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  1. Ahhh, death always sound pleasant to me, but it is the process of killing that is fun. sasha is already dead, so I shall take part on bringing her back, as I take no pleasure on keeping dead what I haven't killed. So Resurrectioners it is.
  2. [quote name='Master Hitoshi' timestamp='1295787404' post='77911'] [u]Name: Master Tsuyoshi[/u] Creature: Dark Archer ID:660342 Age:170 Transers:0 Trade Value:0 Tokens: Claw 1, Claw 2, Blooddrop 1, Enlightning, Emerald Glare, Purpur Fog, Purpur Moon, Jewel Shards, Dark Shield. [/quote] I offer a young BP for Master Tsuyoshi
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