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  1. Ral nice drawings you got there! I especialy like the B&W one, I have a weak spot for that kind of drawings =D

    *thinks he ought to upload some of his own works too*

  2. thanks, thats sweet :)

  3. right back at ya, marilin ;P

  4. I completely understand that. I'm just echoing what you put in my PL

    o Go team engineering!!! /o/

  5. I know, I know, I'll work on it...

    I've just been to lazy to do it, my legendary laziness is just... well, legendary

  6. Season of the Witch --> 9.2 in a 10 scale, a really nice movie /o/

    1. Nimrodel


      It got a very bad critic rating >>

    2. Maebius


      Critics? Bah. So did "5th Element", and that is one of my favorite movies EVER. :)

    3. Phear the Wolf

      Phear the Wolf

      critics have a terrible taste, they rate what they are paid for >.>

  7. *looks around* This Phear guy seems kinda cool... If only I knew something more about him =P

  8. sugar, caffeine, gambling, gaming, I wonder if you are my female version =P a better version, now that I'm on it >.>

    \o\ Go team engeneering!!! /o/

  9. The Tourist was surprisingly good =D would watch it again for shure

  10. going to party on my birthday... I feel so cliche =P

  11. Tron was surely not what I expected... only the soundtrack saves it... hail the originals!!!

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    2. Maebius


      I will refrain from spoilery comments only to say the soundtrack was awesome, and I enjoyed my time in the theatre quite well. But would Happily go on a philosophical debate with anyone about plot, if they so choose, via PMs. Go see it! Then discuss! :D

    3. Laphers


      I saw it in 3D. I don't think it was worth seeing in 3D but enjoyed the movie otherwise.

    4. Phear the Wolf

      Phear the Wolf

      okay, Grido, if it makes you feel better, I was only refering to the plot, which was quite generic... but the effects and the soundtrack are really worth it!!!

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