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  1. So well, for those who dont know me (and unfortunately will probably not get the chance to meet me) i am an old retired player. I have decided to give up enterily all computer games. Why am i posting though? In the last couple of years i have given up my University and i am trying to make it as a director and a film editor. In that strungle i created a video that passed in the second phase of a contest for a scholarship.   The second phase is about likes, comments and shares on Facebook. Here is the thing. I dont even have facebook. I know that my video deserves to win in comparisson t
  2. So when I was mp4 hiding in NV I got silent ports to the park. Now that Dragual Monarch is doing the same nothing happens... Makes me wonder why i was so "special"...

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    2. Jubaris


      Since when do you have expectations on MD community to be fair and true, TTL? :p

    3. samon


      if he has won already there is no problem for him being in Necro, it's about hiding in a place (almost) no one can reach to keep your heads.

    4. Tipu


      Cos' u r the Chosen One

  3. Damn. And i thought my heat gaining skill were admirable
  4. since the day after i got the ally (29/9) in just two weeks i gave Shem 2,125,000 heat. I bet in two weeks its an extreme.
  5. When Kiley doesnt smooch me Bob does... He also changes his voice and whispers kinky stuff. Therefore I protect Bob. (I am two years late but whatever xD)
  6. Well i am interested in participating in the translation of the game. We were talking about it with Peace when she was around more (though she will come back i think she still has problems with her pc) so if its ok i will give her a call to ask her what she has translated and i will start right away...
  7. Please read the Torch Competitions must stop. Your vote and your piece of mind is important

  8. Really amazing quest one of the reasons i got addicted to this game so early. Thank you Princ for this interesting trip to the realm
  9. Well and you know you are going to get a lot more addicted soon when you are 13 days active, reading this topic at 3:30 in the morning and thinking: "Hmm this topic is amazing"
  10. I am a new player in this realm. 1 weak has passed since my beggining. Loreroot guards are still not down, i still get confused with puzzles and secrets and so on. Willing to learn i have searched the forum and learned amazing things, found really nice people (mp5s) with amazing quests and that also provide help in a not-spoiler way. I appreciate that. I would hate to see spoilers all the time and i even hate more people who wish this game to become more easy. Not beeing able to win the loreroot guards yet has made me speak with a lot of other people at my stage and situation, many nice talks
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