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  1. Happy b day, thon:) May you remember it by heart
  2. Indian philosophy is often centered about ideas that revolves around many aspects of the same thing. Tough pill to swallow if you yourself is not compatible with such beliefs. Philosophy of ancient wisdoms are indeed a good read. However, it is smart to avoid such finite paths of thoughts because they are, well, infinite. They stretch without end and you cant step beside that path because there is nothing to step on. So you just go on and on and each time you take a new path, you start from the beginning. If you have a spark in yourself for such things, dont force it into molds of alr
  3. Bashaw Steel


    Lava Arranging Watersprites:D
  4. Thanks! I`d like to say how i think carefully to make them deeper and more beautiful but its just about feeling:D
  5. Some say that our flesh is more of a prison to a soul than it is a home. Sometimes, however, spirit refuses to bend and burns ever stronger through the iron bars of our lives. Sometimes, its not about flesh, its about host... This one was/is for you, kid:) May you rejoin MD better than i ever did.. Who has the soul full of tiny cracks Through which golden sheen flows Who has within those unborn stars …In space of guilty and remorse I see the sky, full of footprints A shining traces of once daring child Leading into mountain carved in Steel
  6. I cant believe this old shiny still stands:) Well, guys, you made my day. Guess its time to appreciate and enjoy some verses:)
  7. happyyyy b day EE, may you remember it by wishes coming true:)
  8. you guys need to try forged blades, not cast ones:P:)
  9. this is not something to "open your eyes" or point to something you like or dont, just to remind you:) i`m looking forward for some comments, especially from some people:D:)     Iron Rule   Magic of this realm stands largely upon the will of real characters who created a MD personas to be all that in this realm, what he or she want in real world. Most people use MD as some kind of escape mechanism, or hiding place, or just a place to dream unbound. The difference between them in real world, and them as part of this realm is seen by me as “Iron Rule”. That is th
  10. ahh, to make a story on the spot, now that is something;) MD helps me to keep my mind open, but its people can inspire me as they did and will continue so, i hope:)
  11. ahh, i know this one, sun:):) its bursting from you,even now well done..
  12. suit your taste:) but poetry can never be as strong as in language in which it is written seek poems of your people, before moving on some other:)
  13. prefer your native, ack, in terms of poetry;)
  14. i like the lyrics and singer`s voice:) i find it hard to connect her voice with verses you posted earlier is the author and translator same person, or?
  15. strikingly strong verses, if i may notice:) however, translating a poem will greatly diminish its "power" translating a translation of a translation of a poem is admirable but often futile, because such poem in the end can hardly be the same, even similar to its original soul..
  16. its because we are free here:) well, "free" you can be mushroom, tree, warrior, or whatever, and be accepted:) we can be here that what we want irl, and not only that we "are" here all those things:) however, it is this "power" of MD that makes it very dangerous and its influence should not underestimated, real life is "real" and while MD help us to be what want, we should not forget what we are in first place:)
  17. "verses":P ahahhaahhah, thank you:))
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