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  1. Ace of red clubs, jack of red clubs, queen of black diamonds, jack of black hearts, one of each so 12 silver?
  2. The morphs are still snowballs, I've kept them tradeable since the last melt.
  3. acorn, amber-ed rune, angien cufflinks, angry mask, apothecary box, awful pie, blue ink, brass monocle, cherry jam, colorful stone, crystal chimes, drachorn book ends, elf ears, exotic perfume, exquisite bookmark, flower pot, fool's cap, heretic archer pin badge, gum wrapper collection, knator essence, marble slab, messenger bag, mulled wine, petals, plumed hat, root warrior pin badge, smelling salts, toy fairy, wool gloves, white flower wreath.
  4. I don't train anymore, but have a relatively large collection of rare creatures that some might find more useful than I. This will not go in typical auction fashion but you can pm me or leave a message in this thread if you're interested. I am willing to sell/trade them for an agreed upon sum of credits or in some special cases rp/non-rp items. Morph - 1412 age 18 tokens [spoiler]claw2,claw1,stardust,antifreeze,blackdiamonds,goldtear,emeraldglare,firedrop,purpurfog,onyxfangs,darkshield,blacktear,darksky,sunshine,goldbelt,claw3,blooddrop1,blooddrop2[/spoiler] Morph - 1352 age 0 tokens
  5. An item that temporarily marks a location for public meeting. Balanced in that it merely gives a person the option to jump to that location. Could be used for quest givers that don't have the spell to congregate participants. Not something you'd put at a shared item location though.
  6. Yeah, I apologize. I was feeling mischievous, not that it helped me anyway.
  7. Here's my entry. It was a fun and tasty experience, I hardly ever bake. Happy birthday MD. :) [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  8. ChildOfTheSoul AD: 907 I've been around for a while, and have been reasonably active during that time except for lately. I am impartial enough that I can keep secrets and help to make the appropriate decisions required of a council member.
  9. I'm sure since Alyon is the boss heads master he is capable of just removing the stats* from the participants for the contest period. MP5s have always had a distinct advantage over Mp3s and 4s combat-wise. He's just not limiting the contest because other mind powers may want to play anyway, fully upgraded creatures or not. Edit: or restricting the use of stats between competitors through game mechanics, etc.* Edit 2: There aren't any rules against colored creatures this time, it seems.
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