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  1. Chapter 4- The vaults of Hivan Urgh, World Building I guess.
  2. You are right, i assume you are mostly talking about the super serious tone and the weird reactionary sections being totally different. I will delete every modern terminology here after i finished and replace those as best as i could . I dislike those a lot myself. Other than that i'm not totally disappointed. Plot needs a bit work though. This story won't take place during modern times if and where i can manage, switching to medieval stuff is way more interesting. Factions, and a realistic world, i like those. Hmmm, Its not so difficult to make up some plot, though that's really doesn't see
  3. Chapter 2- Unnamed (Edited some and some additions)
  4. Here's a bit of extra, i planned this tidbit for today, yet somehow forget. Encounter with a mayor.
  5. Chapter 3 I was hoping for a lot more content, maybe next week..
  6. We have this massive library at where i live, every once in a while I go in, sniff a book out then read a few paragraphs, mostly i'm disappointed, but sometimes there is a book and it grabs my attention, usually the poem books/ analysis or the super technical neurobiology/social studies etc.. anything interesting. Sometimes for me author gets it right while he is not looking. This kind of scavenging is sad and funny at the same time but its the only kind of reading i (can) do. What you said about logic, you may have a point there, but i don't think that's very important. I'd rather see a super
  7. Seems to be an extremely short book. 50 pages? All the better. Got the PDF *cough*, i'll have a look. 😆 Thanks for the suggestion. Edit: Forgot to add, i have no problem with feminism not really, it was irresponsible for me to add the tag. I'm on the side of woman for whatever the issue is. I just didn't want to add more serious/political tags.
  8. Yeah, kinda. These kind of stuff is not very unique. Shows like Orville or American Dad does the same thing very well. If it can turn out to be more unique than that i'll be happy.
  9. If only it was Mur, i used to paint entire white paper orange with those pastels then carve it with a knife for the art hours. I was fan of Netherlands for 10 years, cause they used orange on their flag. Still didn't recover from their loss at World Cup to Spain.
  10. I like this answer, noted the degree, very interesting actually i was thinking she was a retired teacher. LOL. A warning, this novel can't be cool like your art bro. I simply can't draw ever since elementary school no reason to think otherwise for any other. I always like the color orange for some reason though.
  11. Thank you for saying so. I'd just think a good line from time to time or a setting, and i'm not good with dialogues. It's very difficult for me to write normal stuff, not only its boring, i'm bad at it. I'd just think a quote i like (religion is like woman you can never find the depth of either) then let the feeling guide me. Mind that its not the woman here it could as well be the man, i just like the intensity of the person saying it and what caused him to say this. Possibly, maybe. Like i said, If i write normal characters or stuff, i have to normalize them, which is ehm... boring. I r
  12. Chapter 2 - un named (This is not complete. I couldn't resist to wait until Sunday when i'd planned) Thanks for the comments.
  13. I'm confused as well. I just wrote this for the laughs tbh, you might have noticed grammar mistakes, punctuation errors etc.. This just means i'm super impatient about this character and story. I always wanted to create a super romantic, epic artpiece. Yet real life is often not what one hopes for. I'd almost always want to "show rather than tell" the rest is details. I don't mean to confuse people with super epic, difficult to follow writing style or switching characters after every chapter. I hate those kind of styles. It definitely does. Yet it doesn't. I don't know, i try to get a han
  14. Well, its an exaggeration no doubt. Most art is kind of like that otherwise its just plain copying. I really like Nabokov for example but as a writer being superbly talented aside he is too honest for me.. For this woman I'm thinking someone like "Howard's mother" from BBT. Once you know that kind of person, you can never forget it. And you can never explain it. I'm bitter yes but i want to explain the unexplainable, her thought process. You might also have noticed i have a massive grudge for the left field. ehm.. that's not the issue here. You are right about one thing i'm bitter,
  15. Chapter 1 - Fatso Thanks for reading. Any feedback is appreciated as always.
  16. You are the wise And that wolverine like philosophy and thought system when i ever say anything the sound is warped for the swarm ...too lazy :((
  17. I wanted to create an epic like Tennyson or Auden but it turned to a half baked spaghetti, for what its worth, enjoy. rolling from the ship with my half-smile running away from you in the middle of the storm who's like an animal mirroring the sun not different than the grass that a frog can't understand why the depression bludgeons it too you grab my ankle at the raging river crossing my clear vision is awkward at socializing a half rotten soul sparkling down the river of our blind hate and barren which i only want to make a color too distinct with no relatio
  18. (Just some further flexing muscles don't mind it.) fire wall dog shark rage nigh bright fair wall-on-fire u'll say i don't care
  19. Whining (of mine) the world of madness would be more than it's talent yet the evolution and sadness crunched your visage to what it was winking all along while lecturing as if the degradation would give thee power so wrong would be normal to how not quite to be human
  20. very determinist of you you catch me at gateway aramory i'm lurking there once or twice a week xD
  21. I don't understand if there is simply no way to tell if u or the bus next to u is moving does that mean both are standing? What happens if u are not looking or u have no way to look? Nothing. Would it change if that was an isolated environment? NO If it was an illusion? Yes. Perhaps changing reality is possible, it should be possible, humans (clowns) are not so talented unfortunately xD
  22. chicken at kfc tis my fault ofc drown with hot saucy wow no mercy one should eat salata and be a vegetable then it's worse cause you'd kill me in a second without a second thought
  23. I usually clock 340594334 good honest work of miliseconds of blood and sweat on my latest creations...you know cause it matures with good dose of bs (blood and sweat)

  24. SORRY for bad English and everything else. not quite just like dust rise i shan't won't go i shouting at the rage same as a dog-wolf sorry i'm very sorry for the light and brightness we are a silly person and you say you are not please don't try a smile especially if it's not real to me it's certainly not funny to watch our flobby descent to immortality, wisdom of time etc etc.. fury of flames does not think about anything particular at all dimming of light echoes like a drum and a river of molten lava
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