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  1. Grrrrrr! Being told I dont exist ! ?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Grido


      I've had similar Fyrd, not dead, but "you're not on our system, you don't exist" to which I reply with a gesture at my standing in front of them

    3. Muratus del Mur

      Muratus del Mur

      worse is when you realise that yourself :))

    4. Mallos


      who doesn't exist?

  2. "Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong." - Leo F. Buscaglia Lord give me strength.

    1. Passant the Weak

      Passant the Weak

      I'll prove you're wrong... or not! :)

    2. Blackthorn


      Oh! I love Bruscaglia!

    3. Jubaris


      I don't share his opinion

  3. Look forward to meeting you! I will find you today if you are on.

  4. you seem interesting... perhaps we should talk?

  5. Hi :D Thanks for the welcome... Nice to meet you :D

  6. Hello & welcome!


  7. Nice to meet you too, good luck and have fun =]

  8. so very nice to meet you tonight!

  9. I also am new, 1 month. I came here because I was getting so bored with the other games I was playing. They were all the same. Love MD. I love to read and love to "click" things. Can get you in a spot sometimes but that is the greatness of MD. As for the quests, Sure it takes time to find thing and solve things but that to me is the whole point. I am currently doing 2 (one is at a standstill until I fight the Loreroot Guards which I cant yet) and the other has helped me immensely. Yes lots of reading (forum & archives) but it leads you to explore which leads to others thing. This t
  10. Did you hear *whisper*Dokutaesu is sleeping in Marind's bathroom!

  11. What a facinating creature!

    1. The Great Pashweetie
    2. Lintara


      Will you stop looking at the mirror already?

    3. Shiona


      The Angien I won :)

      @Lintara huh? :S

  12. Any friend of Azulls is a friend of mine.

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