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  1. |:H:a:p:p:y: :B:i:r:t:h:d:a:y:!


  2. What others said, above.. Plus, these would be perfect in the MDA bookcase clickies.
  3. I'll be the coach, not the captain. You know, the guy who stands there on the sides and says "Go team!" and then gets all the cash & fame when You win. Otherwise, Love this offtopic idea.
  4. I would love to see how someone would be Me. Just as Time flows in the same direction, and with the same result, the in-between details can change. How profound a story! +Liked.
  5. awesome adorable little ladies!
  6. I figure it's an April Fools trick.. and this is all a bad dream.
  7. The fusioneers were a semi-landless Alliance as well, or at least "neutral" by nature. I would also agree, keeping it or sellign it is your choice, NOT any of ours. But if it's for sale, I missed the initial post and am curious about it's current status. (being a former Fusioneer on my main alt)
  8. I agree and tend to feel the same about the myriad list of similar Stories. Almost all popular Myths (from children's Fairy Tales, to epic novels, to Religious Texts, to the tales told by travelling bards, etc) All have the same "quality" if they stand the test of time. They define "Good/Bad/other" and thus, offer insight to one's self. Myths are True, not factual, and this relates to the popularity among multiple cultures, of "The Trickster/fool" (The devil falls into this more universal Archetype). These stories are essentially "Don't do this", and in showing them done, (or in the case of a
  9. Have any members of the SoE contacted you yet? If not, Consider them "willing to judge these sorts of Quests", myself included. :)
  10. Check Trigger box for "nmportal" references. Certain people have been known to make it glow randomly, and often, when bored. (aka: me)
  11. Happy Happy [belated due to camping] Birthday Wishes! :D
  12. See screenshot. Tried it from multiple computers, multiple browsers. Seems the image for the 2015 Christmas Achievement is "broken". Anyone else see similar?
  13. I love this! I can see "LandFavors" being used in the Treasuries, by the monarchs, and others (essentially, like a Fenth Resource, for Action!) It follows the "self-empowered" concept that the new Land Loyalty implies, where you work for your score, and Citizenship offers an additional Benefit, beyond simple "score". Would make for quite the diverse intereaction, and the ever-looming Threat of a coup as vets accumulate points. So, potential for good and bad!
  14. Land Affinity? Land Tolerance? Land Attunement. Land Acceptance (if we are talking the Lands having a sort of mind of their own for you, since Viscosity is a Force that works against players from the realm itself) Or, why not just "Congruity: Land_name". to keep it a bit esoteric or erudite or other weird-words like Volition. :P
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