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  1. What are story keys? how do I use them?
  2. What do they do? how can I apply to become one?
  3. I have seen colored creatures, they look awsome? how do I get them?
  4. I see some of my creatures boost "certain" creatures, how do I know which creatures are boosted?
  5. I have heard you can kill other people ingame.. how can I kill someone? how can I avoid getting killed? What does dying involves? does my character gets wiped?
  6. How do I get more land loyalty? why should I get more?
  7. How do I get more creature shards? what can I do with them?
  8. What are these options in my profile? how do I change them?
  9. I have heard they can kill you, but you can go in Necrovion at your own risk.. how do I avoid them?
  10. I have previously unlocked an achivement and I meet the criteria, but It is not showing in my accomplished achievements
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