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  1. Chapter 2- Unnamed   (Edited some and some additions)



    Her thoughts raced with the efficiency of thousand cookies salvaged from one batch of flour.  The reality saved everyone again, like the not so bright aristocrat who practiced his fantasy karate a thousand times; she decided to go somewhere. These wheat fields and that sun, not only they were beautiful, they were all to be processed for existing. 

    kid 1: .....Is it what? 
    kid 2:  A whale? Or it's a bear i'm not sure.
    kid 1:  Didn't sound like those animals, it was more of a human sound, kind of a moaning, kinda shouting.
    kid 2- Who is she shouting at?
    kid 1- And what is she saying?
    kid 2- I'm getting a bad feeling for some reason.
    kid 1- Its some kind of force field aura. Too late, we lost.
    kid 2- Wait what did we lose?
    kid 1- You idiot, you shan't know that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Angry Woman:  Hey you two punks. Get out of here!, you munchkin rollers. Don't let me beat you like a smashed potato.

    The children sobbed and threw insults at the same time running away. Alright! She was on a roll now, she looked at the sky. Thankfully it wasn't the time for rain. Both of them acted like the other didn't exist. That was fine.



  2. Here's a bit of extra, i planned this tidbit for today, yet somehow forget.

    Encounter with a mayor.


    No one in the entire world could own anything, sayeth the cult. Since she was rightful it only followed that she was responsible for the security of the town. So when she saw the market guards, she frowned. That was the state and the town being wrongfully aggressive. So when from the stalls the village chef waved at her, she stumbled momentarily. The sun was radiant like her smile which shone upon all. She threw herself at the mayor, "maaeeeeeeyyyyy loooooooorrrrrrrrrrrddddddddddddd". The worship was on her face, this was a creature that was higher than her in the system. So when she encountered such an entity, the fight or flight instinct took over. She was always fight, she immediately abandoned the world to look upon her rightful majesty. What she couldn't kick to death she would respect.


  3. Chapter 3



    Poower for Poor ew

    Everyone was on their trenches. Everything was normal. Meanwhile somewhere the fire and flame rose up from the slumber in the same manner, half asleep. It forget the words of an anthem for a fight. The sneer attacked an enraged polyphonic voice. 

    Frosty the snow village was as chaotic as ever. The winter never really a different season, and the air cold, the two districts of the town was the market and the outer regions with dwellings. She was walking through the forest to see her friends in the village. The journey didn't require transportation while a little walking was necessary, and she was afraid of the tigers who had occasionally ventured near  town to hunt. Like the kid who was called out by the school bully, she fearfully thought to run, then she stopped. What was this? An expert of arts and humanities was afraid of the barbarians? The civilization was more important than the savagery. Some distant animal croaked while the trees swayed, dropping the snow. She and the world, circled each other around, like they were unable to mix, so both flew in orbits, giving everyone else nausea in the meantime. After a while, she saw a dark red color mixing with the earth. When she looked further, she saw someone lying on the ground, possible mauled by an animal. The blood formed to a puddle near the man who seemed to be yet alive. She turned her head, walked past toward the village. After some time, there was spring in her step, the fear defeated. Everything made sense now, she thought about how much fun she would have when she chatted with her friends later on. There was no doubt now, she hastily but boldly..


    I was hoping for a lot more content, maybe next week..

  4. 8 hours ago, Ungod said:

    That can work, but it gets very messy afterwards. Raw emotion can be entertaining, as long as there is a steel thread of logic.

    We have this massive library at where i live, every once in a while I go in, sniff a book out then read a few paragraphs, mostly i'm disappointed, but sometimes there is a book and it grabs my attention, usually the poem books/ analysis or the super technical neurobiology/social studies etc.. anything interesting. Sometimes for me author gets it right while he is not looking. This kind of scavenging is sad and funny at the same time but its the only kind of reading i (can) do. What you said about logic, you may have a point there, but i don't think that's very important. I'd rather see a super symmetrical plot narrated in ridiculous ravings than a solid logic. Though if its steel solid not only its a style hard to achieve that's also kind of interesting on its own. (not technical ofc).

  5.  Seems to be an extremely short book. 50 pages? All the better. Got the PDF *cough*,  i'll have a look.   😆 Thanks for the suggestion.


    Edit: Forgot to add, i have no problem with feminism not really, it was irresponsible for me to add the tag. I'm on the side of woman for whatever the issue is. I just didn't want to add more serious/political tags.

  6. 1 hour ago, Imperius said:

    I can't take credit for the fact that I draw well because I didn't choose the talent when I was born, but thank you, although I see every forms of art as 'cool' even if they're not up to anyone's standards. I think what you wrote is cool and humorous, it's clever that you've managed to have people see past what you just did, and I'm still undecided if you're actually serious about this lol.

    I hate that Mur has this effect on people.

    If only it was Mur, i used to paint entire white paper orange with those pastels then carve it with a knife for the art hours. I was fan of Netherlands for 10 years, cause they used orange on their flag. Still didn't recover from their loss at World Cup to Spain.

  7. On 3/4/2019 at 2:39 AM, Imperius said:

    It would help giving her some background story as to why she thinks this way, perhaps a degree in gender studies or men with snouts surrounding her would suffice.

    I like this answer, noted the degree, very interesting actually i was thinking she was a retired teacher. LOL.  A warning, this novel can't be cool like your art bro. I simply can't draw ever since elementary school no reason to think otherwise for any other. I always like the color orange for some reason though.

  8. On 3/4/2019 at 7:28 PM, Ungod said:

    I think you have a character there. Needs slightly more work.

    Do you plan on writing a bunch of such characters and then make interact? if so, it might be interesting.

    Thank you for saying so. I'd just think a good line from time to time or a setting, and i'm not good with dialogues. It's very difficult for me to write normal stuff, not only its boring, i'm bad at it. I'd just think a quote i like (religion is like woman you can never find the depth of either) then let the feeling guide me. Mind that its not the woman here it could as well be the man, i just like the intensity of the person saying it and what caused him to say this.

    Possibly, maybe. Like i said, If i write normal characters or stuff, i have to normalize them, which is ehm... boring. I realize certain kind of effort must go into a story, and saying stuff like "its boring" is anathema to some in the art society, yet i write this for myself, so i can laugh and feel good when i read. And others if they do so all the better.

  9. Chapter 2 - un named



    Her thoughts raced with the efficiency of thousand cookies salvaged from one batch of flour. The reality saved everyone again, like the not so bright aristocrat who practiced his fantasy karate 1000 times; she decided to go somewhere. These wheat and that sun, not only they were beautiful, they were all to be processed for existing. She noticed some midgets talking yet gave no indication that she could hear anything they are saying. 

    kid 1- Is it what? 
    kid 2- A whale? Or it's a bear i'm not sure.
    kid 1- Well, it didn't sound like those animals, like a human sound, kind of a moaning, kinda shouting.
    kid 2- Who is she shouting at?
    kid 1- And what is she saying?
    kid 2- I'm getting a bad feeling for some reason.
    kid 1- Its some kind of force field aura. Too late, we lost.
    kid 2- Wait what did we lose?
    kid 1- You idiot, you shan't know that. Its the modern life.


    (This is not complete. I couldn't resist to wait until Sunday when i'd planned)

    Thanks for the comments. :)

  10. On 3/4/2019 at 6:26 PM, MaGoHi said:

    i am confused on the situation, it would probably help to introduce the MC beforehand and maybe the situation, unless it was your intention to throw the reader into that without it.

    also it seems contradicting itself a little? or is it just me?

    I'm confused as well. I just wrote this for the laughs tbh, you might have noticed grammar mistakes, punctuation errors etc.. This just means i'm super impatient about this character and story. I always wanted to create a super romantic, epic artpiece. Yet real life is often not what one hopes for. I'd almost always want to "show rather than tell" the rest is details. I don't mean to confuse people with super epic, difficult to follow writing style or switching characters after every chapter. I hate those kind of styles.

    It definitely does. Yet it doesn't. I don't know, i try to get a handle on bs, with me its not easy at best.

  11. On 3/4/2019 at 12:39 AM, Josephine said:

    I hope you don't mind me being blunt, but it reads like you've been dumped by an overweight woman and are very bitter over it.

    Perhaps take a step back and be a little more objective towards the protagonist? (Just a suggestion)

    Well, its an exaggeration no doubt. Most art is kind of like that otherwise its just plain copying.  I really like Nabokov for example but as a writer being superbly talented aside he is too honest for me..

    For this woman I'm thinking someone like "Howard's mother" from BBT. Once you know that kind of person, you can never forget it. And you can never explain it. I'm bitter yes but i want to explain the unexplainable, her thought process.  You might also have noticed i have a massive grudge for the left field. ehm.. that's not the issue here.

    You are right about one thing i'm bitter, that's not critical or even important for me here. Also if i take a look an objective view like you said, it wouldn't be it funny, it would turn out she was right about her actions. But who cares? I don't.

  12. Chapter 1 - Fatso


    "I must act very impressive" thought the bulky woman, if I act carefully enough, and do what i know best i will be a winner. Just need to keep my head down and my chin up, i can enslave everyone slowly then get on a diet or something, maybe surgery. No need to think about the negative, and the seeming reality going the way i do not want, to be honest i'm shocked, she thought. I am hitting as hard as i can yet there is no effect from my slaves, the fools who do not know the tricks i know, and they do not worship me or benefit me always so i don't know what to do. I keep praying, screaming inside, and do all sorts of maniacal things, why am i not the ruler? Instead i keep getting downed time after time. She signaled public vehicle thinking, if i sit down and keep my head down i can think of a smt with my years of long deserved accumulated power. I feel like i'm going to fail as if i'm a fool. No,i am super powerful and no one can beat me. Except I always lose all the time. Well I eat a lot and do nothing useful but that's it, i can steal from everyone if i act mean enough. I'm a leftist ofc so it's my right. I'm a member of greenpeace,  Humanitywatch and i like Asians even with their eyes of demons. I'm a modern collected sophisticated good hearted proper citizen y'know. I must attack towards those who are evil at the right time, hey if i get a scraps of meat, mind you that's not really what i want, i can munch on it once in a while like a dog i guess. You know cause i work hard and i'm tired(all the time). Now off to the healthy routine, be bold, smile and never forget the world is a bowl of rice, until i arrive then its my veggie dinner that i purify. Ye hedonist grunts. Lets see my modern faith change you,  properly" she curtsied in a tone punishingly proper towards the villagers.


    Thanks for reading. Any feedback is appreciated as always.

  13. I wanted to create an epic like Tennyson or Auden but it turned to a half baked spaghetti, for what its worth, enjoy.

    rolling from the ship
    with my half-smile running away from you
    in the middle of the storm
    who's like an animal mirroring the sun
    not different than the grass
    that a frog can't understand why
    the depression bludgeons it too
    you grab my ankle at the raging river crossing
    my clear vision
    is awkward at socializing
    a half rotten soul
    sparkling down the river of
    our blind hate and barren
    which i only want to make
    a color too distinct
    with no relations to anything anymore
    the universe creaks to
    image of a tree if you will
    and i see you fail
    i wanted you to fail
    i guess i took my stance
    you aren't wrong
    also not a friend of billion years
    who causes doubt to get scraped
    by it's steel hinges and rollers
    which i can pinch like a bruised wound
    hey even if you
    heal you are bruised enough
    and remind it of misery
    a warning to its rotten
    forming image that i can heal
    without the balance
    in lieu of thanks

  14. Whining (of mine)


    the world of madness

    would be more than it's talent

    yet the evolution and sadness

    crunched your visage to what it was


    winking all along while lecturing

    as if the degradation would give thee power

    so wrong would be normal

    to how not quite to be human

  15. Quote

    I mean there's instantaneous velocity vs average velocity distinction, instantaneous is technically immeasurable (I think) but it's still calculable and therefore "real" enough for me at least

    very determinist of you


    Also welcome back ignnus, stick around! (or maybe you've been lurking all this time) Plz find me ingame if you can, I'd love to chat

    you catch me at gateway aramory i'm lurking there once or twice a week xD

  16. I don't understand if there is simply no way to tell if u or the bus next to u is moving does that mean both are standing? What happens if u are not looking or u have no way to look? Nothing. Would it change if that was an isolated environment? NO If it was an illusion? Yes. Perhaps changing reality is possible, it should be possible, humans (clowns) are not so talented unfortunately xD

  17. chicken at kfc
    tis my fault ofc
    drown with hot saucy
    wow no mercy

    one should eat salata
    and be a vegetable
    then it's worse
    cause you'd kill me
    in a second
    without a second thought

  18. SORRY for bad English and everything else. 

    not quite just like dust rise i shan't 
    won't go i shouting at the rage same as a dog-wolf
    sorry i'm very sorry
    for the light and brightness

    we are a silly person and you say you are not
    please don't try a smile especially if it's not real
    to me it's certainly not funny to watch our flobby descent
    to immortality, wisdom of time etc etc..

    fury of flames
    does not think about anything particular at all
    dimming of light echoes like a drum
    and a river of molten lava

  19. i swear i'm not trolling...

    after all this time seems like an eternity 
    i've become a wise person of virtues and equality
    futility, nobility, no cruelty
    properly witty, funny and crazy

    i'm a person of audacity, sobriety
    and sympathy
    society, arithmetry, geometry
    not a silly, imbecility

    it's a pity
    very animality
    eccentrity, oddity

  20. me - courage? this is debatable cause i've seen myself  freeze in real fights or dive into possibly dangerous actions, mostly depends on the circumstance so no.

           power? yeah, i guess so, i like control so if i have to choose it's this one.

          wisdom? LOL, no.

    Shade Sentinel- courage? no, it's more of a detached look mixed with disdain,lack of fear etc.

      power? yes, this one doesn't need explanation right?

    wisdom? since i picked one it's redundant, but i'd say yeah, SS always oozes a sense of wisdom.

    Mur? - courage? Sure, He strikes me as a courages person.

              power? No.

             wisdom? nah.

    Ok..if i'm dead after this it was nice meeting you all (


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