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  1. [log=Trapping Sunfire... Again...](Missed some things here, I thought someone else was recording it. Basically sunfire showed up and kneeled next to the body. I asked him for his name and he basically told me to go headbutt a bullet, but with other words. Then he pulled out a knife and a vial.) : Sunfire places the vial next to the body and raises the knife to cut a small part off : Belexar carefuly pushes sunfire away from the body Belexar: Get away from her. Sunfire: hey! Belexar: I guess I don't need your name to know who you are anymore. Belexar: If you have business with her, and t
  2. I want in! I just hope I don't end up making a fool of myself...
  3. I'm with the Resurrectioners. You monsters (undertakers).
  4. Count me in! I may not be so important right now, but I have awesome things planned for the near future! I?m in whatever team wanted.
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