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  1. So well, for those who dont know me (and unfortunately will probably not get the chance to meet me) i am an old retired player. I have decided to give up enterily all computer games. Why am i posting though? In the last couple of years i have given up my University and i am trying to make it as a director and a film editor. In that strungle i created a video that passed in the second phase of a contest for a scholarship.   The second phase is about likes, comments and shares on Facebook. Here is the thing. I dont even have facebook. I know that my video deserves to win in comparisson t
  2. Happy birthday, Greek :)

  3. So when I was mp4 hiding in NV I got silent ports to the park. Now that Dragual Monarch is doing the same nothing happens... Makes me wonder why i was so "special"...

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    2. Jubaris


      Since when do you have expectations on MD community to be fair and true, TTL? :p

    3. samon


      if he has won already there is no problem for him being in Necro, it's about hiding in a place (almost) no one can reach to keep your heads.

    4. Tipu


      Cos' u r the Chosen One

  4. The way i see MD you are given a choice. A choice you all recognize up to a point but not completly. Exept imagining a character and trying to influence the surroundings you are also able to imagine a completely different society than the one we live in. It saddens me that you choose to imagine dragons and stuff but not to imagine a new way for society to function. So gogogo. Host awards based on popularity rather than true value of a person, choose elections to lead your society, choose popularity to create classes (You know, class wars exist even in MD). Its sad to see your imagination ca
  5. This is a joke right? Please tell me that you all recognize these awards as jokes.
  6. Ok. Was just a question. I aint the complaining type anyway.
  7. Now here is a thought. [color=#4B0082][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]- [i][b]who killed Eon ?[/b][/i][/font][/color] [color=#4B0082][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]- [i][b]why ?[/b][/i][/font][/color] [color=#4B0082][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]- [i][b]who revived her?[/b][/i][/font][/color] So if somebody talks with Eon he gets a free WP?
  8. Damn. And i thought my heat gaining skill were admirable
  9. since the day after i got the ally (29/9) in just two weeks i gave Shem 2,125,000 heat. I bet in two weeks its an extreme.
  10. I seriously doubt they limit it to 400 chars so the people reviewing it do it faster. Its not about how fast people will review them its about how acurate and "correct" their decisions will be.
  11. When submitting research you are actually only limited to 400 chars. Aint that a bit low? I did try today just for the fun of it (knowing nobody will actually view my research) to submit it and no matter how much i tried I seemed to be at -600 chars. getting my research to 0 chars will actually make it rather vague and incomplete.
  12. from Murs mask ideas: What about a mask and the shadow of the mask with opposite emotions (totally sure its stolen from somewhere ). For example the "real" mask would have a smile or something and its shadow would have a sad face. Its simple to get and connects to NV in my opinion. I dont really like all these weird deep-thought symbols. I prefer something "easy to interpret". I dont like the happy/sad emotions. I would prefer something like aggresive/calm
  14. Why I left MD. Not that anybody actually cares its just a need to talk that made me write this. And it might actually be just scattered thoughts nothing more nothing less. 1) MD is a community based game. Authority and respect come from people believing that the certain individual is important. What can easily be seen from the start is that most people who are supposed to be "important", "respected" etc etc are usually idiots. As far as I learned without ever talking directly to Mur even he thinks the same about most. So here is step one in advancing with the game: You have to be polite to i
  15. 2 things again. 1) Its never good to use yourself as an example. We all get it you are awesome now lets talk about reality.I am bored of hearing the same people talking about how young they are and what they have achieved. You are on your way to get to the AL or whatever, we get it, and honestly we dont care. 2) Dont mix topics if you are not really, really, really sure they actually aid to the conversation. For example your comparison is pretty much like saying:You said potatoes arent good for your garden and thats the same as saying: I dont like people sitting in my chairs so I take them
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