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    Andur got a reaction from Menhir in Public Role Request   
    I would like to apply to such a role, I have a good knowledge of HTML and CSS and a fine eye for art and people, I am sure I could make peoples pages exactly how they would like to. I will create their pages not only how they request it, but adding beauty and style according to the person's character and role.
    Should I make something nice in my papers that will prove my skill, as the ann. mentions?
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    Andur reacted to dst in MD Awards 2013 - Winners   
    The winners of the MD Awards 2013 are:
    Adventuring Award:  Nimrodel

    Best Beautification: Lazarus

    Champion Fighter: Darkraptor

    Helper of the Year: Syrian
    Most Addicted: Darkraptor

    Outstanding Service to MD: Chewett
    Pre-eminent Role Player: Draconas

    Prime Quest: Nimrodel

    Rookie of the year: Syrian
    Top Techie: Chewett
    And the log of the ceremony:[log='Chat Log'][12/01/14 20:59] dst:Ok...let's start the show
    [12/01/14 20:59] dst:ready?
    [12/01/14 21:00] :Rophs sits down in a chair in the front row all the way to the left
    [12/01/14 21:00] Igmar Flamebeard:I'm ready
    [12/01/14 21:00] :Intrigue nods
    [12/01/14 21:00] Bash Chelik:mhm:)
    [12/01/14 21:00] :Khael Nak nods
    [12/01/14 21:00] dst:Good
    [12/01/14 21:00] :Summer breeze rubs her sore feet
    [12/01/14 21:01] :Summer breeze whispes hello to Bash
    [12/01/14 21:01] dst:This year 71 people voted
    [12/01/14 21:01] dst:not on all categories of course
    [12/01/14 21:01] dst:there were no alts which is good
    [12/01/14 21:03] dst:I remind you: if you win one category, you get a silver medal
    [12/01/14 21:03] dst:if you win 2, you get a gold one
    [12/01/14 21:03] dst:I will give the medal on the spot
    [12/01/14 21:03] dst:Council should give each of the winners a trophy
    [12/01/14 21:03] Rophs:On the avatar?
    [12/01/14 21:04] dst:yes, on the avatar
    [12/01/14 21:04] dst:Wookiee helped with the counting
    [12/01/14 21:04] dst:and since he did that, I'll start with a category where he was nominated
    [12/01/14 21:05] dst:Outstanding Services to MD
    [12/01/14 21:05] *Chewett*:Do another one
    [12/01/14 21:05] dst:Azull, BFH, Chewtt and Menhir were the nominees
    [12/01/14 21:06] dst:And with a crushing number of votes, the winner is....
    [12/01/14 21:06] dst:well...yeah...Chewett :D
    [12/01/14 21:06] :Intrigue applaudes
    [12/01/14 21:06] *Nimrodel*:Gratz!!
    [12/01/14 21:06] dst:congratz Chewetty and thank you for all the work you have done for MD
    [12/01/14 21:06] :Princ Rhaegar claps
    [12/01/14 21:06] Miq:yay!
    [12/01/14 21:06] Valldore Nal:Congrats Chewett :)
    [12/01/14 21:06] :Khael Nak claps his hands
    [12/01/14 21:06] *Syrian*:yay! grats chew!
    [12/01/14 21:06] :Dolomich applaudes
    [12/01/14 21:06] *Chewett*:Bah
    [12/01/14 21:07] *Chewett*:I have a rant prepared
    [12/01/14 21:07] :Bash Chelik claps his hammers for chew
    [12/01/14 21:07] *Chewett*:Let me get my notebook.
    [12/01/14 21:07] Miq:RANT!
    [12/01/14 21:07] *Nimrodel*:i see him blush!!
    [12/01/14 21:07] :Rophs gives Valryn a good luck nudge
    [12/01/14 21:07] dst:keep half in case you won the other award as well
    [12/01/14 21:08] :Igmar Flamebeard apples
    [12/01/14 21:08] *Chewett*:I dont deserve the award, and I can name one candidate that will never win this category.
    [12/01/14 21:08] :Valoryn nudges Rophs back
    [12/01/14 21:08] *Chewett*:Its famous to hate them? Why? Because you can, because they are nameless.
    [12/01/14 21:08] :Rophs agrees with the rant
    [12/01/14 21:08] lashtal:Greetings to you all
    [12/01/14 21:08] *Chewett*:If the Hidden council did not function for many years, We wouldnt have a MD
    [12/01/14 21:08] *Chewett*:This award goes to them.
    [12/01/14 21:09] *Chewett*:You guys hate them, you hate me, But those guys have done more than i ever have for MD.
    [12/01/14 21:09] *Chewett*:If we didnt have them, I wouldnt be around MD.
    [12/01/14 21:09] *Chewett*:MD would have stopped ages ago.
    [12/01/14 21:09] *Chewett*:Or, I would be doing their job, publically, and would have failed very quickly.
    [12/01/14 21:09] *Chewett*:No matter how much you hate them, you cannot argue they have done well.
    [12/01/14 21:10] *Chewett*:Sadly Mur stopped pushing MD a long time ago, and its only because they have kept it going is that its still here.
    [12/01/14 21:10] *Chewett*:Every single offical event in the past couple years has been majorly organised by them.
    [12/01/14 21:10] *Chewett*:Since i became a coder i have had the pleasure to work with them.
    [12/01/14 21:10] *Chewett*:They are without a doubt the only reason MD is alive today. And these people deserve this award, not me.
    [12/01/14 21:11] *Chewett*:Thank you for voting for me, But they deserve it.
    [12/01/14 21:11] dst:you're basically their representative Chew
    [12/01/14 21:11] :Rophs grins
    [12/01/14 21:11] dst:and I think it's a simbyosis (or how you spell it) between you and them
    [12/01/14 21:11] Dolomich:yeah, you won it for them =)
    [12/01/14 21:11] :Intrigue nods
    [12/01/14 21:12] dst:you defo took us by surprise with this "rant" :))
    [12/01/14 21:13] dst:ok, let's move to the next category
    [12/01/14 21:13] Rophs:You took dst by suprise :P
    [12/01/14 21:13] *Nimrodel*:congratz hc!! whoever you are
    [12/01/14 21:13] :darkraptor realizes he is late for the cerimony.. and quietly sits on the back..
    [12/01/14 21:14] dst:I'll move from the oldest player in MD to the newer ones
    [12/01/14 21:14] dst:Rookie of the year
    [12/01/14 21:15] dst:Bash, Rophs, Syrian and Valoryn were the nominees
    [12/01/14 21:15] dst:and the winner is....with almost 3 times the number of votes distance from the runner up.......
    [12/01/14 21:16] dst:the Necro mean child aka SYRIAN!
    [12/01/14 21:16] :Rophs claps
    [12/01/14 21:16] :lashtal applauds
    [12/01/14 21:16] dst:Congratz Syrian!
    [12/01/14 21:16] :Intrigue applaudes
    [12/01/14 21:16] :Rophs fusioned heat with a Spicy Pickle and created a Heat pickle
    [12/01/14 21:16] :Kyphis claps
    [12/01/14 21:16] :Bash Chelik claps his hammers for syri
    [12/01/14 21:16] *Nimrodel*:gratzz!!
    [12/01/14 21:16] *Syrian*:yay! *jumps up and down happily* thank you!
    [12/01/14 21:16] dst:I can call you now noob of the year!
    [12/01/14 21:16] :Valoryn claps
    [12/01/14 21:16] :Khael Nak claps
    [12/01/14 21:16] :Intrigue laughs
    [12/01/14 21:16] :Dolomich applaudes
    [12/01/14 21:16] darkraptor:Congratz Syrian *claps*
    [12/01/14 21:16] Valldore Nal:Congrats Syrian :)
    [12/01/14 21:16] :Rophs passed Heat pickle to Syrian
    [12/01/14 21:16] Menhir:Congratz Syrian
    [12/01/14 21:16] dst:forgot to tell you: if a winner is also nominated in a second or 3rd category, they will get the medal after that category is announced as well
    [12/01/14 21:17] :Princ Rhaegar claps
    [12/01/14 21:17] :Summer breeze claps her hands
    [12/01/14 21:17] dst:for the rest of the nominees: rejoyce! you're not noobs of the year :D
    [12/01/14 21:17] dst:you have a chance in MD!
    [12/01/14 21:17] Igmar Flamebeard: *hugs Syrian* congradulations~
    [12/01/14 21:17] Rophs:Enjoy the Heat pickle!
    [12/01/14 21:17] *Syrian*: *giggles* thank you!
    [12/01/14 21:18] Rophs:But don't eat it, it won't taste very good.
    [12/01/14 21:18] Bash Chelik:speech! :))
    [12/01/14 21:18] dst:yeah speech!
    [12/01/14 21:18] dst:or rant...if you like :D
    [12/01/14 21:18] *Nimrodel*:yeaah.. you people made it to the vet list without being the nobbest players in the realm. :P
    [12/01/14 21:19] *Syrian*:i dont want to rant silly, im very happy that i won it, and im happy that people voted for me too
    [12/01/14 21:20] dst:it was a massive vote
    [12/01/14 21:20] dst:and to be perfectly honest, you deserve it
    [12/01/14 21:20] dst:your path in MD was astonishing
    [12/01/14 21:20] Fire Starter: (damn, Error 500... Just when dst arrived. This isn't right... or is it?)
    [12/01/14 21:20] *Syrian*:it was?
    [12/01/14 21:20] Intrigue: (chew said ignore it)
    [12/01/14 21:21] *Nimrodel*: (bblame ot on the andy!!)
    [12/01/14 21:21] Princ Rhaegar: (hahaha)
    [12/01/14 21:21] dst:it is Syrian :D
    [12/01/14 21:21] *Syrian*:i owe all of it to ether people though, they supported me lots and lots with stuff
    [12/01/14 21:21] dst:I was refering to the year that passed
    [12/01/14 21:21] Fire Starter: (LOL, bad move - it was the windy, that betrayed me!)
    [12/01/14 21:21] Fire Starter: ( :P)
    [12/01/14 21:22] dst:now that FS stopped blaming me for errors we can move on
    [12/01/14 21:22] :*Syrian* giggles
    [12/01/14 21:23] Fire Starter: (sorry dst)
    [12/01/14 21:23] dst: :P
    [12/01/14 21:23] Fire Starter:*sips from his chawan in silence and disintegrates)
    [12/01/14 21:23] dst:The next award was the closest we had this year
    [12/01/14 21:23] dst:Adventuring Award
    [12/01/14 21:24] dst:Amber, Chewett, Nimrodel and No one were the nominees
    [12/01/14 21:24] dst:the difference between the winner and the runner up was of only 2 votes
    [12/01/14 21:24] dst:and it was between Amber and Nimrodel
    [12/01/14 21:24] Princ Rhaegar: *roots for Nimrodel, with respect towards Amber* ( :D)
    [12/01/14 21:24] dst:and the winner is....
    [12/01/14 21:25] dst:Nimrodel!
    [12/01/14 21:25] dst:congratulations!
    [12/01/14 21:25] :Intrigue applaudes
    [12/01/14 21:25] *Nimrodel*:gratzz!!
    [12/01/14 21:25] *Syrian*:grats nimmy!
    [12/01/14 21:25] Princ Rhaegar: *throws crown into air* Yeeeeey!
    [12/01/14 21:25] darkraptor:Congratz Nimmy!
    [12/01/14 21:25] lashtal:Well deserved, congratz!!
    [12/01/14 21:25] AmberRune:Go Nimmy =]
    [12/01/14 21:25] :Dolomich applaudes
    [12/01/14 21:25] :Princ Rhaegar quickly catches it
    [12/01/14 21:25] Ackshan Bemunah:WTG :)
    [12/01/14 21:25] Bash Chelik: *claps for nim* :))
    [12/01/14 21:25] lashtal: (back to my pots, have fun folks)
    [12/01/14 21:25] Valldore Nal:Congrats Nim :)
    [12/01/14 21:25] *Nimrodel*:eh >> wow
    [12/01/14 21:26] :darkraptor also thinks Amber is Top quester!!
    [12/01/14 21:26] :Khael Nak claps loud
    [12/01/14 21:26] Princ Rhaegar: (later, lashtal!)
    [12/01/14 21:26] *Nimrodel*:umm. thankk you folks:D
    [12/01/14 21:26] Bash Chelik: (see you:)
    [12/01/14 21:26] Menhir:There you go Nimmy ;) I knew it
    [12/01/14 21:26] dst:speech!
    [12/01/14 21:26] Bash Chelik:yes! :)))
    [12/01/14 21:26] *Nimrodel*:can we share??
    [12/01/14 21:27] *Nimrodel*:its just 2 votez
    [12/01/14 21:27] dst:unfortunatley no
    [12/01/14 21:27] dst:2 votes are still 2 votes
    [12/01/14 21:27] :Khael Nak sighs
    [12/01/14 21:27] Ackshan Bemunah:heehee
    [12/01/14 21:27] Draconas:grreetings
    [12/01/14 21:27] Ackshan Bemunah:why sage's keep, he wonders
    [12/01/14 21:28] Rophs:Nim keep the medal, and then give Amber the trophy
    [12/01/14 21:28] Bash Chelik:hey draco:)
    [12/01/14 21:28] Rophs:East
    [12/01/14 21:28] Rophs:Easy*
    [12/01/14 21:28] AmberRune:Go Nimmy Go! Speech!
    [12/01/14 21:28] *Nimrodel*:okay..speech
    [12/01/14 21:28] *Nimrodel*:i dedicate thisaward to a bunch of people
    [12/01/14 21:29] *Nimrodel*:first dst, because its my everstanding aim to get more wps than dst
    [12/01/14 21:30] dst: :))
    [12/01/14 21:30] Kyphis: :P
    [12/01/14 21:30] :Rophs laughs
    [12/01/14 21:30] Ackshan Bemunah: :D
    [12/01/14 21:30] Princ Rhaegar:make that wish for christmas, so you get a gift of 40 wps or so... :D
    [12/01/14 21:30] Rophs: [Video link]
    [12/01/14 21:31] *Nimrodel*:next is to the bunch of regular questors,like amber, val, eara, dst, and darky who made the wins worth it
    [12/01/14 21:32] Rophs:Grido still appears as an RPC in the Wishpoints Top list
    [12/01/14 21:32] *Nimrodel*:the lastbunch of people are the quest reators who have entertained me the most in md. hlped medevelop the passion forquestsolving and eventually,creating. thank you folks
    [12/01/14 21:33] :Intrigue applaudes again
    [12/01/14 21:33] dst:Congratz again Nimmy!
    [12/01/14 21:33] *Nimrodel*: (blame the spellings on qwerty :P)
    [12/01/14 21:33] :darkraptor applaudes
    [12/01/14 21:34] :Draconas clawps
    [12/01/14 21:34] :AmberRune claps
    [12/01/14 21:34] :Dolomich applaudes
    [12/01/14 21:34] :Ackshan Bemunah thunderclaps, shrivels up into nothing
    [12/01/14 21:35] dst:Next category is adored by some people and hated by others
    [12/01/14 21:35] dst:Pre-eminent Role Player
    [12/01/14 21:35] dst:nomineed were:
    [12/01/14 21:35] dst:Dracons, Eon, Intrigue, Syrian
    [12/01/14 21:36] :Rophs cheers for Eon
    [12/01/14 21:36] dst:and the winner is......again with almost double the number of votes difference from the runner up
    [12/01/14 21:36] dst:.........................
    [12/01/14 21:37] :Khael Nak cheers for intrigue
    [12/01/14 21:37] dst:my one and only ally companion
    [12/01/14 21:37] dst:Draconas!
    [12/01/14 21:37] :Intrigue applaudes
    [12/01/14 21:37] :Princ Rhaegar claps
    [12/01/14 21:37] dst:congratz Draco! well done!
    [12/01/14 21:37] :Dolomich applaudes
    [12/01/14 21:37] Bash Chelik:congratulations, well done:))
    [12/01/14 21:37] *Syrian*: *cheers* grats draco!
    [12/01/14 21:37] Rophs:One and only? What about Shem
    [12/01/14 21:37] Draconas:who me?
    [12/01/14 21:37] :Khael Nak claps his hands
    [12/01/14 21:37] Kyphis: (Shem just got snubbed)
    [12/01/14 21:37] :Bash Chelik applaudes
    [12/01/14 21:37] :Sephirah Caelum claps
    [12/01/14 21:37] darkraptor:Congratz Draconas!
    [12/01/14 21:37] Valldore Nal:Congrats Draco :)
    [12/01/14 21:38] Ackshan Bemunah:nice draconas
    [12/01/14 21:38] :Rophs gives Shem a reasurring pat on the back
    [12/01/14 21:38] Ackshan Bemunah:You have a beautiful imagination :)
    [12/01/14 21:38] :Summer breeze claps her hands
    [12/01/14 21:38] Igmar Flamebeard:congradulations!
    [12/01/14 21:38] *Nimrodel*:congratulations
    [12/01/14 21:38] dst:what had SI become? a former lorerotian is a member and the other guy wins best rp-er!
    [12/01/14 21:38] Valldore Nal: :)) :)) :))
    [12/01/14 21:38] Valldore Nal:Sounds like your living nightmare dst :P
    [12/01/14 21:39] Rophs:dst you should go back to ds
    [12/01/14 21:39] Rophs:You don't fit into your own ally nowadays :D
    [12/01/14 21:40] Bash Chelik:say something nice, draco:)
    [12/01/14 21:40] dst:heh
    [12/01/14 21:40] dst:Draco, are you here?
    [12/01/14 21:40] :*Syrian* pokes the sleepy dragon
    [12/01/14 21:40] Rophs:His mouth is full of sheep, be patient
    [12/01/14 21:40] Draconas:no my dstbus goes nowhere
    [12/01/14 21:40] *Syrian*: *screams surprised* hes awake!
    [12/01/14 21:41] dst: :D he is, indeed!
    [12/01/14 21:41] dst:roar! or speech!
    [12/01/14 21:41] dst:or something...
    [12/01/14 21:41] Draconas:well ì must say you people are odd
    [12/01/14 21:42] Draconas:giving me a price for being me
    [12/01/14 21:43] Bash Chelik:its not a price, its a payment of sort:D:))
    [12/01/14 21:43] Draconas:but ive seen stranger stuff from you guys
    [12/01/14 21:43] Summer breeze: *grins* Thats the whole idea!
    [12/01/14 21:43] Ary Endleg:Hello, what did I miss, who won what?
    [12/01/14 21:44] dst:we all won
    [12/01/14 21:44] Draconas:i must thank my rider and my leader for making me who i am
    [12/01/14 21:44] Rophs:Ary you missed me making a Heat pickle!
    [12/01/14 21:44] Draconas:thank you
    [12/01/14 21:44] dst:well done Draco!
    [12/01/14 21:45] :darkraptor applauds
    [12/01/14 21:45] Bash Chelik: *claps* :)
    [12/01/14 21:45] Ary Endleg:?
    [12/01/14 21:45] :*Nimrodel* pats the muzzle quietly and moves away
    [12/01/14 21:45] dst:Chewy has a tiny announcement to make
    [12/01/14 21:45] dst:Chew! Shoot!
    [12/01/14 21:45] :Rophs slowly begins to doze off
    [12/01/14 21:46] *Chewett*:After this meeting (assuming it finishes before SHERLOCK starts on bbc) There will be a short discussion on the Public Council
    [12/01/14 21:46] *Chewett*:Anyone that wishs to hear the current status of it, ask questions, make comments, please stay afterwards :)
    [12/01/14 21:46] dst:the butler did it Chew
    [12/01/14 21:46] *Chewett*:Things will be posted on the forum probably.
    [12/01/14 21:46] *Chewett*:Later
    [12/01/14 21:46] dst:there, sherlock is done
    [12/01/14 21:46] :darkraptor have to make dinner...
    [12/01/14 21:46] Rophs: (ping me on YIM when this ends)
    [12/01/14 21:46] *Chewett*:Thanks dst for letting me speak
    [12/01/14 21:47] dst:always Chew
    [12/01/14 21:47] dst:darkrptor stay
    [12/01/14 21:47] dst:I'm announceing one of the categories you were nominated
    [12/01/14 21:48] dst:and since Clock and Burns are not here, I'll announce the most addicted
    [12/01/14 21:48] dst:2 players were nominated: darkraptor and Syrian
    [12/01/14 21:49] dst:the fight was tough and the numbers close
    [12/01/14 21:49] dst:but the winner for this category is....
    [12/01/14 21:49] *Chewett*: (and loads of people voted for no winner FYI)
    [12/01/14 21:49] dst:the man who wants to cook dinner right now aka darkraptor!
    [12/01/14 21:49] dst:yeah, runner up was "No vote" :D
    [12/01/14 21:50] *Nimrodel*:gratzz!!!
    [12/01/14 21:50] :darkraptor smiles
    [12/01/14 21:50] Bash Chelik:congratulations:)
    [12/01/14 21:50] :Draconas clawps
    [12/01/14 21:50] dst:congratz darky
    [12/01/14 21:50] Valldore Nal:Congrats darky :)
    [12/01/14 21:50] darkraptor:thank you
    [12/01/14 21:50] :Bash Chelik claps
    [12/01/14 21:50] Vicious Chaossword:the crowd go wild... woo...
    [12/01/14 21:50] :Princ Rhaegar claps
    [12/01/14 21:50] :Khael Nak claps
    [12/01/14 21:50] *Syrian*:yay! grats darky!
    [12/01/14 21:50] :Igmar Flamebeard applaudes
    [12/01/14 21:50] Summer breeze:Yeah, grats!
    [12/01/14 21:50] darkraptor:well.. i'm addicted.. realizing it's a first step :-P
    [12/01/14 21:51] dst:speech
    [12/01/14 21:51] Valldore Nal:One addiction you should never try to fight away :P
    [12/01/14 21:51] dst:then you can go have dinner
    [12/01/14 21:52] Vicious Chaossword:no food until you give us a speech :P ~Dst
    [12/01/14 21:52] darkraptor:Thank you all for voting.. what i can say.. i will try to stay..
    [12/01/14 21:52] darkraptor:addicted :-P
    [12/01/14 21:53] Vicious Chaossword:and then darkraptor discovered the outside world...
    [12/01/14 21:53] :Intrigue laughs and applaudes
    [12/01/14 21:53] dst:i don't think it's appropriate to say it but I will: keep up the good work! :D
    [12/01/14 21:53] :Princ Rhaegar claps
    [12/01/14 21:53] darkraptor:and ofc.. i hope that my boss let me keep that desk with zero visibility.. so i can alt-tab all the time :-D
    [12/01/14 21:53] :Bash Chelik claps
    [12/01/14 21:53] Princ Rhaegar:heh
    [12/01/14 21:53] Bash Chelik:hahaahhh, well said, dark:D:))
    [12/01/14 21:53] Sephirah Caelum:hm...Shem is at the Underground? ...
    [12/01/14 21:53] Vicious Chaossword:and was stripped of both his clothes and award
    [12/01/14 21:53] dst:we should award bosses as well!
    [12/01/14 21:54] :*Syrian* giggles
    [12/01/14 21:54] dst:without them many of us will not be able to play MD!
    [12/01/14 21:54] :Intrigue agrees
    [12/01/14 21:54] dst:would even
    [12/01/14 21:54] :Valoryn also agrees
    [12/01/14 21:54] Ary Endleg:>_> office jobs.... pppffff
    [12/01/14 21:55] dst:next award is dedicated mainly to LHOs
    [12/01/14 21:55] dst:Helper of the Year
    [12/01/14 21:56] dst:nominees were:
    [12/01/14 21:56] *Nimrodel*:gratzzz!!
    [12/01/14 21:56] No one:then ... you'll reward your boss too dst ?
    [12/01/14 21:56] Vicious Chaossword:too early nim
    [12/01/14 21:56] dst:Mya, Nimrodel, Sunfire, Syrian and Xanya
    [12/01/14 21:56] dst:yes
    [12/01/14 21:56] *Nimrodel*:oops. too fast >>
    [12/01/14 21:56] dst:Ã'll give him a pat on the back tomorrow
    [12/01/14 21:56] Vicious Chaossword:LOL
    [12/01/14 21:56] dst:anyway, back to our sheep
    [12/01/14 21:56] dst:or LHo
    [12/01/14 21:57] dst:the votes were split on all of them but the winner is
    [12/01/14 21:57] Vicious Chaossword:"Must post.... before everyone else!!!! oh its me... GO SELF!!"
    [12/01/14 21:57] :*Syrian* looks at her feet and wriggles her toes, clearly not a sheep
    [12/01/14 21:57] dst:again, the aweful child of necrovion.....Syrian!
    [12/01/14 21:58] :Intrigue applaudes
    [12/01/14 21:58] *Nimrodel*:gratzzi!!
    [12/01/14 21:58] Ary Endleg:YES!
    [12/01/14 21:58] Bash Chelik:yaaaaaaay:)))
    [12/01/14 21:58] dst:congratz Syrian!
    [12/01/14 21:58] *Syrian*: *jumps up suprised and excited* yay!
    [12/01/14 21:58] :Dolomich applaudes
    [12/01/14 21:58] :Draconas clawps
    [12/01/14 21:58] :Khael Nak claps
    [12/01/14 21:58] :Princ Rhaegar claps
    [12/01/14 21:58] dst:and you get a golden medal for that
    [12/01/14 21:58] Bash Chelik:congratulations!! *claps his hammers for syri*
    [12/01/14 21:58] Valldore Nal:Congratulations again Syrian :)
    [12/01/14 21:58] darkraptor:Congratz Syrian!
    [12/01/14 21:58] Bash Chelik: :))
    [12/01/14 21:58] :Summer breeze claps
    [12/01/14 21:58] Vicious Chaossword:... *clappety clapz*
    [12/01/14 21:59] Vicious Chaossword:isn't this and end of the year not a start of the year thing?
    [12/01/14 21:59] dst:bulls eye!!
    [12/01/14 21:59] dst:right on the baloon! :D
    [12/01/14 21:59] :*Syrian* looks up at her balloon
    [12/01/14 22:00] Vicious Chaossword:mmm... speak of the devil-ish-ballon
    [12/01/14 22:00] :Khael Nak laughs
    [12/01/14 22:00] Igmar Flamebeard:congradulation Syrian~
    [12/01/14 22:00] Bash Chelik:speech! once more:D:))
    [12/01/14 22:01] *Syrian*: *giggles* thanks to everyone that lets me help them! and stuff...they are very nice people too
    [12/01/14 22:01] Vicious Chaossword:... and finally MD was consumed by a distance lag black hole...
    [12/01/14 22:01] dst:well done!
    [12/01/14 22:02] Vicious Chaossword:and the chat froze...
    [12/01/14 22:02] :Intrigue applaudes once more
    [12/01/14 22:02] *Chewett*:testing?
    [12/01/14 22:02] dst:next category is Prime Quest
    [12/01/14 22:02] dst:3 players were nominated: darkraptor, lashtal and Nimrodel
    [12/01/14 22:03] Vicious Chaossword:...
    [12/01/14 22:03] dst:the difference was big between 1st and 2nd place
    [12/01/14 22:03] dst:and the winner for being the best quest creator is....
    [12/01/14 22:03] dst:pam pam pam pam
    [12/01/14 22:04] Vicious Chaossword:are we allowed to guess?
    [12/01/14 22:04] dst:you're not viciouse
    [12/01/14 22:04] Igmar Flamebeard:get on with it
    [12/01/14 22:04] dst:the others are
    [12/01/14 22:04] dst:winner is...
    [12/01/14 22:04] Princ Rhaegar: :))
    [12/01/14 22:04] Vicious Chaossword:awh... that.. just mean
    [12/01/14 22:04] dst:Nimrodel!
    [12/01/14 22:04] :Intrigue applaudes
    [12/01/14 22:04] Princ Rhaegar:Yush!
    [12/01/14 22:04] dst:congratz Nimrodel!
    [12/01/14 22:04] :Igmar Flamebeard apples
    [12/01/14 22:04] Dolomich:Yeah ! *applaudes*
    [12/01/14 22:04] *Syrian*: *claps* yay nimmy!
    [12/01/14 22:04] *Nimrodel*:••••
    [12/01/14 22:04] darkraptor:Congratz Nimmy!! :-D
    [12/01/14 22:04] :Princ Rhaegar claps firecely
    [12/01/14 22:04] Vicious Chaossword:i didn't even know dark did a quest :P woop nim
    [12/01/14 22:04] Valldore Nal:Congratulations again Nimmy :D
    [12/01/14 22:05] *Nimrodel*:wow
    [12/01/14 22:05] AmberRune:Go Nimmy!
    [12/01/14 22:05] lashtal: *applauds* Congratulations!
    [12/01/14 22:05] dst:you do speech, i do medal :P
    [12/01/14 22:05] :Khael Nak claps
    [12/01/14 22:05] Draconas:well done Argetlam
    [12/01/14 22:05] Bash Chelik: *claps for nimmy* :))
    [12/01/14 22:05] *Nimrodel*:this one was a real surprise.. :D
    [12/01/14 22:05] :Sephirah Caelum claps
    [12/01/14 22:05] Vicious Chaossword:... surree nim..
    [12/01/14 22:06] *Nimrodel*:ok.. this medal is dedicated 85% to burns for coding everything i threw at him includind tantrums and episodes of laziness
    [12/01/14 22:07] Vicious Chaossword:how does one go about coding tantrums?
    [12/01/14 22:07] Draconas:go madman
    [12/01/14 22:08] Bash Chelik:episodes of laziness, ihihihih:DD
    [12/01/14 22:08] *Nimrodel*:10% to questsolvers and their extremelyvaluable feedback
    [12/01/14 22:08] dst:RICA! RICA!
    [12/01/14 22:08] Valldore Nal: :D
    [12/01/14 22:09] Valldore Nal:RICA really rocks :P
    [12/01/14 22:09] *Nimrodel*:and a very important 5% to darky, who coded my first clickey quest, one which gave me enough confidence to create bigger ones
    [12/01/14 22:09] *Nimrodel*:thank you folks
    [12/01/14 22:10] dst:Congratz Nimmy! I'm waiting for more RICA!
    [12/01/14 22:10] dst: :D
    [12/01/14 22:11] dst:and since we talked about coding, let's move to Top Techie award
    [12/01/14 22:11] *Nimrodel*:1 coming up atleast for md birthday. if times good, next month too
    [12/01/14 22:11] dst:3 players were nominated
    [12/01/14 22:11] dst:Burns, Chewett and darkraptor
    [12/01/14 22:11] Vicious Chaossword:guesses eveeeryone?
    [12/01/14 22:12] dst:and...another medal for our furry friend: ZE WOOKIEE!
    [12/01/14 22:12] Bash Chelik:congratulations! :))
    [12/01/14 22:12] Bash Chelik: *claps for chew* :))
    [12/01/14 22:12] dst:Congratz Chew!
    [12/01/14 22:12] :Dolomich applaudes
    [12/01/14 22:12] *Nimrodel*:ze congratzzi!!
    [12/01/14 22:12] *Syrian*: *cheers and claps* grats chew!
    [12/01/14 22:12] :Khael Nak claps loud
    [12/01/14 22:12] Valldore Nal:Congrats again Chewett :)
    [12/01/14 22:12] Draconas:well done wookie
    [12/01/14 22:12] lashtal:Congratulations!
    [12/01/14 22:13] *Chewett*:Meh
    [12/01/14 22:13] dst:proceed with your rant please
    [12/01/14 22:13] Dolomich:Another awesome rant !
    [12/01/14 22:13] Bash Chelik:ihihihih:D
    [12/01/14 22:13] *Chewett*:You all hate me, Remove the category, They are banning me from all categories next year.
    [12/01/14 22:13] *Chewett*:Dont be a dick to the Council.
    [12/01/14 22:13] *Chewett*:See previous rant.
    [12/01/14 22:14] *Chewett*:Whatever.
    [12/01/14 22:14] Vicious Chaossword:O.o
    [12/01/14 22:14] Vicious Chaossword:awh... paw chew...
    [12/01/14 22:14] dst:women for vote! let's burn bras!
    [12/01/14 22:14] lashtal:^____^
    [12/01/14 22:14] Draconas:interesting speach
    [12/01/14 22:14] Vicious Chaossword:o.o
    [12/01/14 22:14] Princ Rhaegar:can i get the role of bra inspector, checking if each and every one burned her bra?
    [12/01/14 22:14] Princ Rhaegar:i'll be impartial!
    [12/01/14 22:15] *Syrian*: (there are children around princ!)
    [12/01/14 22:15] dst:you have to wear one to be considered an expert
    [12/01/14 22:15] Rophs:I think it would be more appropriate if everybody chooses who inspects their bra
    [12/01/14 22:15] Princ Rhaegar:where's justice in that?
    [12/01/14 22:16] dst:in the bra! where else?
    [12/01/14 22:16] Rophs:Yeah!
    [12/01/14 22:16] :Vicious Chaossword is a bra wearing cat and is opposed to this
    [12/01/14 22:16] :Intrigue laughs and shakes her head
    [12/01/14 22:16] *Nimrodel*:lol
    [12/01/14 22:16] Rophs:In the ashes of the burnt bras!
    [12/01/14 22:16] lashtal:Wait a minute, my hometown is called Bra!
    [12/01/14 22:16] Vicious Chaossword:o.o
    [12/01/14 22:17] Valldore Nal: *whispers to Rhaegar* No need to ask, just clear your throat *and winks* .
    [12/01/14 22:17] :[Spell] start the bra fire
    [12/01/14 22:17] Princ Rhaegar:there's actually a town near my hometown called Bra (in Serbian)
    [12/01/14 22:17] dst:lashtal, don't tempt me
    [12/01/14 22:17] dst:this should be an official event
    [12/01/14 22:17] Princ Rhaegar: (Brus... nevermind :D)
    [12/01/14 22:17] Princ Rhaegar:Lashtal, it's a conspiracy
    [12/01/14 22:17] Summer breeze:Tress don't wear bra's.
    [12/01/14 22:17] Vicious Chaossword:...
    [12/01/14 22:18] Sephirah Caelum:I like my bra...it is cute, I won't burn it
    [12/01/14 22:18] Rophs:Go breeze!
    [12/01/14 22:18] Vicious Chaossword:oh god...
    [12/01/14 22:18] :Princ Rhaegar chuckles at Val
    [12/01/14 22:18] AmberRune:Darn, should have worn the other frilly one today
    [12/01/14 22:18] *Nimrodel*:>>
    [12/01/14 22:18] Bash Chelik:ihihihihih, rune:D:)
    [12/01/14 22:19] :Khael Nak laughs
    [12/01/14 22:19] dst:ok, let's postone the discussion until Grido gets here
    [12/01/14 22:19] dst:he'll be terribly sad if he misses it
    [12/01/14 22:19] Rophs:We need to burn Grido's bra first
    [12/01/14 22:20] :Rophs puts out the bra fire
    [12/01/14 22:20] Vicious Chaossword:...
    [12/01/14 22:20] Draconas: *wakes up again* bras?
    [12/01/14 22:20] Ackshan Bemunah:Why are we discussing supportive undergarments?
    [12/01/14 22:20] Vicious Chaossword:dragon bra...
    [12/01/14 22:20] dst:Champion Fighter!
    [12/01/14 22:20] Princ Rhaegar:Why haven't we discussed it up till now, you should ask?
    [12/01/14 22:21] Rophs:^
    [12/01/14 22:21] dst:Champion Fighter!
    [12/01/14 22:21] dst:bras later!
    [12/01/14 22:21] Vicious Chaossword:becuase burning bras is a health hazard
    [12/01/14 22:21] Draconas:me!
    [12/01/14 22:21] dst:I have an announcement before the Champion Fighter
    [12/01/14 22:21] Vicious Chaossword:not only to bras and women but children
    [12/01/14 22:21] Bash Chelik:cmon, guys, i had wish for this one:P:)
    [12/01/14 22:21] dst:Chew's discussion about PC will be canceled since Sherlock is starting
    [12/01/14 22:22] dst:and he said we should blame it on the bras
    [12/01/14 22:22] *Chewett*:Since i am called away on buisness!
    [12/01/14 22:22] Draconas:lol
    [12/01/14 22:22] *Chewett*:It will probably be posted on the forum.
    [12/01/14 22:22] *Chewett*:"soon"
    [12/01/14 22:22] :Intrigue laughs
    [12/01/14 22:22] :Khael Nak laughs
    [12/01/14 22:22] Princ Rhaegar:Bras are good scapegoats, nobody can really hate 'em
    [12/01/14 22:22] dst:so back to our wolves
    [12/01/14 22:22] Vicious Chaossword:well...
    [12/01/14 22:22] dst:in this case, the fighters
    [12/01/14 22:22] dst:nominees were:
    [12/01/14 22:23] Vicious Chaossword:Bras
    [12/01/14 22:23] dst:Burns, Clock Master, concussion and darkraptor
    [12/01/14 22:23] :Ackshan Bemunah ears perk up
    [12/01/14 22:23] Draconas:wolves? *licks his lips*
    [12/01/14 22:23] Ackshan Bemunah:WAIT, NEW SHERLOCK?
    [12/01/14 22:23] Vicious Chaossword:Bras, burns, clock master, concusion and darkraptor
    [12/01/14 22:23] dst:and the winner is....with a big number of votes:
    [12/01/14 22:23] Vicious Chaossword:nice list
    [12/01/14 22:23] dst:BRA!
    [12/01/14 22:23] dst:wait
    [12/01/14 22:23] Vicious Chaossword:Bras?
    [12/01/14 22:23] Ackshan Bemunah: (This is one of the few TV shows that I haven't just completely thrown out the window...maybe I should)
    [12/01/14 22:24] dst:darkraptor!
    [12/01/14 22:24] Vicious Chaossword:WOOOP!
    [12/01/14 22:24] Vicious Chaossword:oh..
    [12/01/14 22:24] Dolomich:Yeah ! *applaudes*
    [12/01/14 22:24] Draconas:hurrah
    [12/01/14 22:24] Bash Chelik: *claps for dark* :)
    [12/01/14 22:24] *Syrian*: *cheers* yay darky!
    [12/01/14 22:24] Ackshan Bemunah: (more time to make the choice, though, since I can't watch it now anyhow...college, and I deliberately never figured netflix out)
    [12/01/14 22:24] dst:Congratz darky! Gold medal for you!
    [12/01/14 22:24] *Nimrodel*:congratzii!!
    [12/01/14 22:24] lashtal: *applauds* Bra-vo!
    [12/01/14 22:24] dst:Ack* shut it
    [12/01/14 22:24] :Vicious Chaossword claps for darkraptor.. and bras
    [12/01/14 22:24] Draconas:aw liked bra more
    [12/01/14 22:25] Valldore Nal:Congratulations darky :)
    [12/01/14 22:25] :Princ Rhaegar claps
    [12/01/14 22:25] Vicious Chaossword:if dark fell into an abbys would bras win?
    [12/01/14 22:25] Draconas:how many arguments bras can decide...
    [12/01/14 22:25] dst:ha! finally a medal that looks nice on the avy
    [12/01/14 22:25] dst:or an avy that has space for medals :D
    [12/01/14 22:25] Vicious Chaossword:its limitless draconas
    [12/01/14 22:25] :Khael Nak clawps for Darky and Draconas
    [12/01/14 22:25] Valldore Nal: :P
    [12/01/14 22:25] Vicious Chaossword:give him two medals and make 'em look like bras
    [12/01/14 22:26] Valldore Nal:He was thinking in the long run when he drew that avy dst :P
    [12/01/14 22:26] Princ Rhaegar: (syrian, you gotta change your avy :D)
    [12/01/14 22:26] dst:seems so :D
    [12/01/14 22:26] *Syrian*: (no :()
    [12/01/14 22:26] *Syrian*: (dst should move the medal :P)
    [12/01/14 22:26] *Syrian*: (theres plenty of space on the left)
    [12/01/14 22:26] Bash Chelik: (now that face on balloon have proper smiley, syri:D:)
    [12/01/14 22:27] dst:I am not a moving truck!
    [12/01/14 22:27] Vicious Chaossword:you are big like... no?
    [12/01/14 22:27] Draconas:yes only a dstbus
    [12/01/14 22:27] Draconas:no truck, bus!
    [12/01/14 22:27] Vicious Chaossword:the dstbus
    [12/01/14 22:27] Dolomich:a dstbus could move a medal if he wants to...
    [12/01/14 22:27] dst: :D
    [12/01/14 22:28] dst:no, she doesn't want to
    [12/01/14 22:28] Vicious Chaossword:toot toot!
    [12/01/14 22:28] Vicious Chaossword:wait thats a train
    [12/01/14 22:28] dst:let's announce the last category, kill the light in here and leave
    [12/01/14 22:28] Vicious Chaossword:round and and round!
    [12/01/14 22:28] dst:this way Grids will think nothing happened when he comes back
    [12/01/14 22:28] :Khael Nak growls at the thought of the baloon
    [12/01/14 22:28] dst:shush vicious
    [12/01/14 22:28] Rophs:Kill the light?
    [12/01/14 22:29] Rophs:Nooo! We need to burn the bras!
    [12/01/14 22:29] dst:Best Beautification
    [12/01/14 22:29] dst:nominees are:
    [12/01/14 22:29] Vicious Chaossword:o.o you need to drop the bra rophs..
    [12/01/14 22:30] dst:Bash Chelik, Dante Lionheart, dragonrider7, gonzalocdsf and Lazarus
    [12/01/14 22:30] Princ Rhaegar:tough category
    [12/01/14 22:30] :Khael Nak cheers for Bash
    [12/01/14 22:30] dst:indee
    [12/01/14 22:30] dst:d
    [12/01/14 22:30] dst:fight was tough
    [12/01/14 22:31] dst:and the winner is....
    [12/01/14 22:31] dst:Lazarus
    [12/01/14 22:31] Vicious Chaossword:bash is missing a foot
    [12/01/14 22:31] dst:who is inactive for a while
    [12/01/14 22:31] Bash Chelik:congratulations:)
    [12/01/14 22:31] Bash Chelik:hey
    [12/01/14 22:31] Bash Chelik:i dont miss a foot:P
    [12/01/14 22:32] Draconas:congrats sleepy head
    [12/01/14 22:32] *Nimrodel*:gratzii!!
    [12/01/14 22:32] Vicious Chaossword:you have half a foot a leg and you waist ends halfway
    [12/01/14 22:32] dst:do all winners have medals?
    [12/01/14 22:32] :Khael Nak claps
    [12/01/14 22:32] Vicious Chaossword:the only thing hiding your man bits is yur well placed arm
    [12/01/14 22:32] dst:if not, message me and I will give you one
    [12/01/14 22:32] *Nimrodel*:yash!!
    [12/01/14 22:32] Princ Rhaegar:he looks just fine! :(
    [12/01/14 22:33] Draconas:i dont *grins teethy*
    [12/01/14 22:33] dst:Council should provide items....soon...
    [12/01/14 22:33] Rophs:Will someone acousticremains?
    [12/01/14 22:33] Vicious Chaossword:HAAHAHAHAHA
    [12/01/14 22:33] dst:Draco, i'd give you a cat but i doubt it suits you :P
    [12/01/14 22:33] Bash Chelik:ha, vici, i cant see you at all, which does not mean you something, except for brain a bit:P:D
    [12/01/14 22:33] Bash Chelik:*you lack
    [12/01/14 22:33] Rophs:So not we burn the bras?
    [12/01/14 22:33] Vicious Chaossword:i am a shapeshifter
    [12/01/14 22:33] Princ Rhaegar:what a comeback *cheers*
    [12/01/14 22:33] dst:Congratulations to the winners!
    [12/01/14 22:33] Vicious Chaossword:i am everything
    [12/01/14 22:33] Dolomich:Do you have one to burn Rophs ?
    [12/01/14 22:34] dst:thank you all for participating and voting and being here to celebrate the winners
    [12/01/14 22:34] Bash Chelik:when bash finish with you you will be much less:P
    [12/01/14 22:34] :Rophs checks if he is wearing a bra
    [12/01/14 22:34] dst:and now you can burn the bras
    Winners received medals and will soon receive trophies.
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    Andur reacted to Seigheart in Mood Panel..   
    And what inappropriate content did I post?
  4. Downvote
    Andur reacted to Seigheart in Mood Panel..   
    I didnt receive a warning. 
    And since when have MD's standards been so strict? I mean, if it's okay for Imgur(where all the cat ladies live), it should be good enough for MD, no?

    And no where in the link was there any remark about rape. -_-
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    Andur reacted to Seigheart in Mood Panel..   
    Nudity is not permitted what so ever? O.o But what ever. Can I be refunded the credit I spent on my Mood Panel? -_-
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    Andur reacted to Grido in Mood Panel..   
    This is a game for all ages, any content you link to should bear that in mind and reflect that.
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    Not to push the topic too much, but what 8 year old do you know that doesn't watch South Park etc.
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    I know several Middle School age kids that don't watch things like that.  They aren't goody-two-shoes either.  They just don't find it entertaining. 
    Argue all you want you were still in the wrong in this.
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    Andur reacted to Seigheart in Mood Panel..   
    I'm just saying that censoring a game like MD, where it is geared towards adults, is a bit over zealous. 
    Like we condone cybering, swearing, killing, drug use, gambling etc.
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    Andur reacted to Pipstickz in Mood Panel..   
    MD condones cybering, swearing, killing, drug use and gambling? Cybering is something that has been actively worked against, but if you feel differently, go try it and see what happens. The Sunny Bedroom does not "condone" it, either, in fact it's function is the censorship that you're arguing against. Swearing has gotten people punishments as harsh as jail. "Murder" has been protested and murderers have usually been repaid in kind, as no such action comes free or without someone noticing. Referencing drugs on the forum has been punished in the past as well, I believe in this case it was Tom Pounce's (could be wrong, couldn't find any topics or posts relating to the incident, so just going from memory) community garden topic, he RP'd growing a drug and posted it on the forum, and afterwards he was warned against such things and there was something of a fuss. As for gambling, it's hardly present in MD as far as I know. Is there somewhere I can go hand over silver coins in the hopes of winning more?
    You're really stretching here, and it leaves me wondering if you're truly ignorant or simply a troll.
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    I'm just playing devil's advocate.
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    I need a break...I am posting stupid things.
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    I suggest people use this: http://titanpad.com/xKX4uMocol
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    I would be disinclined to let anyone write them. My preference would be to get Mur to do them.


    I would alos be disinclined to provide this.
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    For that I need spoilers. 
    I need all the existing descriptions, each creature's image, and possibly auras/boosts, no stats needed. (but the attack type and targets, yes.)
    I don't afford (both in effort and currency) to find out by my own.
    And yes, I mean pretty much every creature (exept very rare ones like morphs or shades)
    Am I asking too much? probably, but I want descriptions :)
    If not, well, someone with enough time on their hands can take it one at a time.
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    Andur got a reaction from Ackshan Bemunah in Creature descriptions   
    For that I need spoilers. 
    I need all the existing descriptions, each creature's image, and possibly auras/boosts, no stats needed. (but the attack type and targets, yes.)
    I don't afford (both in effort and currency) to find out by my own.
    And yes, I mean pretty much every creature (exept very rare ones like morphs or shades)
    Am I asking too much? probably, but I want descriptions :)
    If not, well, someone with enough time on their hands can take it one at a time.
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    What gives you the right to arbitrarily remove categories? The MD awards are for MD, they are not the Grido Awards, arbitrarily chosen and entirely run by Grido to let who he wants win, win. All changes to it should be agreed on by the public, or a committee approved by the public, say, the Public Council.
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    Andur reacted to Jubaris in MD Awards 2013 - Categories   
    Hmmm... How about you keep the categories, add the villain one because of the tradition of the reward, and just add another voting option - "Nobody should get it this year"?
    It should be put in a non-offending context towards the candidates, though.
    That way we don't brutaly destroy tradition to adapt to lower numbers of population, we do it more smoothly by just putting some sections in a temporary stasis, by the 'opinion of the people', which is what this manifestation is all about.
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    Andur got a reaction from Ackshan Bemunah in Creature descriptions   
    (Not sure of the location of this topic Can it be moved to Questions and Answers please? somehow I've missed that category..)
    Many creatures (including their upgrades) don't have descriptions, what happened to them? were they never written? were they lost? if yes, can they be written again?
    I'd love to see descriptions on every creature and it does give an extra feel to the "soul" of the creature, because many of us just think about them as tools, without knowing anything more about them exept a photo and powers, it also might give new players another reason to "oh wow, that's nice!".
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    Andur got a reaction from Ary Endleg in Creature descriptions   
    (Not sure of the location of this topic Can it be moved to Questions and Answers please? somehow I've missed that category..)
    Many creatures (including their upgrades) don't have descriptions, what happened to them? were they never written? were they lost? if yes, can they be written again?
    I'd love to see descriptions on every creature and it does give an extra feel to the "soul" of the creature, because many of us just think about them as tools, without knowing anything more about them exept a photo and powers, it also might give new players another reason to "oh wow, that's nice!".
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    Andur got a reaction from Intrigue in Creature descriptions   
    (Not sure of the location of this topic Can it be moved to Questions and Answers please? somehow I've missed that category..)
    Many creatures (including their upgrades) don't have descriptions, what happened to them? were they never written? were they lost? if yes, can they be written again?
    I'd love to see descriptions on every creature and it does give an extra feel to the "soul" of the creature, because many of us just think about them as tools, without knowing anything more about them exept a photo and powers, it also might give new players another reason to "oh wow, that's nice!".
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    Not to burst your bubble but the MD creatures are quite unique or at least have something unique about them (the name for the drachorn for example even if it's actually a dragon). So you can start by changing the name for your crit.
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    Otus (winged creature)
    Recruitment costs: 30Ap, 2k VP, 1k VE, 1 EP
    -single tragets
    1.Baby Otus
    Adventurers might find in their travels, in lifeless areas, a single egg with an unusual glow. Taking it carries great risk, although one will never suspect it. From the  egg emerges a small and feeble creature. This bird cannot stop biting everything it sees. Its curiosity is unmatched only by its ferocity when eating - anything smaller than itself is surely a victim.   
    Targets: dying 
    Abilities: damage
    VE: 300
    Attack: 10
    Defense: 0
    Initiative: 1
    Needed for upgrade: stored heat: 400; won battles: 5; age: 3;
    Upgrade costs: AP: 20; VP: 800; sacrificed vitality: 500; EP: 1
    2. Large Otus
    Now grown, the large Otus will aid you in your endeavors. It usually lazies around, not doing much. Underestimating it is, however, folly - its attacks are exceptionally fast and silent killers. With sharp talons and a beak with which it usually plucks the eyes of the prey, the large Otus is a terrible opponent.
    Targets: dying, weak, random
    Abilities: damage
    VE: 600
    Attack: 25
    Defense: 2
    Initiative: 2
    Needed for upgrade: stored heat: 4000; won battles: 30; age: 12
    Upgrade costs: Ap: 40; VP: 1500; sacrificed vitality: 1000; EP: 2
    3. Huge Otus
    The numerous battles in which the Otus has been participating have proven to be more than daily routine. Not only it has perfected its skills, using the sharp talons as sharpened knives, but it has also increased in size to unheard dimensions for a bird. Feeding on the opponent's very soul, the huge apparition that covers the sky only by streching its wings is something to be dreaded. Unfortunately, the element of suprise has dissapeared.
    Targets: any
    Abilities:aimed hit
    Attack: 50
    Defense: 3
    Initiative: 3
    Needed for upgrade: stored heat: 8000; won battles: 50; age: 17; + mindpower
    Upgrade costs: Ap: 50; VP: 2300; sacrificed vitality: 3000; EP: 4
    4. Decrepit Otus
    The once powerful Otus has turned into a decrepit bird. It wasn't age that shrunk it, but rather a strange disease. The Otus now prefers to stay alone as much as possible and completely avoids the sunlight. It covers itself with its huge wings and stares into empitness with its head bowed. And yet, it never seems to be alone. Could it be that the otus is not sick, but is guiding the spirits of the underworld onto their path? 
    Targets: any
    Abilities: damage
    Attack: 45
    Defense: 2
    Initiative: 1
    Special influence: increases the initiative and damage of undead creatures (as far as I know, that only means tormented soul)
    5. Guardian Otus
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    Iv fixed up the post by moving the images and uploading them to MD.
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    My character Rophs currently has many goals, one of the largest being sailing west to find the landmass that is located there. Rophs thinks that although freeing the Empty Aramors would be an interesting event that it would be wiser to learn WHY thery came, WHERE they came from, and WHO sent them. He wants to sail west to wherever the Empty Aramors are from and then possibly free the Empty Aramors.
    Goals related to sailing west
    Fix the Ivory Lighthouse to ensure a safe return (Topic here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15126-wp-quest-get-the-ivory-lighthouse-working/#entry147499) Gather a crew for the seafaring ship left behind by Cryxus and his pirate crew Figure out where exactly the landmass is located More to be added If you would like to help Rophs sail west then it would probably be a good idea to follow him.
    edit: words
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