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  1. About the answer Is the game so heavy? Or that angel is so NOT STRONG? :lol:
  2. Nope, it`s not up still... Only alpha test was executed recently for the chosen ones... You will have to wait some more for the game to be on...
  3. That one is the best, I liked it: :lol: Player_Name: Ahmed20065 Commets: Hello guys! My friend advice me this site . He says that this site is very good for pickuping girls. But I don't know english very well and I have problems with registration on this site. Can you help me? May some of you have expierence in this.
  4. I wouldn`t call it TBG, it`s TPIBG, i`d say... TPIBG stands for Text, Pictures, Interactiveness Based Game...
  5. Hello all Magic Duel fans (or I hope we will be when we`ll see the finale). I`ve been searching in other forums for updates in Magic Duel and then King`s Duel came out and I had a chance to talk to the Great King Manu himself. His words of Magic Duel being continued were so insipiring than ever before. I am glad you came back and we can call Magic Duel the name "Reborn" now... I am very waiting for any updates... Thanks all the Magic Duel team for making time go faster as we have something to wait... thank you again
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