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  1. Well. This may be difficult to avoid but try not to give giant hints. Just give the smallest hint you can. Try to throw people off. Its a good learning experience for them. You can't just expect someone to give you the answer you need to let them figure it out or wait for whatever is happening.
  2. Love is an emotion but it isn't one that just happens right away. You may meet your future husband or wife and start off just as acquaintances the more time you spend with a person the closer you get to them. You may or may not develop a deep affection for them. If you do it is more than likely that it will grow into love. You can't exactly choose to love someone or not. It just..Happens. But you can however cut off contact from that person. Sad as it may be. But I know people who would do that in order to kill off that "Petty Emotion" as they put it. So I say blah to those of you who wou
  3. I'll see if I can remember mine... Never did buy anything though so I could make a new one labeled after this name. Will do it after I get me a laptop.
  4. (Insert random comment from a stranger here)

    *Sits patiently and awaits feedback*

  5. You get off your computer but still think your playing MD. You threaten to attack your Neighbors with your creatures. You pull out a notebook to see if there are any battle logs in it. You finish a chore or a job for neighbors and you ask for a Wishpoint. Your active days counter says 53/50 When you kill the forum post labeled "You know you play MD to much when..." [quote name='Glaistig' timestamp='1220387754' post='15592'] Well, I didn't think too much about calling Lu "Lu" in real life, but yesterday I reached a revelation. I think
  6. Let's see if I can remember what I'm doing here.

  7. Thats good. I hope your doing well.

  8. [font="Lucida Console"]Lorerot has been a place that has interested me greatly..And I have spent time with the guardians. They are the alliance that I would love to be a part of. I don't know what to say really..I am asking for permission to become part of the guardians of the root so that I may become a protector of loreroot and its inhabitants [/font]
  9. I agree. Technically it was my idea >3> but I'll let this one slide. Just put that in the MD shop. Allow us to change the nicknames of creatures. But only let us change the name once a month and a cost of some AP? Does that sound reasonable?
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