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  1. How to apply for LotE citizenship or Seal of the Six membership (preferred)? Very inactive recently - but when I am I am usually taking a walk in Tribunal. Hardly anyone there these days (or anywhere, for that matter) - hence using forum. AD - 700+ LotE - 80+ (no other lands loyalty; was SotS member before it was hijacked)
  2. I didn't use notebook quite a few montjhs and when I needed its content I found it gone - it's empty now. Among other stuff there was some credit codes - so I would appreciate if it could be restored. Char: xrieg 208792 (?)
  3. No WP code received either but tainted I sure did
  4. [log=Mr Mystery]1. Well, when i first entered MD in 2008, i entered with a friend, who is now, doing other stuff. But during that time, back in the old days, where there weren't as many creatures, and rits such as Drachorn rits, and angiens, and insane stats, dueling was fun, and a challanged. Head Hunting a rite of passage, where everyone fought as equals. That is what kept me on. As time passed by, i left the game, and would come back on christmas eve, every year to see what has changed. At first it was the fighting, and eventually, the roleplaying, and the community of which M
  5. Thanks ZenTao - I read your initial post and missed the later edit part and the question therein :-) Sure :-) We passed the deadline and I will accept no more entries. I want to thank everybody who sent me their feedback - these posts made very interesting reading for me (very little time irl - so I skip most of other forum stuff to read those peacefully). These posts made me notice how diverse MD community is - how different ppl value different aspects of the game and react to different stuff. I will publish all entries within a few days and I hope they will make as interesting reading for
  6. if you could post reserve price that could save some server space. is there any or you are waiting for offers you like and no deadline set?
  7. player<>character character and its role is played by the player, with character strength depending on how dedicated a player is. I understand that one would like roles with power and authority to be occupied by 'strong characters' still.... that would make 'testing for breaking points' looking like an effort to find how much does it take for dedicated player to stop caring about the game. it would appear like gmail managers breaking down the site to check how much will users withstand. it would be more reasonable to test ppl for roles to pick the best character for the role - but no
  8. I want to thank all that have already posted me their feedback - I admit its volume has exceeded my expectations. As I can see some post above screaming for entries publication *winks* I think I may set [b]Deadline: Jan 31st 2012[/b] LE: thank you Rumi... time flies :-)
  9. Could somebody please enlighten me about what are MD allies for? Are they orders with internal regulations and goals to define them (and with badge being just a label) - and while some schisms are unavoidable, they should not disregard ally charter and obligations/ duties. Or - are they just realm 'provinces', vassals to their liege lords but with their internal laws and belonging to anybody who grabs them - and consequently with their obligations and values (if any) subject to change? The former seems to be the case - and as number of allies is steadily rising more and more allies become
  10. Actually it's been discussed and the only realistic thing that can be done is to identify and disclose culprits/ try to trade ban them etc....No real harm for some, isn't it :-) As for breaking free etc... well I fully agree with duxie
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