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  1. agh, Istill wanted to bid some more...
  2. [quote name='Sasha Lilias' timestamp='1301702710' post='81681'] Child; 2gc 5sc[31sc](Santa 2) [/quote] just to be clear, you value the 2gc 5sc as 31 silver? if so, I offer 32 silver
  3. 31 silvers for number 2 santa >=]
  4. the more, the merrier, is what I say! but if ya goin` to do so, I think it would be better to simply add `em on the same topic so this don`t get messy =D
  5. 25 silver for numba one >=]
  6. hahaha, completely forgot about that topic =P no, thanks, but I womn't sell it for so little... it is not only my favorite one, it also is heavily tokened (claw 2 and 3 included =)
  7. 23 silver for number one. that way, you take childs's bid for number 2 and get more the lightsage's bid =]
  8. it is great to see so many people showing up! things are starting to heat up, but I still wanna see many more pics! updated the first post to change the rules a bit, maybe make stuff more interesting >=] Phear The Wolf
  9. which one? there is a tie, and you can`t posibly want sasha to choose...
  10. Ral nice drawings you got there! I especialy like the B&W one, I have a weak spot for that kind of drawings =D

    *thinks he ought to upload some of his own works too*

  11. really? hahaha, and here I was thinking I was walking new grounds =D well, I guess it is a common curiosity... anyways, I wanna remember allthat this is a in-construction idea, so I`ll be updating it periodicaly. @ Raven: the idea of the group picture is that you gather some friends and take a pic with the MD logo. it could be a big paper writen MD, a board, whatever can hold a MD signal, symbol, or just the MD letters. =]
  12. auction ended! the winer is Clock Master! CM, please contact me so we can make the trading
  13. Ever since I came to this strange realm, I have been curious to know the faces behind those even stranger characters (as if a talking wolf wasn`t weird...). because of that, the webcam thingy in the panel really amuse me, and I check on it daily to see any new faces Some players, as Windy, Amoran, Sagewoman, among others (mostly gals, for some reason ) apear frequently, so I know their faces already. but (many) others I am still very much curious about. so, why don`t people show off more often? well, as for myself, I have never been there, because I haven`t got an webcam, and never remeber
  14. humm, lemme see... impy 703080 Impy 661166 (would hardly sell it, it is my favorite imp... but make an offer, who knows =) angy 712666
  15. BUMP! less then 24 hours left! if there are no more bids by then, the Morph will go to Clock Master!
  16. I messaged Mur to... rofl, he really got us all.. and I think (hope) there will be more entries in this post =P
  17. 8, 6 and 3 sc on the angiens, respectievely. Edit: this is not a bid, it is a price check. I would only bid om the first one, but I already have more then enough angies for now =]
  18. Bump! five more days to go! if there are no bids by then, Clock Master gets it =]
  19. 2 Gold to spice it up >:]
  20. Kyte, bids have started a few days ago, check the first post for the highest bid IAB, I updated that on my first post (don`t think people read it much other then the latest bid and the values...), but I DO prefer the crits over coins. I`m valueing it all in coins to make comparison easier, not because it doesn`t matter. also, oe more thing: Shem`s bid over Raven`s. I couldn`t log in on that day, rl issues, so I asked my brother to check the bids for me. he checked and updated it because of the highest value in coins, but I myself would prefer Raven`s bid, for the GG. SW, Rustys, I have th
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