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  1. well.I would be pissed of too if I was killed 6 times.Anyways seems really overpowered a few can do a better job with it imho.
  2. i don't have time I have to play BHC so i'll simply enlighten you that Eon was the lapdog of no one not.the other way,I must also say how can a tool cast judgement that's completely ridiculous at least make it rare item. I also love not only MB but all lands equally so a way to prevent those would be great but do not want to be banned for a month cause I misclicked on a water resource.
  3. Alyon: "yeah but it's a sanctuary and you will lose score and heads if yousty there... upto you go there or no... same thing of logout" I had no idea as you can see..nor did I stay there for long to observe.
  4. No there are head updates in between anyway ask Alyon he said it's ok otherwise wouldn't go there in the first place.
  5. you would lose score and heads if you'd idle there,it's a sanctuary so I see no problem with it.
  6. Eagle Eye just went to TOA with the Heads ball he also went idle. [img]http://i50.tinypic.com/294ggna.jpg[/img]
  7. What my own personal dummy?I always wanted one of those.I won't forget your sacrifice Fang and put this to good use :)Picking side?I'm on my own side so you are welcome to hop over into Necro whenever you have the bal..bandages for possible problems with shades.
  8. I'll help as much as I can for No Man's Land,leave me a messsage for dates so we can go at it organized. ::
  9. 10 pts Peace My item 'Bottle of perfume' to be edited and act as a reviving item if possible with the description 'A fragrance so charming that can guide the spirits back to their bodies. 9 pts Fire Starter My chawan to be able to heat up cold tea 8 pts Menhir Shade Swordman to be completed 7 pts Ledah spell to light Bob on fire 6 pts Soothing Sands elu therapist tag 5 pts Tipu name change : Lord Tipu 4 pts Rhaegar Targaryen altered version of dance spell 3 pts Sephira Caellum my staff be able to give the dead player ability to move around all MD lan
  10. Assuming I can vote without wishing for wishes 10-Lazarus 10 pts my own flag, just like Shadowseeker's, and it will be called "The Infernal Order," the complete opposite and I will be the only one who can invite players in it-the return of my Bull creature that I've received from Christmas 2009 -or- the Necrovion creature on Zleiphneir's Bestiary page (the one he won from Kafuuka's quest about torturing devices). 9-seigheart 9 pts Ancient Key - Key to open the Gates of Mur. 8-Leixer 8 pts Eleixer of Death 7-Shemhazaj 7 pts "Staff of the wande
  11. ignnus


    sorry I'm too lazy to discuss details but you have some nice leads.
  12. ignnus


    Meh I would prefer exploders..explorers do not seem interesting enough to be a new ally.so..go with the exploders
  13. You are only allowed 1 (One) forum account. If you have mutliple accounts ingame you are not allowed to have one for each account, The forum is not for[size=6] [size=8]roleplay[/size][/size] but for discussion about the game. Anyone found abusing multiple accounts will be punished greatly.
  14. [quote]I will leave the period for people to try to outbid Ignnus until 22nd of December (would do sooner, but due to some exams I find this date appropriate), if you Ignnus don't have problems with it.[/quote] that is ok,I can wait
  15. [quote]And thats fine. say what you will. surprised as others may be, arguing over mundane and unimportant things with others is not one of my favorite past times, so on that note, im out~[/quote] Voice of the reason is on the job again.Didn't mean to shout but I can't stop once I go at it.Me not only impatient also not have time for this kind of discussion. [quote]1) i respect and love you Iggy. it was just your words that i felt needed a tad of clarification 2) i still expect you to love me. or so help me i WILL find a pointy stick, so i can poke you and make your life difficult. 2) im a
  16. [quote]i do respect the peoples opinions. always have, always will. Seig picked me as the runner up, because he thought he saw potential. Turns out im not too good under pressure so, i chose to step down to a regular Treasure Keeper. I respect your opinion, what i dont respect, is that your opinion is based off assumptions and half truths.[/quote] I didn't say you never respect people opinions or you are bad person.In this case though it's not my responsibility to know why you resigned just that you resigned and there was problems obviously which effects my vote negatively on your
  17. [quote]Please think before you speak[/quote] I don't have to know TK's inner workings in order make my opinion.I believe you if you say so yet not only it's not my problem why he chose you but also he could call a vote like this if there was not somebody he would really choose.I recommend you start to respect people's opinion.
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