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  1. So well, for those who dont know me (and unfortunately will probably not get the chance to meet me) i am an old retired player. I have decided to give up enterily all computer games. Why am i posting though? In the last couple of years i have given up my University and i am trying to make it as a director and a film editor. In that strungle i created a video that passed in the second phase of a contest for a scholarship.   The second phase is about likes, comments and shares on Facebook. Here is the thing. I dont even have facebook. I know that my video deserves to win in comparisson t
  2. Happy birthday, Greek :)

  3. So when I was mp4 hiding in NV I got silent ports to the park. Now that Dragual Monarch is doing the same nothing happens... Makes me wonder why i was so "special"...

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    2. Jubaris


      Since when do you have expectations on MD community to be fair and true, TTL? :p

    3. samon


      if he has won already there is no problem for him being in Necro, it's about hiding in a place (almost) no one can reach to keep your heads.

    4. Tipu


      Cos' u r the Chosen One

  4. Damn. And i thought my heat gaining skill were admirable
  5. since the day after i got the ally (29/9) in just two weeks i gave Shem 2,125,000 heat. I bet in two weeks its an extreme.
  6. Please read the Torch Competitions must stop. Your vote and your piece of mind is important

  7. Really amazing quest one of the reasons i got addicted to this game so early. Thank you Princ for this interesting trip to the realm
  8. Well and you know you are going to get a lot more addicted soon when you are 13 days active, reading this topic at 3:30 in the morning and thinking: "Hmm this topic is amazing"
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