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  1. It was quite the surprise. I can't say I love the new forum, but if it was a necessary upgrade...it's fine. What kills me actually is: " This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 200 posts to view. " Is it time for me to spam the forum just to get to read posts like that?
  2. My condolences, Neno... Be well and take care of yourself. 
  3. ^_^  I find it awesome, Aeo. Thank you. 
  4. Lania - 248361 AD: 799 Mindpower: 5 Favorite fruit: Kiwi. Reasons: 1. I just love that taste. 2. It can fool you into thinking it's a potato and then...surprise! 
  5. Asthir 249730   (sorry about that; looks like I'm on the wrong browser -_-)
  6. There once was this man, a servant of light, He saw himself wise and gifted with might, And maybe he was within his old land And so his confidence got much out of hand.    And foolish he was, this servant of light To dwell into darkness, with water on sight And blinded by greed he heeded no warning And now all his people are deepened in mourning.    But oh, they don't know..yes, fairness has spikes It can be painful and deadly the moment it strikes For darkness did not attempt to abuse The treasures of light, no matter the use.    And now, in this t
  7. Have fun and plenty of adventureee! :D
  8. 7SC for untokened sharpie and 8SC for the bloody.
  9. Not sure how many of you know or remember her, but this is Eleyne. A woman trapped in the body of a horse and the main thing I remember about her is that she loves to eat paper planes. :)   I have no idea how the person behind the Eleyne character imagined her (I don't think she ever had an avatar), but this is how I see her. A young and lively girl chasing paper planes...with different contents. Also, back there you have a sneaky and hungry Draco, lazily stalking and trying to eat the unaware prey like always. :P
  10. Ah, why the hell not? I need to turn my karma around anyway. :D   Compliments and something:   Syrian - I like the way you role-play and I don't think I met anyone better at pickle management than you; Lintara - You are so positive and plain kind all the time that I always saw you like one of those rare blessings; Dst - Seriously, woman. Thank you for the books. Whenever I have time, I devour them and oddly enough they keep me sane; Sunfire -  I always enjoyed our talks. Great skill in keeping up with the topic and bringing different perspective; Eara - Thank you for sho
  11. Maybe Asthir too. If he so desires.
  12. When the conflict will be over and if the principle and rewards of the contest will still stand, I'd like to pick the wishpoint. 
  13. Where have you gone? Was it your time? We miss you dearly Our precious chime. And in your honor We still drink wine....Molquert
  14. Here it is. Can't make the face so I just covered it up and liked it more like this. The mystery of Sheeba's beauty. :P
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