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  1. Back from vaca in Edinburgh

  2. So impressed with Rumi & Passant's garden plans!

  3. You can't search from the status update field. (If only I could remember this)

  4. Luxembourg a? Welcome

  5. Finally have internet access after moving overseas

    1. Pomegranate


      XD I would die w/out the internet

  6. On the verge of and adventure of epic proportions!

  7. Happy Birthday Mya! Thank you for being my friend :-)
  8. Who wants to go wabbit hunting?

  9. [quote name='xrieg' timestamp='1298373356' post='79303'] (long and really boring application form fully filled) [/quote] Hitching a ride on xrieg's application because I am THAT lazy. (saving all my energy for killin' bunnehs!) I would like to compete and be willing to test and do any tedious grunt work needed to prepare to annihilate any evil bunnies.
  10. Thanks for thinking of us MP3's! A good way to get more of us into the community!
  11. Some days I get confused about doing the puzzles/quests. It seems like I am working on more than one thing at a time. I'm keeping notes but get confused with them at times - I'm a little absent minded tho. I could go on to MP4 but wanted to solve more puzzles before I did. I need to ask more questions but I am a bit shy. I have a lot of patience so everything should work out fine in time.
  12. riding the short carriage in MD

  13. As I do not spend money to play, I vote to earn credits. Also I vote while waiting for my creatures/stats to regen. Regards, mocove
  14. I was searching lists for a browser based game and found MD. (Since I got a free Google Cr-48!!! which is web only) The last 2 days voting on BBG, I get the message "Oops failed to vote!"
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