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  1. I am off 1 or 2 week for vacation after being almost off 1 or 2 months for too much work... Happy MD anniversary all! :)

    1. nadrolski


      enjoy sir and see you soon!

    2. Maebius


      enjoy your holiday!

  2. Welcome and don't worry: I am not that new and yet i always feel new!
  3. Happy birthday again! Wait...; is that your birthday every year?
  4. No no no.... You gave me my first tokened creature when we did not know each other. It is called "Son of Sagemwoman". And that son will miss his mother as much as we players will miss you.... So please don't forget to pop up sometimes and just say Hi. Please. Good luck!
  5. Actually, the gathering tools requiring land loyalty seem to be those associated with a guild/alliance. Herbs baskets are not of that sort. That sounds logical to me.
  6. I propose to trade either Locate or Silvertongue stone for your Otherarmy.
  7. The new ones shall ask an ancient one to get access to the land. When i joined, one year ago, I had no choice to enter a land but to be able to do it on my own, either through the maze or by beating the Loreroot guards. Only option to get to necrovion was to ask a favour from the king (before trying my luck as MP5). Today the new comer can get access to any of the main land by making friend with a citizen from that land (not only the king) that would pass him a Pass paper. He can still beat the loreroot guards and pass the pmaze (although viscosity makes it harder now). It is way more flex
  8. Wishing happy Bday before it is time brings bad luck. Escommunicate all those heretics!.... and Happy Birthday.
  9. I am having troubles finding you. Please leave me a PM with your idle location if you can. That I deposit my coins in your pocket.
  10. Good luck with the move, and enjoy the new place!
  11. happy birthday girl! (I can call you girl, given your age and mine... can't I ?)
  12. [quote name='Liberty4life' timestamp='1330625349' post='105633'] they asked us common folks of realm for help instead of their "jailors" (ones who are responsible for them bein chained) which indicates that their hostage aint connect with "jailors" [/quote] What if we were responsible? But didn't know it? Anyway, kudos to Falronn for raising the issue in public and start making people react on that.
  13. I vote for a free press! We wanna know! Tell us who what, how... It's part of MD life, and it's certainly interesting to most of the players. Why hide things that could make buzz... and bring fun... ? C'mon. Who attempted that? Please.
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