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  1. Touched of light and cast into darkness To dream about all things that should be lived Lost in songs and embraced by Silence To live the things that should be dreamed…   And cursing the moments that didnt happen So long ago, as they should be Instead of them there is only Silence Part of my soul, universe of my wish…   Waiting for that song, that will never end For her words, in which heaven sleep Seeking for the music that will never rest Across her voice, across eternity…
  2. well, you can count on me in story part;)
  3. fang hates you?o.o cmon guys, dont you think that "hate" is word too strong?:(( stick around, fang, chew is not a person you can dislike so much to leave.. anyway, perhaps its better to rest some time and think about this so you wont feel bad, so you wont feel like betraying whole world just because of some disagreements..
  4. i like 2, though 3 is also nice:) 2 has certain "pull" that makes it special, look all others several times and they become somehow simple, at least to me.. while 2 manages to retain that mystery feeling to it i like so much:)
  5. they will get losing anyway, losing to strong player wont affect their will much, i think:)
  6. shem, they would feel so because fighting can bind people more than some other things:) some of them are too shy to ask anything, and battle gives them good "excuse" to do that;) it would enable them to make bonds with people, so it will feel "right" to ask them for something else, not just battle:))
  7. i like this idea:) it will made new people to feel more "accepted" and that is what they need most:)
  8. the feeling of betrayal is often mixed with feeling of disappointment especially when it comes to person to whom we expect alot from.. however, even more often, it has little to do with truth as that person sometimes "cant" not "want to" keep up with what we expect   i say this because i knew shem from before and while i understand mya and val, their pain of "losing" someone dear to them its only matter of time before anger pass and more iconic feeling take its place:( it is good idea to carefully chose words in meantime so you wont feel bad afterwards..
  9. chew is working on something, ignore it, as he said:) continue to participate;))
  10. it works very good and fast for me (on chrome:)
  11. I made this for Rhaegar due to his lack of resolve, and just fact that he is plain lazy:D joke aside, this is something i made on spot and all connections to everything, and blablabla are just imagination, nothing more, and of course nothing less;)   Dreamweaver`s Dream   Rhaegar was lost in thoughts about recent war and decisions he made, peace is always fragile thing, he thought, something people gave name to in hope it will last, but he knew that peace is only period of time between wars, nothing more... Sun was tired and its rays were falling down upon the landscape in laz
  12. what do you mean, chew?o.o how about marbellian?:D its just a term though, people will call how they like:)
  13. happy new year, folks, may this be one you are waiting for:)
  14. ahh, it is really interesting how minds reflect on this.. for xavax its "imagination" and for eara its "idea".. around this two words all others are built, making it look perfect in their perspective "seed" will always be something else for different people, never same thing.. one seed for one soul, and one soul for one mind.. they fit perfectly, and even when one is not well said as some other, it does not mean that "one" is not the truth no matter the energy, positive or negative, the "seed" will always grow into that its meant to be however, question is "how" it will grow, will it be
  15. aha! make way, mad king coming through:D it, often, happens to people who "play themselfs" here so its natural that MD influence your mind in such way:) actually, its more likely to be connected with certain stuff you and azull shared which binded you guys in some new way:) there is no weird dreams:P
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