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  1. Quoting the in-game [Announcements]: [2011-03-04 14:15:58 - Stage 10] Creatures require MP level to advance! Creatures will require from now on a minimum MindPower level do upgrade depending on their level. Some will be upgrade-able at MP3 but most levels will require a higher MP. Important: MP6 requirement Some rare last levels of powerful or rare creatures will require MP6 to be upgraded. Currently this is a problem because of fighting at MP6 and because this MP level is currently aimed for an other purpose. Future updates about this are pending, until then, these few creature levels that require MP6 can be considered non-reachable for now. As usual, your opinions matter, but only if you speak about them, on the forum. - end quote Very pleased to see any further development. More this means that unrealistic requirements for stated MP6 level will be made less unrealistic the better. I would ask that if any current MP6 player has 30 or more actual different souls as adepts step forward with its opinion. All the rest please avoid being player-haters.
  2. Only female members with profile pictures that we find provocative enough will be allowed closer.

  3. Link to voting page on browsermmorpg.com is working but does not offer any kind of reward. It displays only "$" sign on FreeCredits page. I tried to register on said site today but beside the counted vote no change was observed.
  4. It would be nice to see some coloring up there. Perhaps there is a possibility to get an addition with a dropping flag or menu, not sure how it is called. Or tooltips, like when you place mouse over the objects in ingame inventory. That line of links is important but obviously not the main thing to draw the attention too much, so perhaps some change there will be done when the people who service that part of the game get enough free time. I voted YES.
  5. [quote name='Fyrd Argentus' timestamp='1298383562' post='79313'] Okay, for security and organization reasons, and because of the message-thread limitations, there will be 20 members of this team on the challenge-creation committee. We have 10 now, and enough applications to fill the committee. We also wish to avoid any ongoing antagonisms with existing committee members to get a smooth working group. Everybody who wants to be on the anti-bunny team to compete is welcome. We will also possibly draw play-testers from the larger group as well. Please go back and amend your application post as to your interest in simply competing, as opposed to being on the challenge-creation committee. It would be good to also organize the competition solvers teams a bit - anybody wish to voluteer to add some leadership initiative to the solvers group? [/quote] Is it or is it not possible to compete as well as be on the challenge-creation committee? If possible i will stay with my application for both, for that is what it was before all started to fall apart before it began to exist and destruction is not so bad after all. I would happily give one of my lives to undertake this project. Other than that, i am an unreliable but honest person. I have skills that can be used but sometimes i don't like being used. I can read and write properly. Other team seems to market itself on a promise of joyous time and insanity which feels closer so please accept me don't let me beg for it like i just have started. I will accept a leadership position if you are willing to accept all the consequences of that decision. Please?
  6. I would like to be in this team. -aksjfhdasf
  7. Thank you kindly for visiting my profile.

  8. Staaatuuuuuuus!

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