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  1. Chapter 16 - Preparations I hate this story, oftentimes.
  2. Hello, for some reason I feel like i need to give an explanation to some people here about this novel since i hate drama. Its NOT about MD characters, any and all similarities to MD personas are accidental. If you see something you don't like that offends you or someone you know or anything else and is of course logical, send me a PM and i'll take care of it. IG out. (On that point, i've been thinking about moving this to Necrovion only section for a while, But i'm not sure if have secret access anymore or if its relevant to move there. Err, i'm sure i'll get to it ..sometime soon.)
  3. Chapter 15 - An accident Damn. Its hot. Still no excuse for bad English i know. Still.. its too hot. So any disease or sickness is thrice times painful. Err.. i had some stomach issues recently too. Possible food poisoning on a relatively small scale. Alright, Bye. Erhrm..~ and cya..
  4. Chapter 14- Fight (President Shi) Lots of OCD level organizing today so i was unable to get to writing early. Best of Liquid dust.
  5. Chapter 13 - Fight (part I) More pointless chatter chapter
  6. Chapter 12 - Festering to With This was a good one for me. I'm thinking this style is promising. Have a nice day all
  7. Chapter 11 - Say Cheese BEFORE YOU READ! I'm not liable for any damages to your personality, character, mind ETC... or likewise. Please forgive the grammar mistakes. I tried fixing most.. ...
  8. Chapter 10 - The King and the Queen A mix up i guess.. What will happen next?
  9. I didn't mean to argue incessantly. If i gave the impression i was offended, i wasn't and i'm sorry. I appreciate your insights. I used to try writing stories and it happened like you say, some flaw or whatever. If it helps i don't think that is important or necessarily related to author's talent.
  10. I can respect that, this is perhaps where we differ with regards to construction. I don't want to go on a lengthy discussion still i can not think logically, i prefer intuition. This can be a weakness to rally and a strength to improve. I'm familiar with this, not an issue for me to ponder a lot, instead of imperfections, disrespect towards the reader and some kind of repulsive heavy handed ness can often occur for me. I don't want to present myself, this is meant to be a joke, a test for me and a freebie on the left field that grew way too comfortable with way too little skil
  11. Sorry i didn't see your reply before. I'm familiar with most of the classic novels, though they weren't in their original languages. There is a deficit of interest in popular novels and anything in general since then that i disdain most literature now. I liked Peter Pan a lot. Regarding the nice ideas, i'm somehow aware i'm somehow talented, i also am not someone who's a hard worker. Due to cost efficiency, to please the reader doesn't interest me a lot. And thank you for saying so. I try to just imagine everything and simulate, and not think a clever idea/plot then convey. I
  12. I have no idea what's going on with this novel anymore. At least i'm naming names. +2 next week, sooooory.
  13. No chapter this week, sorry. The wear and tear of routine, plus my dislike of the overall current political environment. I kinda drafted the draft of chapter 9, its not up to par. There are several more reasons for this, some are simple, some are not i assume..or not.We will have the chapter 9-10 next week, sorry and happy MD birthday.
  14. Chapter 8 - Suspension My English is failing me hard. What to do? Also can't name anything, i welcome any name suggestions, or if you want to be featured no problem. I'll try to be nice.
  15. I was thinking automated resource gains. Your idea is better. I personally like mercenary type work. Isn't this already covered with the current system, anyone can put bounties if they wish, am i wrong? Perhaps current Kings/ Queens should own the lands by default. And they could lose/gain their authority based on their rule and ownership. And perhaps it could be designed so it would be very difficult to perform coups / topple them. Question is how to integrate this type of stat? And is the fun worth the cost? Perhaps authority =~ honor can be converted to each other like loyalt
  16. Chapter 6 - 666 Guys, i'm sorry, i know this chapter is kinda bad/sucks. Not a particularly great week for me. So i decided for a light/quick/fast chapter. So ehrm.. if you somewhat care, I promise the novel will get better.
  17. Congrats you've adopted my speech style. To make spells work in MD is a gigantic monumental work if you think about balancing issues. Current system(last i remember) is very cutting edge already, to make it somehow more practical & intuitive. Though again i must say perhaps, ease the requirements so shy and lazy people can go to MD6 too.
  18. I'm not privy to the latest developments, or fixing the economy. The water dowsing is the last job i remember. I was thinking about this earlier. What makes an economy go? You can work and work in MD and gather stuff, how about owning something? Like a business. You can make someone work or you can own the entire Lands, Marind's Bell for example. Wouldn't this also encourage players to pay more for MD? Hardworking is nice and all at paper but it never works quite well with people. If It seems stupid to pay money to become king, perhaps there should be some other ways to the throne as well. Sor
  19. Chapter 5 - ? First i apologize for my English, and butchering it. Fortunately ,there is a spoiler tag to shield your eyes. Secondly, this is getting difficult to write. Perhaps honeymoon is over. Or i'm not angry enough. I'm not sure which. On a brighter note, i made lots of progress on the lore & town.
  20. Thanks a lot. Interesting. I'll be honest, I write this to entertain myself, i'm not super serious. But I'm also just realizing the effort needed to entertain people as you say. Thank you for the discussion and the help. I appreciate it.
  21. Thanks a lot, these are not only helpful hints, are also encouragements which i always appreciate. Thanks for reading, and i agree with what you said. Maybe i should kill her and replace her with me
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