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  1. Sorry but i don't understand how to use principles, can anyone help? I selected some but then most vanished. The science part comes later? I saw only principles, but i'm still at the beginning.
  2. It does indeed. I don't know about this pine matter, but in general, its true. It depends on how well or how random things are thought of in here, maybe if something is missing its just missing and its nothing planned about it. Maybe there are pines somewhere in the mountains? are there any? It looks to me there are mountains in the south-west of the map. I didn't discovered the entire map yet, but for me it seems there are a lot of other things missing. Shouldn't they also be considered important then? For example i didn't see any river and..weird thing...i never saw any kind of animal?? ..not to mention there are no pigs!
  3. I see..thanks for clearing that up for me! I shall act silently, without saying what i do in *..*, like a stealth Pig, a special ops pig...or even...a niiiinja Pig. Ha! [color="#FF0000"]*[/color]oink! Is that half a role-play then? And the avy, maybe if it stands howling at the moon, would that make it 'vertical' enough? Or it needs to be humanoid creature? alright alright, i'll shutup. here is me shutting up * *
  4. So wolves are fine, its not role-play, but i get warned for being a Pig? just asking
  5. Pig

    black light

    But but...oooohhhh.... Can this "dark sucking" be explained at a physical level? Or is it just an other philosophical view that sees "dark" as equal to light and not just its absence? My pig senses tell me that dark is not the opposite of light.
  6. Airight...will do...any clue how long i should stare at it till it changes?
  7. Pig

    black light

    I would normaly not do that on a game forum, but it looks to me anything goes in here, so I will try. science becomes ridiculous when it finds a purpose in NOT discovering some things. Ca anyone share his opinion about the following word/s? "black light" Please avoid the UV , its called also black light even if its not at all black. I ask about the possible opposite of light as a concept Why does a pig ask that? I've found out I am a bio experiment, my parents are not PIGS as i thought they should be, but a vial and an electrick shock. My brain is oversized and thinks of such ridiculous things such as what balances light. I saw something interesting here, light, balance and dark principles. I am not sure how to use them in game, but if I am allowed I would like to talk about this not game related. *oink to u 2
  8. Pig

    Actual Sanity?

    So good I am a Pig. Humans lose their freedom trying to achieve one, lose their time trying to obtain more, and lose life trying to figure out how to live it. They even kill pigs and claim they respect animals in general. Why should Pig care about mans freedom.
  9. Oh ... and I thought that yellow status/rank under your name is some sort of denomination you achieve by gaining a certain honor level. I'm wrong, or is it related?
  10. I would suspect there are two obvious reasons for that. 1) There is a christmas tree that is a symbol in general, i guess in this game there is also something similar. Any other pine tree would feel hurt to see one of them killed in such a festive way each year. It would also lower the significance of the Christmas tree and its meaning. 2) The company building this game realy hates me and thought of this when they designed this game so I wont enjoy pine in my food. This is obviously a conspiracy aimed at me and pigs in general! This is getting really concerning and life threatening. I would also like to ask a very important question to the developers of this game... why isn't there a coca plant in MD? Its very tasty. What are you aiming at by that?? I heard about trees named bob, places with NO plants, a weird obsession about nightshade and relatives of that species, and now i see this atrocity...NO PINE TREES This plant-racism should stop! Listen to the pig instinct inside you and protest with me WE WANT PINE! In case my piggish humor isn't humanely acceptable for the pine haters, i appologise for this irony.
  11. Very...interesting. Almost makes me think of corn 1028 2481 divided 2.41 34 24 1 divided the other way 0.41 43 4905 beware of the evil four! I phear the wolf, wolf eats pig, so pig sais as wolf sais.
  12. Pig

    Artificial Zero

    Lucid dreaming: Some look for something so badly and yet unawere of it that they manage to switch consciousness with the dream world. Others have meanings that wait for them and can't come out consciously nor by normal dream, that they get to experience a lucid dream without intending to do so. Others smoke or worse Artificial Zero: Now thats a thing to consider. Zero by nature is artificial. Considering zero is a convention to refer to something unreachable actually, sayin "artificial zero" has more of a dream explenation. I would say in a dream kind of meaning, artificial zero is a realisation, a subconscious discovery. Philosophicaly speaking, artificial zero is an irony. *oink feed me some corn for that answer
  13. Thank you I am still exploring. Many things to read. Oink! :@) *Knows he shouldn't role-play where its blue* Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink! *runs away and hides*
  14. *Pig makes a deep bow to the missing audience* ehemmm... I Pig... am Hello World!!! *applauds himself frenetically*
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