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  1. [log=Trapping Sunfire... Again...](Missed some things here, I thought someone else was recording it. Basically sunfire showed up and kneeled next to the body. I asked him for his name and he basically told me to go headbutt a bullet, but with other words. Then he pulled out a knife and a vial.)

    : Sunfire places the vial next to the body and raises the knife to cut a small part off
    : Belexar carefuly pushes sunfire away from the body
    Belexar: Get away from her.
    Sunfire: hey!
    Belexar: I guess I don't need your name to know who you are anymore.
    Belexar: If you have business with her, and the others haven't told me abiout you, you must be one of the undetakers.
    Belexar: *presses the ball on his hand* Am I right?
    Sunfire: *sarcasticly* bravo
    Belexar: I assume you know I won't let you get anywhere close to her.
    Sunfire: *grumbels* they re all the same
    Belexar: I guess you could say that. Its because we all know what are we doing and why are we doing it.
    Sunfire: dont try to stop me
    Sunfire: or you ll be sorry
    Belexar: And just what is it that you're trying to do?
    Sunfire: examine the body
    Sunfire: it has changed recently
    Sunfire: and i want to know why
    Belexar: With a knife and that vial? I'm no stupid, undertaker. I wasn't built to be fooled by anyone.
    Sunfire: i want to take ssome flesh with me so i can examin it in peace and quiet
    Belexar: I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that. I was left here to guard the body, and that is what I will do.
    : Blade Faryn hurries on across the bridge
    Sunfire: fool
    Sunfire: dont make me hurt you
    Belexar: Step back, undertaker
    : Belexar raises his metalic sphere
    Blade Faryn: *furrows his brow at the tension in the room and approaches the body* Settle down Belexar
    Blade Faryn: You too for that matter Sunfire.
    Belexar: He was trying to cut her! *points at the knife and the vial in sunfire's hand*
    Blade Faryn: *narrows his eyes at the tools, then looks back towards the body* Even so, breaking out into a fight here isn't within our best interests...
    Blade Faryn: The body could easily be damaged in a fray.
    Belexar: And what was I supposed to do, let him do wathever he wanted with it?
    Blade Faryn: No.
    Belexar: Then what should I have done?
    : Belexar crouches next to the body, with his weapon still in his hand
    Blade Faryn: I'm not sure.. but I'd try to avoid fighting around here if possible. Just about anywhere else is fine
    Belexar: *looks at sunfire* Would pushing him down the border would suffice? *evil grin, not really meaning what he said*
    Blade Faryn: *raises a brow* I guess, though preferably no one would have to be killed over this.
    Blade Faryn: I guess sometimes it's just inevitable though
    Belexar: So... What should we do with... What's his name, again?
    Blade Faryn: Sunfire?
    Belexar: Oh! This is the guy who got tied up in the defensive quarters? *laughs*
    Blade Faryn: I think he is.
    Belexar: Anyways, yes, what do we do with him now?
    Blade Faryn: It's too bad we don't have any rope on us, hm?
    Blade Faryn: Just keep him at bay for the time being.
    Belexar: *smiles* You know... We could always knock him out.
    Blade Faryn: That works, though we'd still have to be careful.
    Belexar: Don't worry, I have just the tool for it *shows blade his weapon*
    : Belexar quickly moves his arm in an arc, throwing his metallic sphere to sunfire's head
    Blade Faryn: Interesting choice of weapon for sure..
    : Belexar looks at sunfire's fallen body and smiles
    Belexar: Yeah, I have better things, but I left them at Golemus. *pìcks up his weapon*
    Blade Faryn: Is it just a sphere or is there something more to it?
    Belexar: Just a sphere. As I said, I left the fancy things at home.
    Belexar: How long do you think he'll stay down? *tilts his head towards sunfire*
    Blade Faryn: *shrugs* Your guess is as good as mine.
    Belexar: Maybe we should tie him up...
    Blade Faryn: I don't have any rope on me. And tying him wouldn't keep him long.
    Blade Faryn: He could probably easily burn through them.
    Belexar: Maybe... But he can't burn this! *takes out a roll of wire* Not without hurting himself, at least.
    Blade Faryn: That could work.
    Belexar: Great. Help me lift him up.
    : Belexar Picks up sunfire and puts him against one of the columns. He then starts wrapping the wire around Sunfure's arms and legs and around the column.
    Belexar: *smiles satisfied with his work* That should do it.
    Blade Faryn: This seems to be a trend..
    : Belexar laughs in and nods in agreement[/log]

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