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  1. [quote]And thats fine. say what you will. surprised as others may be, arguing over mundane and unimportant things with others is not one of my favorite past times, so on that note, im out~[/quote]
    Voice of the reason is on the job again.Didn't mean to shout but I can't stop once I go at it.Me not only impatient also not have time for this kind of discussion.
    [quote]1) i respect and love you Iggy. it was just your words that i felt needed a tad of clarification
    2) i still expect you to love me. or so help me i WILL find a pointy stick, so i can poke you and make your life difficult.
    2) im a merry prankster!??! shweet <3[/quote]
    :D I have a minor case of being creeped out by the sudden change.Otherwise of course I adore anyone and everyone until I can't transfer the radiance and share the kindness anymore.Ignus is never gonna hurt you nor he will make you cry: :-P
    I won't change my vote but I recommend people not to disregard Zen as a candidate due to this discussion.

  2. [quote]i do respect the peoples opinions. always have, always will. Seig picked me as the runner up, because he thought he saw potential. Turns out im not too good under pressure so, i chose to step down to a regular Treasure Keeper.

    I respect your opinion, what i dont respect, is that your opinion is based off assumptions and half truths.[/quote]
    I didn't say you never respect people opinions or you are bad person.In this case though it's not my responsibility to know why you resigned just that you resigned and there was problems obviously which effects my vote negatively on your band of merry prankster's next choice of person.Upon further discussion one can't help but get disgusted from being accused of not knowing full truths and making baseless assumptions where other party did not stated these truths clearly beforehand nor it's like everyone should know about everything.I try and follow the news and try and make an honest opinion as I tried to make it clear before there is a problem with your judgement criteria to what is true or false.Perhaps you are used people listening when you shout a lil.too bad this is not sparta or anything but real life.

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