist "just" some honest, deep verses of immortal spirit :))
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