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    xrieg reacted to Muratus del Mur in A "kingslayer" medal was awarded ?   
    MagicDuel, the game, [b]started as a forum[/b] with MY mind games. ..a FORUM..

    I could take you apart bit by bit and nullify each of your arguments but the thing is..why? You made up your mind and i have no intention to fight you in any way, i am just sad of this unexpected reaction. Even if you don't see it so, i value you as a player, you and all that passed a certain point in my mad invisible mind labyrinth.

    Your "rights" allow you to close the window and quit....how could an uneducated punk like me, without a diploma, possibly deny your precious rights. Anyway, if you want to stay and amaze yourself of my suspicious and evil experiments, remember i am not the type to hold grudges against anyone for speaking up their mind...i am just tired to fight your particular type of mentality.

    That was offending, in case i was to subtle.

    Blame it on the drinks i had today. OMG you realise that your fragile mind is probed by someone that drinks? its like performing brain surgery on someone after having some late saturday night fun..oomg, i am such a monster, please excuse me.or not.
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    xrieg reacted to Shemhazaj in Illusions and Alliance status   
    [quote]I've had wodin's guard in my ally, who is unkickable because it's an illusion, but he can't do anything inside, either.[/quote]

    [color=#808080][i]really? Soldier of Loreroot is kickable. Tested that myself.[/i][/color]

    [quote]If I do everything in my power, and still lose, fine. But if i lose without having a chance to fight, that's not fine. [/quote]

    [color=#808080][i]ok, but look at it from the other side. If I do everything to take over an alliance but you can't win anyway coz of an illusion?[/i][/color]
    [color=#808080][i]also doesn't seem fine...[/i][/color]
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    xrieg reacted to Sharazhad in A "kingslayer" medal was awarded ?   
    [color=#008000][i]You're missing the point Lib. [/i][/color]
    [color=#008000][i]1) It is not right to send someone to "test someone's breaking point" and then award them when they succeed. It encourages bullying and harassment.[/i][/color]
    [color=#008000][i]2) It is not right to perform "tests" on someone without their permission. [/i][/color]

    [color=#008000][i]which leads me to point 3:[/i][/color]
    [color=#008000][i]3) If everyone else is doing something wrong, it doesn't automatically make it right. FYI Companies give you the option to check a box to decide whether they can send your information to be part of a marketing scheme.Facebook tells you that when you use whichever Application the information will be used. Its part of the terms and conditions. If you dont like the T's & C's you dont join. Simple.[/i][/color]

    [color=#008000][i]If Mur designed MD because he was a philosophical student studying behavioural patterns in a controlled environment, that would be a different story; . But that is not the case, this is for his own benefits. And you can be assured that if any other game creator was behaving in the same way my reaction would be just the same. I play games to relax, not to be a pawn in somebody else's game. [/i][/color]

    [color=#008000][i]Lol who is to say that Mur hasnt designed this as my own test? or your own test? This [...] is bizzare. I am done here.[/i][/color]
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    xrieg reacted to Sharazhad in A "kingslayer" medal was awarded ?   
    [size=3][color=#008000][i]Ok; so because I have never been "tested" I should not voice an opinion? That's like saying because I have never been raped I should not raise my voice against it. Don't be stupid. Turning people into frogs in game is one thing, but performing tests or sending out people to find some one's mental breaking point is another From my stand point you are trying to trivialise harassment.[/i][/color][/size]

    [size=3][quote] Do I need a degree for scouting the human mind in my own way for my own wisdom? [/quote][/size]

    [size=3][color=#008000][i]Actually the last time I checked yeah you do. There is a reason why all research proposals go through an ethics committee. [/i][i]The human mind is a complex thing. Without a degree specialising in it, you are actually playing a dangerous game; because according to me, you don't know what you are doing! [/i][/color][/size]

    [size=3][color=#008000][i]What proof do we have that you will not "harm" your subjects? If someone had a nervous breakdown due to your constant harassment, do you take responsibility for that? Are you willing you pay for the therapy? [/i][/color][/size]

    [size=3][color=#008000][i]According to what you are suggesting any one can write up any experiment, perform it on people and say " Im doing this for my own wisdom". Infact according to your reasoning I could walk up to your house set it on fire and say, "I'm just curious what would happen when a house burns down in Romania". [ FYI I AM NOT GOING TO BURN DOWN MUR’S HOUSE , I WAS USING IT AS AN ANALOGY][/i][/color][/size]

    [size=3][font=Arial, sans-serif][quote][/font]​ My actions go no further from the characters you play and that character is as you pointed out a fraction of your true self.[font=Arial, sans-serif][/quote][/font][/size]

    [size=3][color=#008000][i]A fraction is a part of a whole, anything from 0.1% to 99.9%, you do not know how much of that person's RL character has been poured into the MD character. Do not make assumptions that the fraction portrayed is a small number. Not everyone has the ability to keep the MD persona separate from the RL persona, and it does not make them lesser humans because they cant.[/i][/color][/size]

    [size=3][quote]The really sad thing is that from all this it is you that have to learn the most, by 'you' i mean those 'tested'. I learned what i learned, but did you? Failing dramatically or experiencing unexpected turn of events in an online game is the perfect sandbox to learn something about yourself ad the people around you. If you prefer to shut yourself down and point the finger at my crazy experiments..i really wondered why and how you survived md so far[/quote].[/size]

    [size=3][i][color=#008000]I am shocked by your attitude. You really think you are better than the rest of us an feel that the rest of us are all in need of some weird Mur education. Obviously you learnt what you learnt because you are the mastermind behind the experiment, but if those being tested didn't know they were being tested, how where they suppose to know they had to learn something?!?! Perhaps if what they learnt wasnt to your liking then they remain stupid and uneducated? [/color][/i][/size]

    [size=3][color=#008000][i]I have not shut myself down, infact if I had not said anything about this then you can say I have shut myself down. [/i][/color][/size]

    [size=3][quote]Rights do not protect you from your own mind..sadly enough. You like to generalize and fit all this in the "crazy scientist" making experiments on "humans" category? Sounds so cool, thank you, but if you really want to understand what I said don't lose yourself in preconceptions.[/quote][/size]

    [size=3][color=#008000][i]Rights do not protect me from my own mind? Validate that statement with scholarly articles and the like. If you cannot, then that is a statement said by someone who would like to lull his test subjects into a false sense of security. [/i][/color][/size]

    [size=3][color=#008000][i]“Lose myself in preconceptions”....lets see.... If I am speaking from an ethical and scientific background then clearly I must be wrong because hey, Mur knows best.[/i][/color][/size]

    [size=3][color=#008000][i]Like I said previously you are gifted with programming skills amongst others, but it doesnt make you better than the rest of us. I respect you as the game creator, but rewarding people for harassment and bullying, playing mind games, na-uh that has taken it too far.[/i][/color][/size]

    [color=#696969][i]edited for typos[/i][/color]
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    xrieg got a reaction from Sharazhad in A "kingslayer" medal was awarded ?   
    character and its role is played by the player, with character strength depending on how dedicated a player is.
    I understand that one would like roles with power and authority to be occupied by 'strong characters'
    still.... that would make 'testing for breaking points' looking like an effort to find how much does it take for dedicated player to stop caring about the game. it would appear like gmail managers breaking down the site to check how much will users withstand. it would be more reasonable to test ppl for roles to pick the best character for the role - but nowadays the picture is more 'X may be flawed... but still the best in the lot', pretty few very active 'strong chars'.
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    xrieg reacted to Sharazhad in A "kingslayer" medal was awarded ?   
    [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1326991614' post='101236']

    @Sharazhad, the breaking points are only in relation to the persons role. I constantly push and test CHARACTERS in key positions, in such ways that they will never notice or know it and hopefully when they less expect it. It has nothing to do with the person behind the character. [b]My role in the realm is one of a demon and i play it fully.[/b] You think i crossed the line? I only redirected certain forces to certain purposes, things IN REALM against things IN REALM.
    Why was it not "public"? First of all you have no idea what it is you are talking about that it was. Secondly it was not public because if the involved person would pass the test, the only possible reward for that person would be its own success. Thirdly, if you know you are tested you would not behave as you are and the 'test; would be influenced. Come on people, this is so obvious.


    [color=#008000][i]OMFG. If I ever had a reason to leave a game this is it. Tell me Mur, do you have a degree in Psychiatry? Psychology even? Where do you even get off "testing" people? What is your basis for this? What do you hope to achieve? Do really you see yourself as a scientist and we are your labrats? [/i][/color]
    [color=#008000][i]You say that your "tests" have nothing to do with the person behind the character. I say you are mistaken. On the start up page you appeal the player [b]to take a part of their own character [/b]and give it a name. Who are you testing then if not the player themselves?! [/i][/color]

    [color=#008000][i]If you are going to be performing experiments on people, they should be able to decide for themselves whether or not they want to be part of this twisted scenario. I hope you realise that what you are doing (finding breaking points on your unknowing subjects or whatever other crazy experiments the MD populous is undergoing) is unethical and can be considered a violation of human rights[/i][/color].
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    xrieg reacted to Muratus del Mur in A "kingslayer" medal was awarded ?   
    "[i]otherwise it look to be a load of BULL to reward players for nothing.[/i]"

    so damn CUTE. what else can i say I can and will reward anything i consider worth rewarding from good to bad things, organized effort is rewardable. The decision to give this medal is solely mine. Ofc you can ask why, I never mind that, however i do mind the sort of attitude you have on this one.

    "Whom they took down and proof of this."

    I gave the medals so late, because I didn't wanted them to sound as a motivation as if i would say "good boy this is the way to get medals, kill your neighbor". Obviously I will not detail the secrets of a secret mission. I assumed this is clear from the start. I will not mention who slayed who, out of[b] respect [/b]for the involved people (those 'slayed'). Imagine how it would be for me to say "haha, dst mentally slaughtered , lets say, seigheart" ..or such things. The medal is well deserved but just that.

    @Sharazhad, the breaking points are only in relation to the persons role. I constantly push and test CHARACTERS in key positions, in such ways that they will never notice or know it and hopefully when they less expect it. It has nothing to do with the person behind the character. [b]My role in the realm is one of a demon and i play it fully.[/b] You think i crossed the line? I only redirected certain forces to certain purposes, things IN REALM against things IN REALM.
    Why was it not "public"? First of all you have no idea what it is you are talking about that it was. Secondly it was not public because if the involved person would pass the test, the only possible reward for that person would be its own success. Thirdly, if you know you are tested you would not behave as you are and the 'test; would be influenced. Come on people, this is so obvious.

    @seigheart, last time i checked i didn't hired you as lawyer
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    xrieg reacted to Seigheart in A "kingslayer" medal was awarded ?   
    Oh, don't get me wrong, I dont think this deserves a medal at all. Infact, it sounds more like jailable material.
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    xrieg reacted to Sharazhad in A "kingslayer" medal was awarded ?   
    [color=#008000][i]0.o Chewy did you really just say that?! [/i][/color]
    [color=#008000][i]That annoucement basically encourages online bullying and harrassement!! It sends out the message that Mur stands for that because he: 1) sent out people to on a "mission" to "test breaking points" and 2) he awarded people for it! [/i][/color]

    [color=#008000][i]Why is Mur's judgement on this not questioned when this little "quest" clearly crossed boundaries? Have you forgotten that Mur is still human? The fact that he knows a sufficient amount of programming doesnt give him god-like status. He has no right to make such a twisted quest. I dont care if you ban me from MD, or throw me in jail for saying this but what Mur did was WRONG!!!! [/i][/color]

    [color=#008000][i]If the purpose of this mission was to get rid of the kings, why not do something similar to festival of pain, or make a forum post about it. These tactics are underhanded and unethical. [/i][/color]

    [color=#696969][i]edited for typos[/i][/color]
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    xrieg reacted to Yrthilian in A "kingslayer" medal was awarded ?   
    Thanks Shar that puts my view in a clear way.
    I know i was not the only king and i know more of this issue than most.
    I feel what was done or "claimed" to have been done is a load of BULL
    as there is no proof given of this.

    Ok i know DST got hers for good reason i know why she did and yes it was a very long time ago.
    The other well nothing has been said other than they did it and where asked to do it
    Hell if i made a statment like that i would get hounded for proof and what not.

    I am not so closed minded to think i am the only one affected by this
    As shar said this announcment make is more out of game and very personal
    to attack someone in this way.
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    xrieg reacted to Sharazhad in A "kingslayer" medal was awarded ?   
    [color=#008000][i]I also have some question marks about this announcement.[/i][/color]

    [color=#008000][i]From the announcement it is stated that players were put to a breaking point; which is assumed to be a mental breaking point, because any other breaking point would not be feasible in game. This would then mean that the dynamics of the game would be shifted from MD to RL as you are now "messing with the person's head". The fact that someone is awarded a medal for testing a person's breaking point is sick!!! I do not stand for this, it is wrong and twisted. Is this where MD is heading to? if you cant get them in game, play mind games?! Pathetic! [/i][/color]

    [color=#008000][i]If the kings left, it can not be assumed that it was due to in game issues only and shouldn't be awarded for it. [/i] [/color]
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    xrieg reacted to Yrthilian in A "kingslayer" medal was awarded ?   
    I did not see this anywhere and yes i know i am a little behind in making a topic
    work stuff and firewalls blocking me most of the time.

    [color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 2172 - [2012-01-17 14:27:12 - Stage 11][/color]
    A "kingslayer" medal was awarded retroactively to the following players for classified missions of obvious nature . These actions include recent but also ancient events where pressure was put on certain leading characters to test their strength or find their breaking point:[b] *dst*, Granos, Eon [/b]

    In regards to the above anno i would like to request details of this so called mission?
    Whom they took down and proof of this.

    I for one can say none of the mentioned players made me resign it was the council that did that.
    But I also think if you are going to announce this public then you should provide log's and proof of the intent
    otherwise it look to be a load of BULL to reward players for nothing.

    This is ofc myown opinion on this matter and i would just like clarification on the statment of the Kingslayer medal
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    xrieg reacted to Esmaralda in Resource Depletion   
    Yes, absolutely. As pointed in other posts, what 'everyone knows' cannot be used in a court of law. As screenshots are needed to proove anything, we should continue to post about depletors as they continue to deplete. Further, the more instances we see of a depletor, the worse their public image gets, thus perhaps forcing them to adjust their behavior or get shunned by their peers.

    Note also that this is not about just Eon. This post has a number of depletors of various resouces. We should continue to post about any depletors we see.
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    xrieg reacted to Pipstickz in Eclipse sabotaged   
    No, but it's easiest to say it was.
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    xrieg reacted to Manda in Want to sell or exchange Morph   
    [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1326647441' post='100873']
    er..you realize that almost all of the things you listed have a price close to equal or more compared to the morph?

    bull, dark, tainted all fall into that category...maybe the difference to the tainted might be smaller, but almost any of those combos that you list I would only do if I were to sell, not to buy.

    you do not take any coins in this, I take?



    sold in 35 gold coins and somone bid 85 credits in other topic

    i know you SS have too much MD things so maybe you see like me (in windy GG rein rust etc) not worth

    but dark was sold in 15 GC tainted like 20

    Bull well its very rare too it can be equal to morph but use less

    SwordShade its about 10-12 GC
    i really know about the value in coisn of creats and i know the old playes (some) that want more say no your ofer its too low knowing is normal and when they buy the give lower value............... SW goes from 4 to 1-2GC colorless = even less (and they are still rare creats 1 is deep in md shop and the otehr needs a WP)
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    xrieg got a reaction from Dragual in crits tabular view   
    With many crits their magagement is time consuming even with good connection and a nightmare with slower. Downloading all crits graphics is also not a must for most players - and tabular view:
    1. name
    2. heat
    3. ve/ve max
    4. wins
    5. (heal bar)
    6. can be upgraded?
    would render much lower load on server and connection - and would be sufficient for most players and valuable to many.
    Players should be able to choose display using options manu - with either new extra feature or available to all.
    Please comment/vote

    PS. If the idea was already registeres and my search somehow missed that pls close the topic.
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    xrieg got a reaction from Manda in Eclipse sabotaged   
    Could somebody please enlighten me about what are MD allies for?
    Are they orders with internal regulations and goals to define them (and with badge being just a label) - and while some schisms are unavoidable, they should not disregard ally charter and obligations/ duties.
    Or - are they just realm 'provinces', vassals to their liege lords but with their internal laws and belonging to anybody who grabs them - and consequently with their obligations and values (if any) subject to change?
    The former seems to be the case - and as number of allies is steadily rising more and more allies become 'ally of player X' 'ally of player Y' 'loyalty providing badge for player Z'. As for perspectives (recent SoS phantasm;s thread).... well those badge-only allies are really broken, whether they have once member of 5.
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    xrieg reacted to (Zl-eye-f)-nea in The hokey cokey   
    A few examples recently I thought I would bring up in regards to in/out in/out shake it all about reactions to things. Why? because people just will not stop complaining that role-play is dead and that MD is nothing but grinding and is boring and that the forum is more busy that the game etc etc. Well you make it that way if it is like that for you as far as I can see it.

    1) What Shadowseeker said about the recent wedding has been slagged and negged and all sorts - but he is right. What if you had actually reacted as your character in it's world rather than started complaining, how great and fun could that have been? Ok so the ranking thing was a bit harsh, but that was his opinions and it brought the point home with examples no? Im not saying nobody did but a lot of people just complained about the situation (and are still complaining about it...) rather than immersing themselves. Yes people use their mechanical tools in annoying ways sometimes, and fine yes complain, but you can use that to have a lot of in game fun if you want to as well.

    2) Neno in prison...ok so you have been in jail longer than your minimum sentance, people agree it is unfair, that's great....so do somethng? You arn't banned, you are in a part of the game, a physical part called a jail. It isnt as if you have been banned in such a sense that you arn't allowed in game and so should be handled by game managers as such. Picking at Grido for not using his 'admin' tool is ridiculous. LHO master was never supposed to be all shine and light, the first one (the amazing Jonn) was a recognised torturer. No kidding. How about considering Grido like one of those orc jailers instead? Im not saying he is but think what you/the group who support you, could actually do with this. Anyone tried to dig Neno out? protested in game? tried threatening Grido with setting fire to the PC? bribing him? anything? anyone? The jail is a perfect rp scenario, it's a shunned gift really.

    3) Cheers to Tarquinnus. Here you are flying the flag for real in game reaction to real in game events, despite the fact that in your case a coupling with some out of game recation due to alts or what-not would be quite justified - I certainly wouldn't chastise you for that, but I will definitely cheers to what you [i]are[/i] doing.

    Anyway, there, I've said it. Not everything I say will make sense, it is me after all....but surely you get what I am getting at here? Come on people! or...wait...what did Phan say? ...Rise brothers!?

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    xrieg reacted to Kaya in Resource Depletion   
    I gathered a few screenshots of (near) depletion and abusive harvesting. Uploaded them to photobucket because there are to many to put them in one post.
    They are at [url="http://www.photobucket.com/mddepletion"]http://www.photobucket.com/mddepletion[/url].
    At the moment I have (between brackets is the amount of screenshots I have and of what resource):

    Boterham (2 Herbs)
    Child of the Soul (1 Herbs, 1 Lumber) He did apologize though
    DST (1 Herbs)
    Eon (3 Water, 6 Herbs) might have some duplicates with previous posts
    No one (2 Herbs)
    Passant the Weak (1 herbs)
    Zyrxae (1 Herbs) may be more deeper in the Tribunal, didn't have AP and time to look

    This is what I found the past week. I'm actually a bit surprised about how much I found especially because I didn't search for depletion every day.
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    xrieg reacted to duxie in Herbs   
    [size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]this is the answer to FS question, not to Esmaraldas [/font][/size]

    [size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]well, it's obvious! this citizen will be "insert like 20 random words here"...[/font][/size]

    [size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]the situation is more then comical. anyways, what Eon and his gang are trying to prove (or at least what conclusion can be done) - "take it while it is possible or it will be taken by someone else" is the only option for now. in other words - be bad or poor. nothing can be done without the intervention of higher authorities. [u]nothing[/u]. there are no land rulers, no authorities with higher powers to expel someone out from the land for a longer period. so everyone is free to go anywhere they want and take whatever they want. he/she/it can be stopped for a pathetic period of time in which no resource will grow, and if it will by some miracle - it will be gathered in the next second when depleter regains his freedom. and he will... and you can't take away all the tools from them. at least not the ones residing in LR/MDA. i can move my char to the place with tools few hours before respawn, log out and then log in just the next second after respawn and take the tool i want in 2-3 secs. who could manage to stop me from doing this in such time period? you can design any scenario with available powers for mortals ATM to protect the tools or resources, and i will tell you how i'll go around it... unless you take them by yourself... or you can try to poke the villain till death, heh...[/font][/size]

    [size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]it's too easy to be a villain in this game. from what i saw till now it's pretty much the same as in RL: the one who has/takes a million - walks free, the one who picks up an apple from the ground - goes to jail. and i'm not talking about sponsorships or RL money! [/font][/size]
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    xrieg got a reaction from Pipstickz in Jail Release   
    Two example, pick the one you consider relevant (the result's the same):
    1. game world: what other game officials make sure suspended player stay suspended far more than the announced period of time, not playing - giving them ample opportunity to reconsider any will/ motivation to play
    2. irl world: what kind of country requires jailed individual to perform some gimmicks/ tasks after their time is over?
    I agree with SS - Neno should not have to ask/ shot/ mood panel for release... announcement or not. His time was over ling time ago and his sentence did not read 'one week or the time Neno learns to be polite enough for game officials, whichever comes later'.. or did it
    BTW is being nice and polite to game officials _really_ the signature of a creative, free-thinking individual MD claims to be targetting?
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    xrieg reacted to Seigheart in Your MD experience   
    I'll throw in a GC for every applicant that submits a decent quality review. (TK Sponsored)

    I will let xrieg be a judge of the ones worthy of a GC.

    Edit: Just to clarify, I do not mean shedding good light on MD by decent quality. But by the quality of the review itself.
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    xrieg got a reaction from ignnus in Alt Benefiting Mains   
    I suggest to abandon or close the topic. It's all right to read some topics and think 'I'm too old for this shit'.... but I feel uneasy if the same statement could have been originated from 10 year-old.
    What's done is done. Dozens of ppl saw things happens, talked about it in public, knew it to be public knowledge - but apparently nobody decided to record enough screenshots and make it official... And with no screenshots the thing does not exist, eyewitnesses or not. Case is closed, apparently completely pointless to discuss. If it happens again take bloody screenshots.
    On the other hand just a thought - say for the future... screenshots and mailed logs can be easy doctored - so what _should_ be considered carrying more weight and more reliable - numerous eyewitnesses' accounts of events - or some logs/screenshots single individual collected in location about nobody else would consider to visit and would not care about if it happened well away from prying eyes
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    xrieg reacted to dst in Alt Benefiting Mains   
    [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1326275680' post='100432']
    Eon's account is verified, so either Eon did not take the screenshots, or it is Eon's alt. Take your pick, "Investigator".

    That shows how much you know about the game mechanics. As Eon told you: accounts CAN become unverified (if you have enough brains, you'll find out how by yourselves cause I will not tell you).

    Besides, without any name on that print screen how can you prove it was Eon indeed and not somebody else? Your proofs are circumstantial. As long as I do not see a name or an id you cannot accuse anyone of anything.

    So find something else cause this hand is dead.
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    xrieg reacted to dst in Alt Benefiting Mains   
    [quote]a clear evidence that Eon benefited from his GPS named Eno (his email-unverified account).[/quote]

    Err...I see name on those print screens. Can you prove it was the alt and not someone else?
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