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  1. hiya groundy ;) you did well in the heads contest.

  2. [color="#696969"][font="Trebuchet MS"]Activity days: 100% (A total of 27 out of 25 days)[/font][/color] Well, now I have 2 days over max like xrieg's. I think since the percentage is altered to cap at 100%. Paid attention to it the whole day, from server time 03:00+ till right now at 17:00+, always 27 out of 25 never changed (I registered at 07:09). Not that I'm complaining on anything though, I like keeping it.
  3. [color="#696969"][font="Trebuchet MS"]This account was opened on (DD.MM.YYYY H:M): 07.01.2011 07:09[/font][/color] I believe I did have 200% (2 out of 1) once. I logged off shortly after I registered, and only started actually playing on the second day, until today. Don't know what I had on the first day.
  4. [attachment=2548:Activity.jpg] [color="#696969"][font="Trebuchet MS"]Activity days: 105% (A total of 23 out of 22 days)[/font][/color] Does this make sense? Intended or an error?
  5. My attempt to imitate it to "exacting likeness".
  6. http://magicduel.com/players/groundnuts Or like that on my "Comments on self" paper? You can try Google on "HTML spoiler", you should be able to find a few answers, guides and stuffs.
  7. Umm... Okay, hello...!

  8. Yep pretty much, tried yesterday and just now. I'm new and would like to try the game out, I don't have an account yet, neither does any of my family member. ISP is TM.Net Streamyx, Malaysia. Thanks in advance for any help.
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