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  1. Well, some people with an IQ smaller than the room temperature decided it's fun to erase the list, good job, f*** you. EDIT: pluralised
  2. Please add in the list below (Chew's post) the creatures you don't have description for.
  3. For that I need spoilers. I need all the existing descriptions, each creature's image, and possibly auras/boosts, no stats needed. (but the attack type and targets, yes.) I don't afford (both in effort and currency) to find out by my own. And yes, I mean pretty much every creature (exept very rare ones like morphs or shades) Am I asking too much? probably, but I want descriptions :) If not, well, someone with enough time on their hands can take it one at a time.
  4. Andur

    New ideas

    Little question about the absence of creature descriptions http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15141-creature-descriptions/
  5. (Not sure of the location of this topic Can it be moved to Questions and Answers please? somehow I've missed that category..) Many creatures (including their upgrades) don't have descriptions, what happened to them? were they never written? were they lost? if yes, can they be written again? I'd love to see descriptions on every creature and it does give an extra feel to the "soul" of the creature, because many of us just think about them as tools, without knowing anything more about them exept a photo and powers, it also might give new players another reason to "oh wow, that's nice!".
  6. Happy b-day to thee three (Yrth, Doc and Kemo :D )

    1. Rophs


      It appears Kemo is also TWD :p

  7. So far since mp3 I've been adept of 'myself' - and after careful thinking I think I'll change to Sunfire. It was a very very difficult choice :D. Though it's just support for your advancement to mp6, I don't know you well enough (neither Sy) to have more reasons but I'm sure that will change sometime. Lets see if we have enough people to have two protectors constantly, if we do, and Sunfire here goes mp6, then so be it. Lets see how it goes and if it goes well then no problem, if he can't stand up to his words and people are not satisfied there's always the option of changing your mentor, in a few seconds.
  8. Then let's come up with ideeas, change it , make it work and be used, or remove it goddamnit!
  9. I kinda' don't.. that's why I think this thing will make it more used
  10. Andur

    New ideas

    Message Cloud working toghether with PM Labels. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15093-message-cloud-and-pm-labels-working-toghether/
  11. When someone sends a PM with a label (including "Other..") it should be sent inside one of the 'orbs' of the message Cloud, simply having an option for each orb to set a 'keyword' so when that keyword is used as label on a pm it gets sent there. Also when a new message enters an orb and it's unread it should change color (i was thinking invert the color? i think it gets blue-white). This 'feature' will save us from manually sorting messages and also encourage the usage of the Cloud (I honestly am too lazy sometimes to sort or even bother sorting, although I sometimes need to) Edit: And maybe integrate Labels into Message Cloud in the MDShop as one item?
  12. Wow. I'm a bit surprised :).. I'll upload the full content of my pages when I'll get some rest (allot of work at my new and first job), thank you !
  13. Happy B-day to Death Ray, Dolomich and DARK DEMON :D you are born on the day of the Great Union (of Romania)

  14. It's St. Andrew's day over here, happy nameday for anyone named Andrew/Adrian(a)/or whatever variations there might be :D

  15. I've just seen this topic due to inactivity OH MY GASH THANKS <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 !!!!!!!!!
  16. Greetings I hope you'll enjoy MD as much as we do :) P.S.: In case my constant attacks bother you please tell, I usually get some complains about it.
  17. yes I can do that, but now the drach ..evolved or "lvled up" and doesnt look as it did and can't revert to his previous state so I can put the MD letters and take a photo. Edit: nvm, found a way around it
  18. Can I add the MD letters on one of the pictures digitally? It's made in the early stage of the creation and forgot to put MD in it, can't dissasemble now to do that :D
  19. Thanks allot John, that's all I can say, thanks /sarcasm off.
  20. Detrealence - made up word. Because why not :)
  21. It's fixed now Miq :) Thank you all for posting things that help me fix the bet, it will greatly help on future quests (if it shall continue).
  22. No one: thanks for the resource stack thing, didn't know that you can't split it. And in the September's quest there were 3 people who won 1st place ( ±2), again, this is a bet. Grido: Didn't thought it's alt abuse, anyway, fixed. 100% of rewards go to winners :) Zyrxae: 1.Fixed, 2.Fixed, 3.Yes, 4. 70% of pot goes to first place (and then split equally if there are more), 30% go to second (same split rule). Oh, and the reason I am using an alt for gathering the rewards is mainly for creatures that will possibly be used to bet, I can't just keep the CTC's because in case of trading that creature the code is changed, so I needed a place to keep them. Second, I wouldn't want to mix my personal belongings with rewards for quests, as I can easilly forget wich/how much was mine. P.S.: If someone has the possibility to post the link of this 'quest' in the Mood Panel it would be highly apreciated, thank you.
  23. Greetings to the second edition of...the bet. This month's 'quest' will be different. I will not ask for sponsors anymore but instead.. Anyone that bets on this topic, must 'discard' something in value of approx. 1 SC. Be it resource, an item, creature, or even a SC (duh). ~~ ANY ammount of resource above 10 will count in value (for this quest only) as 1SC, and if such ammount already exists on the recipient when you add more, it won't count as a bet. ~~ These soon-to-be rewards will be gathered on another account of mine (a fresh new one). His name is Bookie, and will be idle or offline at Gazebo of Equilibrium always (even if not online, he is still there and can be traded items to him). ~BOOKIE IS READY FOR RECIEVING THE BETS~ You may submit a bet right now on this topic BUT untill 11th of October you must have betted something on Bookie. So once again, the goal of this quest is to GUESS how many announcements will be posted from 1st of October to 1st of November (00:00 ST). Tiny rules: -ONE number per forum member. -You may not post the same number as someone else, be sure to check first. -Neither I or Bookie do not care who sends what, But please send PM's to Bookie or me (be it forum or game) when you want to bet a creature or item, for the CTC/ITC. -You may not send ME(Andur) anything as bet or sponsorship, only to Bookie. If I do recieve anything as bet, I will ignore that reason and keep whatever you gave me for myself. All the announcements in October will be counted, automatic announcements from the System will Not count. You may submit a bet untill 11th of October (00:00 ST), all further bets shall be ignored. Announcements so far: 3 Scoring (multiple bets can fall under same ranking, and reward will be split evenly): 1st place - a difference of 2 between guessed number and submitted value. ( ±2 ) 2nd place - a difference higher than 2 and less than 4 included ( ±4 ) - ( ±2 ) 3rd place - there is NO third place. If nobody gets any place (no bets fit under ±4) 50% of the reward goes to the ONE closest bet to the announcement ammount, the rest of 50% is kept for future quests. Reward so far: none. Due to recent events, this quest is now CLOSED and OVER, as there isn't a point or fun to it, the number of future announcements will fall considerably and there won't be more than 10-15 this month, IMHO.
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