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  1. Blarg Blarg honk honk..

  2. Amoran!

    We haven't talked in forever!

  3. I wonder if someone will notice if I was a bit quieter.

    1. Princess Katt

      Princess Katt

      Quieter? It isn't as though you are a loudmouth or anything!

  4. Could I have the Drach then?
  5. [quote name='Sasha Lilias' timestamp='1302704026' post='82480'] Then let me buy it and give it to you!! >_O 1gc + 1sc [/quote] I withdraw my bids.
  6. [quote name='Sasha Lilias' timestamp='1302466735' post='82319'] *Cough* 13sc for the previously stated creature. [/quote] 15 sc! I really want that creature
  7. With the herpity and the derpity and the oh god why me?

  8. Angien [stardust/jewelshards/bloddrop1] (193 age): 6 sc
  9. Hello! Welcome Welcome. Enjoy the game!
  10. Huh. I didn't see my name in the announcements. Course I didn't even see that message in the announcements.
  11. *Sneaks around, Then hides behind Azrael*

  12. [quote name='Phantom Orchid' timestamp='1301272437' post='81442'] I usually tend to think of love as a verb, an action word, instead of a noun. It is an act, something we manifest through writing letters, sipping cacao together, nurturing, sharing stories under the stars wrapped up in an itchy blanket with moonlight kissing our muddy faces. And at other times, I tend to think of love as just a four letter word. [/quote] So love is just an English worksheet? Sounds like a teacher of mine... Well I've stumbled onto something strange. Think deeply on it. I don't think this stuff out for
  13. [quote name='Passant the Weak' timestamp='1301413243' post='81502'] Who are you? I know you... a bit. But I will say Hi anyway! [/quote] You should know me! At least I think you should..*Sulks* I thought I helped you a bit.
  14. Happy birthday Nimrodel! I hope to get to speak with you more and hang out
  15. Hey! This is late I know but I never got around to making this. And I just found the "Say hello, Goodbye, or somethign else" thread. Some of you know me already but for those who don't please say Hi
  16. Welcome! I hope you enjoy the game. I'd be happy to answer any question you may ask. I doubt I could answer it though I'm still fairly new here myself.
  17. Was what DST posted it? I wouldn't mind seeing it if that wasn't it though.
  18. So when do we start bidding? I'm ready to see myself get outbid
  19. I thought your mood panel thing said something about a grassan
  20. Azurekyte


    three silver for imp
  21. Is that its current age or the age it will be after transfer?
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