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  1. I didn't use notebook quite a few montjhs and when I needed its content I found it gone - it's empty now. Among other stuff there was some credit codes - so I would appreciate if it could be restored. Char: xrieg 208792 (?)
  2. Actually it's been discussed and the only realistic thing that can be done is to identify and disclose culprits/ try to trade ban them etc....No real harm for some, isn't it :-) As for breaking free etc... well I fully agree with duxie
  3. [quote name='Shemhazaj' timestamp='1325981500' post='100257'] [color=#808080][i]can someone post over half a billion?[/i][/color] [/quote] a few weeks ago I sacced ele 900M heat (+almost fully tokened).... didn't post as I was informed there are ppl out here with crits at MD max (2B+), I was heartbroken :-( BTW is it from the Fenth? shouldn't it display the max(heat from crit, profile heat)? even at MP6 you should not go 500M...
  4. the shortest moodpanel [attachment=3576:xxx.gif] LE: just read the previous post... feel free to delete the post if it falls under the category described
  5. [quote name='Shemhazaj' timestamp='1320839877' post='95525'] [color=#808080][i]yeah, once I got 2,8 mil Vp after being attacked few times by just 2 people, and I bet it also is not a record...[/i][/color] [/quote] Definiely not. I was above 5M and I believe my training partner was well above 7M at that time (hence no extreme MD entry from me :-P)...
  6. 76) MagicDuel is just a poor version of YIM with some fancy graphics prepared for people bored with standard YIM. 77) MagicDuel is an alien agency supporting alien invasion by planting alien agent inside player's head through mental osmosis. People do not leave MD on their own - they are either saved by exorcists or are fully in alien control and no further adjustments are nessesary
  7. almost lost a combo; could not find one closer to 100% [attachment=3092:99percentfight.gif]
  8. The form of the post clearly indicates its subjective character. It was written based on several direct and indirect (->witnessed) interactions - and it reflects my opinion. And it seems it's clear our opinion here... differ. It would be interesting to see how many critical commentaries would be considered just by their subjects in newspapers. Please send me PMs (younger players especially) about how unbased and insulting I was, and Curiose in your interactions is really a pleasant, timely, and quiet person as Mur's helper (? apparently tag is misleading). It may be I am prejudice
  9. xrieg

    New ideas

    In order to speed up crit management, especially for slower connections, rather than display all crit graphics, tabular view with basic crits facts is proposed. Discussion topic: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9957-crits-tabular-view/
  10. Babes put a pic up please anything will do xx

  11. [quote name='Burns' timestamp='1295638668' post='77829'] Probably the lowest ammount of a stat ever to be drained. Thanks go to Clock Master for making that possible =) [/quote] the smallest non-zero absolute value :-P [attachment=2983:e3xtremedrain.gif]
  12. CrazyMike's mini quest "Locate and help his runaway charge" details: for Merry Devilers: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9465-log-and-sequence-of-events/page__pid__83002#entry83002
  13. xrieg

    New ideas

    New idea: crit owner history displayed (owners, tokens - with dates); also clear crit history MD Store item (Extra Feature, deeper) [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9189-crit-history/page__pid__80107#entry80107"]idea thread[/url]
  14. I will also add a few words to fellow mp3s: If you heard that there is a fascinating world of MD but so far you can only see very small world (with any real life concentrated in a single MDP) I strongly recommend Princ Rhaegar's quest - it is excellent first step, giving you directions on MD symbolism and mystery (also: very highly recommend Mya's and Burns's tutorial quests). Just a word of caution: do dot rush through - you may get your prizes all right and yet overlook the major one: taking the first step in MD world with some directions where to look for second one. Good luck
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