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    Lania reacted to Assira the Black in My Random art   
    I was in the mood to draw, so I made a few random things

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    Lania reacted to lashtal in A dream of necromancy   
    I'm pretty sure Necromancers from all the lands will remember this day as a milestone, the foundation of a new era.
    Today, a first couple of headless skeletons were raised from the bones of the fallen. 
    I can't help but wonder what the future may bring: with the use of item combiners, totems and cauldrons, the possibilities are endless...
    Headless Skeleton + Skull: Skeleton 
    Skeleton + Skin (maybe Fat too? discuss pro- and cons-): Zombie
    then what, Zombie + Bandages + ... Wax?: Mummy!
    Now, a Mummy could be "usable", once in a looong time, the effect being a powerful curse on all the players in the same scene  (and their families as well! ). Imagine it guarding a scene, a clickable, a treasure.
    I know I'm going wild, I'm daydreaming. Please feel free to share your thoughts and your dreams as well.
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    Lania reacted to samon in Warming balm   
    An idea for a simple cauldron recipe using one of the new second level resources. If people are interested (and it's polished some more) I'll turn it into cauldron and ask for it to be put into the game.
    Warming Balm
    Description: A light yellowish balm that soothes the muscles. Gives a light burning sensation when applied directly to the skin.
    Effect: gives 1 AP and 400 Heat (30 uses, 300sec cool down)
    Cauldron: A stove/A pan
    1 Essential Oils 1 Fat 1 Flower +Branches and heat to start the cauldron
    This is a recipe for a simple balm to sooth your muscles. All you need are some essential oils, a touch of flowers and some fat. Set the pan on the fire and put the Fat in the pan and wait till it's fully molten. While stirring little by little add the flowers and the oil. Turn the fire as low as possible, just keeping the balm molten. Allow the balm to sit for an hour, lightly stirring every 15 minutes. Poor the molten balm through a sieve into a jar. Wait for the balm to cool down before using.
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    Lania got a reaction from Change in Feedback on the new forum   
    It was quite the surprise. I can't say I love the new forum, but if it was a necessary upgrade...it's fine. 
    What kills me actually is: " This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 200 posts to view. " Is it time for me to spam the forum just to get to read posts like that?
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    Lania reacted to Assira the Black in Replenish the herbs (Permanent Quest) 1WP for doing   
    It has been awhile since I posted an update... Things have taken off. You have been warned there are a lot of pictures under the tabs.
    [log=Transplanting ... about a month ago]

    [log=More transplanting and seedlings]

    [log=New Rose Plants and Thai Mint plant... bought]

    [log=Garden Starting to grow]

    [log=Rose Plants in Bloom... First blossoms don't count as mine :P]

    Last storm destroyed those blossoms.
    [log=Garden Now with newer seeds germinating and everything]


    Though the bok choy is looking sad now.... I hope it will return.
    I had started up some chives, oregano, and bok choy. >.> With the mention of chives... it made me want to grow some. It would go great with tofu... so I blame you all for tempting me with plants I didn't plant. :P
    Some of my pics are missing... My tomatoes... well the I have several tomatoes... My patio tomatoes that I started from seed and three different tomato plants that I got from a friend. My basil seedlings are getting bigger in their pots, cabbage is getting bigger, radishes are next to the potatoes and their doing really well, and carrots have started germinating. I may go back and add these later but I think that I have a lot of pictures here already. 
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    Lania reacted to Assira the Black in Replenish the herbs (Permanent Quest) 1WP for doing   
    Alright. It has begun. Muwhahah. *coughs*
    [log=In the beginning]
    December when I moved in, the following pics are of the small backyard. I took the pic before realizing this quest. But in later pics there are MD symbols where you can tell it is the same backyard and patio.


    [log= Mountain of Soil]

    [log= The Beds Rise]



    [Log= Making Seed Trays]

    [log= Too Many Seeds]

    [log= Narrowed down to a ... few]

    [log= Making labels]


    [log= Seeds on the Vermiculite]
    Echinacea, Rosemary & Sage, Thyme, and Sweet Basil

    (Rosemary and Sage were mixed together, a friend have me the seeds as a gift. So it will be a surprise as to what I get :D )
    Spinach, 3 kinds of Lavender, and Zinnias

    Parsley, Dill, Jalapeno, and Carrot

    (It maybe fennel instead of dill... I did not label it and the year I harvested those seeds I had both growing)
    Cabbage, Kohl Rabi, Basil Lettuce Leaf, and Patio Tomatoes.

    (That Basil plant is suppose to have larger leaves to the point that you can use it as a wrap. It will be the first time for trying this. The Patio Tomatoes are smaller tomato plants and are suppose to do really well in containers)
    [log= Planting Others]



    Now I get to wait. I have even more plans for the garden... but I will have to see what germinates and get a few more things before I begin the next stages. It has been about two years since I gardened... and I am able to do so now since I just moved into this place in December. I have been really excited about gardening this spring.
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    Lania reacted to Aeoshattr in Necrovion and it's alliances   
    Here's my take on things, because hopefully I calmed down enough to be able to talk about this. This is one of my infamous text walls (and quite a heartfelt one too), you have been warned, but I will try and summarise it in a TL;DR at the end. 
    1. Necrovion.
    I agree with Azull, to a great extent. This is both because I felt more integrated in Necrovion than in any other land I have been before. I like to believe that it transcended just the nature of an alliance, as I have been a citizen of Necrovion for more than a year before joining the Tainted Warriors; I'll be honest, I was very, very happy as a citizen. To me, the badge was more of a symbol of recognition when it was received; I didn't see it as a necessity, but it being given to me actually made me happy (which to those who know me, know is a big deal. I'm really never happy). I don't believe that Necrovion, as it stands today, is defined by any alliance it has or has had.
    2. Reactions and comments.
    Yes, people are bitter and defensive. Thorny and hardened. I think it's just a reality of MD... So unfortunately, accusations and acidic words do start flying, but it's only natural that they do so, taking into account how people are. Is it okay? No. Is it a reality? Yeah. My opinion? Can't make an omelet without breaking the eggs, take it or leave it. I actually had to try really hard to not say anything, other than the outburst I had in the in-game chat in the first few minutes after it happened.
    3. View on alliances.
    I think Assira pointed at a few things very accurately, so I'll reiterate those with my own perspective. 
    I think alliances might have lost some of the "wow factor" they used to have. I think this is more probably 50% because most of those in MD are veterans. Alliances don't phase us that much anymore. We know what they're about. So to us, it looks like they devalued, like they lost their meaning. However, they also did lose part of their meaning (it's not just in our heads). If you look at alliances from a distance, maybe 1 or 2 stand out as unique. The rest are really the same thing, but with different artwork and in different lands (keep in mind, I might be a bit extreme here, but my point remains: compare GG to GotR, to SoE or KoB and then compare DoB with GotR or any of the previously mentioned, and you should see what I mean). But this is because people are not as involved as they used to be, IMO, rather than because of an intrinsic flaw in the alliances. Also, no offence meant to any ally mentioned.
    The rest of the harm, IMO, is done by repeated takeovers. I really want to believe that they are done in an attempt to make MD progress, rather than as some sort of selfish, coercive method to obtain personal gain. Please let me have that delusion, if I'm wrong. But I think the huge, huge thing that this method misses is the fact that alliances are, in fact, made of people. Hit them once, they might fight back. Hit them twice, maybe. But when everybody is getting hit again and again all around you, you start to think more about how to keep what you have rather than what to actually do with it - I think this would be a main point. It becomes a dead long-term 'savings' account rather than an investment. Look at the reaction the vast population had to the economic crisis in the 2000s. It was all about 'saving what you have' rather than 'correcting and making plans to improve in the future'. The way I see it, things will just get progressively worse, and I think that in the most recent 2 (excluding TW) takeovers, you can see that active people, alliance leaders that actually had a plan and vision left (or are significantly less active/visible now). 
    Finally? Very superficial, perhaps, but the fewer alliances there are, the more barren the game looks. Yes, I really like the badges, their art. I think they had a big, big "wow factor" to them, especially for new players. But now, I think a massive number of alliances are dead, with all the "wow" they brought gone. Some badges had a lot of symbolism to them, a lot about the alliance or its land could be learned just by looking at the badge. And now that's  gone. Sure, you might still see it in some capitols, but it's no longer in the game. It's no longer flowing, it's no longer present in the public eye. And it saddens me that most likely, that is permanent and will not improve in the future.
    NC is more than its alliances, through the people who inhabit and rule it. Can't throw a tomato at a fan and expect to not get a mess. All alliances have lost some of their 'oomph' because of lack of involvement, repeated takeovers, reduced population, and a natural tendency to focus on protecting rather than being out-going when threatened. I think a coordinated effort is necessary to change this, if my delusional view that "change and improvement of MD" is the ultimate goal is correct.
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    Lania reacted to Azull in Necrovion and it's alliances   
    When I joined Necrovion there were two alliances in this land. The Necrovian Sentinels and The Tainted Warriors. The Sentinels were disbanded by a player during Jester's reign for much the same reasons TW are disbanded now. I never asked for the Sentinels to be returned. This alliance was the result of a covenant between humans and shades. It's destruction and subsequent lack of reactions from the shades was a symbol this covenant no longer exists. The only thing that remains is that humans are allowed to live in Necrovion. I feel the Sentinels should remain dead until such time a new covenant is made. (which seems unlikely to happen anytime soon) Of course there is a practical reason too. An alliance with that many seats is impossible to protect. And since alliance taking has become such a popular and in many cases easy to do hobby, why bother.   In August 2011 after Jester left Necrovion and joined SoS in the east, Tainted Warriors were  disbanded by a player who acted as Mur's cats-paw. A few days later the land was closed and we were left with nothing. But it didn't mean the end of Necrovian society. Quite the contrary in fact. Some time later the alliance was given back to us because of a wish rewarded in an unexpected way (ann. 2034). Over the past years it was taken from us twice more because of misplaced trust and treason. Twice we got it back by use of illusions. With Peace gone this is not an option now. But is that such a bad thing? We don't think so.    The Necrovian social and political structure we built is not defined by its alliance. In reality an alliance is a tool with a few useful features and a badge (of pride). Nothing more. I challenge anyone to prove me otherwise. Four years ago we made the foundation for this Necrovion without an alliance. Having none now doesn't affect us beyond the loss of a few gadgets. Necrovian society, or whatever colorful name one might prefer for us, still exists. Having no alliance doesn't change that.  
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    Lania reacted to Aeoshattr in Step One   
    Describe yourself, drawing one or two arrows on the provided diagram, starting from the centre pointing outwards.
    Keep in mind, I'm expecting to receive:
    Diagram solved by you, with the arrows Explanation or reasoning for the solution you found (optional) what you think this diagram means Please refer to the "Scoring" section to see what I'm looking for.
    To Begin - DEADLINE: 23rd March 2016
    Contact me via forum PM as follows, and I will provide you with the diagram1. My reply to this marks the beginning of your quest time:
    Date Character was Created:

    The answer is not the same for each participant. I will explain how the answer is determined at the end of the quest, for transparency. Currently, this is to be known by myself and the judges.
    I will post hints every week. Each hint posted after the first one will decrease the score of participants who send their answer after the date it was posted on by 5/100. A total of 5 hints will be posted (in separate posts in this topic, to keep a clear track of date/time), including the first one, after which no further hints will be added.

    Scoring (x out of 100)

    Rewards - DEADLINE: 23rd May 2016
    Sponsors welcome.

    1 - the diagram is shared with each participant individually. I reserve the right to reward 0 quest time points to any individual who shared the diagram with other participants, or any participant who acquired the diagram from sources other than myself, if substantial proof is provided.
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    Lania reacted to Aeoshattr in The Obsidian Mirror - Night Quest   
    Ahh, so within you have gazed...

    Come, come closer now.
    No need to be scared, is there? Unless... Yes, unless your mind is not prepared. 
    Come, come. I will help you.
    I will light your path, so in the mirror yourself you may see, 
    But before that, you must prove yourself to me.
    Show me:
    Attunement to the dim blur of dark,
    Perception of the subtle art.
    Patience for the dawn to come
    Wit for it all to sum.
    Come to me, and I will point you to your first step.
    Or for those who want less fancy words
    OOC Notes:
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    Lania reacted to MRWander in MD Valentine's Day cards   
    Will you be my  Spoiler
    You make my heart (dr)ach
    Remain mine
    Morph into my valentine
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    Lania reacted to Blackwoodforest in MD Valentine's Day cards   
    Very nice idea, especially the last one ;)
    Here some quick actions from the morning minutes
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    Lania reacted to AmberRune in MD Valentine's Day cards   
    I apparently spend too much time on Pinterest and Tumblr. For no good reason, I felt the need to make bad MD valentines real fast and share them. And then I had the very bad thought that others may also want to make and share MD valentines.
    So happy pre-Valentine's Day people! Have fun and add if you want



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    Lania reacted to klatdees in Poetry   
    The Sunken Light
    (based on the Oak Fort)

    I was swimming for a path
    hoping in a map
    hoping it was true
    not a trap

    The tide built up its flow
    till I faced a southward wrath
    and in the child's heartful tow
    hit a rock of hidden wealth.


    Turning round, the waters glow
    brighter now, or darker me
    Waiting there beneath the flow
    is the path I never see

    In reflection life is hidden
    never let the vision dry
    in the air it's just a prison
    in the water we can fly


    I showed my fear
    You smiled back

    I come too near
    the broken bridge, the wrath

    in watching water
    I see a path

    your heart is here
    I smile back
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    Lania reacted to Lintara in MD Birthday 2016   
    Greetings everybody!
    This year MD Birthday is going to be organized by the members of the Kings Council (KC in short): Maebius, Lintara, *Syrian*, Kyphis, Menhir, *Grido*, Azull, Jubaris, No one, darkraptor and Dark Demon. The Birthday festival will start on 14th of April and will last 11 days.
    All members of the Council can go directly to Chewett to request anything needed for the days (rewards, tools for quest creators, spells/tools for organization and etc).
    We encourage the involvement of the community in the festival. You can get involved by creating quests, hosting events or doing something entertaining or fun as well as actively participating in quests and events being held. If you are planning a quest or an event during one of the festival days, simply contact one of the members of the Kings Council, state your intentions and request from them any tools or rewards you might need. They will get you scheduled in our official calendar and will pass on any requests you have to Chewett.
    Let's make 11th Birthday fun!   :)
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    Lania reacted to Aniwaya in Build your own Drachorn   
    here is Drachorn!!!
    I finded it all curleded up with my shells and nice collection of river stones.... he seem to like them
    also likes sckritches on his neck, maybe moulting soonish?
    (made from clay)
    [attachment=4838:CIMG0001 (2).JPG]
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    Lania reacted to klatdees in Poetry   
    I don't see this finding expression in the realm, but am sad about it
    Here goes...

    I have sinned. The fire so big all around
    I fired a shot, but the wall was too short
    The wind sent it out of the court
    Well I guess that's why a shot's called "fired"....

    No green all around, just the faint sound
    of flames picking up the little-left moss.
    My luck won't grow till the noise stops.
    From the black liquid tree, a rope drops.

    My game is buried, for now
    I haven't known like it another
    I'd like to play, but can't forget how
    if my how is sad, why even bother?

    The bridge ahead is beautiful, the altar builds the home,
    Many its warm roots welcome, alas forgetting some.
    If winding roots are not enough, the wind at least will come
    To take me to its waiting-place, until the lakes are one.


    E: the last couplet was a mix of three incompatible thoughts...should be better now
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    Lania reacted to Eon in Public Response to Blackshade Rider   
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    Lania reacted to Aniwaya in Draw/ create/ sculpt your own Hell Hound   
    First picture is sketch from when was hiding... almost gots caught that time... whew..was close...too close
    second is detail of eye and side of face... see told ya was too close..
    third is one did quick quick... happeneded to see one lat at night... didnt wants to stay long so quick quick sketch
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    Lania reacted to Aethon in The sweet treats of Christmas   
    So here are my rather uh..."masterful" attempts of two things important to my character in MD:
    Orbs of heat and the Archivist book! And, to be in the season, a giant gift!

    And a bit eaten :D

    Nom nom nom.
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    Lania reacted to Eagle Eye in Decorate a MD scene   
    Santa secret place
    [attachment=4748:dst christmas.jpg]
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    Lania reacted to Nimrodel in Decorate a MD scene   
    I call this - Awi's Magical Christmas (in memory of Awiiya):

    Have one more. I call this : A Very Christmassy Pub

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    Lania reacted to Miq in The sweet treats of Christmas   
    Behold the Trout!   Uncooked:   Cooked:       Nom Nom  
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    Lania reacted to Aeoshattr in MRFMAS   
    I will regret this. I am totally not drunk enough to excuse taking part in this quest... but here. I sang. I cannot sing. I hope your ears are insured.
    You have been warned.
    Murdered Night (by Aeo) - Botched version of Silent Night.
    Silent Night, sunny Night,
    Oh they cheer, wait for Mur.
    Round the tree, peasant and knight,
    Drunken and joyfully they slur:
    "May Mur's pockets be deep!
    May Mur's pockets be deep."
    Silent Night, moonless Night,
    Oh they think they've been good.
    Fools they are, Mur has just sticky goo
    Run while you can, he has brought an axe.
    He is wearing a forced smile!
    He is wearing a forced smile.
    Screaming Night, bloody Night,
    All these bones, all these skulls.
    It is time to grab some shovels,
    All Necrovians harvesting bones:
    "Mur is so generous!
    Mur is so generous."
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    Lania reacted to Maebius in MRFMAS   
    Ok, here's a horrible acoustic, ACKapella rended edition of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", by yours truly.
    Yes, I dressed the part, so you'd know it's me.     Don't judge.  :P 

    Could not find a friend willing to enable my insanity, so had to prop up the tablet and try in the largest area of hte apartment I could, Sorry for bad A/V quality.   Below is the Video and Lyrics. 
    [log="YouTube Link"]


    [log="Lyric transcript"]

    Mur rest ye merry, MD’ers
    Let nothing you dismay
    Remember, keep your VE up
    Or Mirrir Rit all day
    To save us all from Eon’s power
    When heads comp is today
    O Attacklock and Movelock enjoy,
    spellspam enjoy
    O Attacklock and Movelock enjoy,

    In GoE, in MDP,
    This crowd has gathere’d round
    And duels with random stranger
    Repeat that combat Sound
    Awaits the Tree and presents come
    Upon is Murmas morn
    O questing and dueling enjoy,
    Dueling enjoy
    O questing and dueling enjoy,

    From Mur and Chewett and Dude2
    A coded Angel came;
    And unto certain MD’ers
    Brought tidings of the same:
    How that in GoE quite Soon
    Some presents to your Name.
    O presents and gifts to all enjoy,
    Gifts to enjoy
    O presents and gifts to all enjoy,

    "Fear not," said Confused Sa-anta,
    "Let nothing you affright,
    This day is you all receive something
    Throughout this Murmas Night,
    To all who’s AD is quite high
    And even idler’s might."
    O presents and gifts to all enjoy,
    Gifts to enjoy
    O presents and gifts to all enjoy,

    The active folks these tidings
    Rejoiced much in their mind,
    And left their crits a-feeding
    For heat and wins to grind:
    Then sacrificed them for their fenths
    And Depleted resources find.
    O Tools to harvest, weekly grab and bind,
    Grab and tools bind
    O Tools to harvest, weekly grab and bind,

    And when they returned to GoE
    Where gazebo now stood Tree,
    They found they could not get presents,
    If they were low AD;
    And arguing, complaints and flames
    All through the crowd did see.
    O give us stuff, we want it all for free,
    Toys for Me!
    O give us stuff, we want it all for free,

    Now to the angiens heard their call,
    All you within this place,
    Each mindpower and your Friendlist too
    A PM you embrace;
    This blessed time of Murmas
    Your anger does deface.
    So, new jail time the worst of you enjoy,
    Good folks get toys
    But the worst of you, some dst time enjoy….

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