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  1. How to apply for LotE citizenship or Seal of the Six membership (preferred)? Very inactive recently - but when I am I am usually taking a walk in Tribunal. Hardly anyone there these days (or anywhere, for that matter) - hence using forum. AD - 700+ LotE - 80+ (no other lands loyalty; was SotS member before it was hijacked)
  2. I didn't use notebook quite a few montjhs and when I needed its content I found it gone - it's empty now. Among other stuff there was some credit codes - so I would appreciate if it could be restored. Char: xrieg 208792 (?)
  3. Actually it's been discussed and the only realistic thing that can be done is to identify and disclose culprits/ try to trade ban them etc....No real harm for some, isn't it :-) As for breaking free etc... well I fully agree with duxie
  4. [quote name='Shemhazaj' timestamp='1325981500' post='100257'] [color=#808080][i]can someone post over half a billion?[/i][/color] [/quote] a few weeks ago I sacced ele 900M heat (+almost fully tokened).... didn't post as I was informed there are ppl out here with crits at MD max (2B+), I was heartbroken :-( BTW is it from the Fenth? shouldn't it display the max(heat from crit, profile heat)? even at MP6 you should not go 500M...
  5. the shortest moodpanel [attachment=3576:xxx.gif] LE: just read the previous post... feel free to delete the post if it falls under the category described
  6. [quote name='Shemhazaj' timestamp='1320839877' post='95525'] [color=#808080][i]yeah, once I got 2,8 mil Vp after being attacked few times by just 2 people, and I bet it also is not a record...[/i][/color] [/quote] Definiely not. I was above 5M and I believe my training partner was well above 7M at that time (hence no extreme MD entry from me :-P)...
  7. I have long had stone detector - and Passant had melter quite a lot of that time, During that time I never had any problems dealing with Passant (not Soothing Sand, but dealt less with him) - he never demanded any fee for glass melted. They tried to keep resource flow a community service (unlike some, myself included) - operating largely on goodwill and not wrinting down every sand received and glass disbursed. I found him true to his word (first post in this thread, check his inventory how 'rich' he became).
  8. Thanks :-) And indeed pity so few ppl participated - I needed incentive to think what do I want to include in my military pages; thanks for the quest
  9. Thanks for the event - to Burns as organizer and to all team members - of both teams :-) I enjoyed the event more than I planned to :-P
  10. you kind of lost me here. if there is suspicion that item source account and trading account are alts, payment should go to item source account to avoid being accesory to trade abuse, it's obvious. however, where is abuse if the two account in question are _not_ alts?
  11. Second highest bidder was Mur with bid of 100sc. I will contact you about stones - or let me know whether you still want them or not anymore
  12. [quote name='Udgard' timestamp='1314329355' post='90756'] I think this is similar to what I reported a while ago [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10094-old-creature-targeting-still-works-even-after-upgrade/"]here[/url]. A while ago I think I saw a log where a creature did forget it's targeting (can't target xxx) which had lead me to think it had been fixed, so this might have been a problem with specific creatures? [/quote] yes, indeed. I was searching for abilities and hence I did not find the topic. the crit in question is elemental IV who could still attack strong targets
  13. I mean second highest bidder in this auction may purchase if they want to - no more no less. If second highest bidder does not want to, it's their right - original auction was for single 50 stones package.
  14. I cannot watch anymore as people bid to lay hands on any stones. I wish to help you - so second highest bidder will also be able to purchase 50 stones at price he is bidding in this auction.
  15. When elemental IV was set up in a ritual, its upgrade did not render its abilities forgetting - it is still stealing life strong. Seems like targets are validated (->forgot msg, freezed crit), but abilities are not - and higher lvl crit may still use lower lvl abilities. (vague to avoid spoilers, hope it's clear enough)
  16. Let's schedule GRANDE FINALE for sunday Aug 28th (coming Sunday) 5PM ST. Availability confirmed with Udgard and our teams. Any sudden change of plans pls PM us :-) Now - let's sharpen our togues and polish our spells :-)
  17. I did let Neno know.... Jason I have not seen in the last several days Aeon.... Aeon is often in GG the last I saw him.... Seems like sociable guy and a few MP5s together may make him join the party
  18. Yes, it was my assumption; I was aware of the ban. Thank you nevertheless
  19. Half circular crest (right half-moon) crest with half scale (maybe should be upwards to enhance not simple reflection character), the shape and scale 'rippled', indistinct: - completion of all, - distorted image/ mirror, - the other side, very rough sketch: [attachment=3139:IMG.jpg]
  20. Thank you, apparently I was just too fast :-) Please close the topic
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