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  1. Take three points on the surface of the world equidistant to one another in mutual view. From one point literally measure the angle between the two other points.   Being equidistant from one another they will form an equilateral triangle with all angles equal.   If on a flat world these angles will be roughly 60 degrees. On a spherical world they would be roughly 90 degrees. (other angles for different curved surfaces).   Admittedly this could be affected by local terrain, but a false result would be quite rare. Even so this could be extrapolated with the entire world cove
  2. Although I doubt I'd be able to take up one of these interesting opportunities (time constraints), I've come up with a few other features that some may like the sound of:   - Bestiaries - Keys - Inner Circle Magic - Achievements - Knowledge Collections - DNA - Armour and Weaponry - Maps - Skills - Principles - Public Records - Medals - Guilds and Alliances - MD Court Proceedings - Kingship and Elections - LHOs - RPCs (archaic, I know) - Calendar   I omitted some that I thought of, but couldn't think of a technical question on.
  3. If you want a way to code the information in but avoid typical graphical codes perhaps look into Æsteticodes. I feel they could fit MDs character much better than a QR code or barcode. However, it would involve a lot more customization, perhaps. Here's a video that I feel explains them quite well. youtu.be/kW39Mt5kscQ
  4. For security patterns, all paper currency (at least in the UK and USA) has a serial number associated with it. As you said in the initial post that these title documents would be virtual, initially. By this, I imagined that these virtual representations would be items or item-like in game and so have an ID associated with it. Hence as a security pattern, you could print the item ID on the physical item. To check for counterfeit, one could search for the item ID on the physical item and verify that all the details match up.
  5. I have 123 branches to trade for approx 100 water.
  6. I can code with experience in over 20 programming languages, but rarely have time to spare to MD clickies.
  7. For sharing of fonts across domains you will need to set up Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) on the domain that is storing the font. http://enable-cors.org/server.html
  8. Do not Post content or links to Pornographic, Politically extremist, Offensive, Degrading, or illegal sites.   The above statement is logically ambiguous and as such could be interpreted in multiple different ways.   The more verbose interpretation being:  Do not post content. Do not post links to Pornographic, Politically extremist, Offensive, Degrading or illegal sites.   It is not, however, logically equivalent to the statement: Do not post, content or links to sites that contain content, that is Pornographic, Politically extremist, Offensive, Degrading or i
  9. I don't know if it was relate to this change but the Stage II remaining time for heads contest has been showing as 0 min remaining for the past half hour.
  10. Creature totems any progressive combiners. To combine creatures to create hybrids, or produce creature derived resources: feathers (Winderwild), meat (Knator), metal (Aramors), etc.
  11. I would imagine a cloud catching net would only work at high elevations (as well as during cloudy weather).   A suggestion of my own: If tool damage is ever implemented, improvised rain collectors should obtain damage if used during storms.
  12. Named <a> (anchor) tags are deprecated and should not be used, according to the WHATWG and the W3C. Instead fragment-link identifiers (the #go-to-here thing) can reference any element with an id attribute.   For example I want to provide an anchor link to a later heading in the document, I would use: <a href="#subheading1">Sub-Heading 1</a> which would take me to: <h2 id="subheading1">Sub-Heading 1</h2> I don't know if this fixes the problem in MD, but it will be what chrome is expecting to see.
  13. Although Opera is still developed by the same people, due to them moving over to a different rendering engine that was concentrating on different W3C specifications, it feels like a completely different browser. I do hope that Opera keep their individuality, because at the moment it feels they are just a older version of chrome.
  14. I experienced this same problem in chrome a few versions back. If your version of Opera is greater than 15 this may be that chrome and opera now share a common codebase ('Blink' rendering engine). If this is the case,  it will probably be fixed by the next update.
  15. Following on from http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/14318-personal-page-template-the-white-cube-for-documents/, I have created version 2 which gives you more freedom, more faces to the cube and follows the separation of concerns. For any caveats see original template.   [log='CSS'] * { -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; -ms-box-sizing: border-box; box-sizing: border-box; } .stage { -webkit-perspective: 800; -moz-perspective: 800; -ms-persective: 800; -o-perspective: 800; perspective: 800; -webkit-perspective-origin: 50% 50%; -moz-perspec
  16. The only possible negative for this 'market' is that it makes the possibility of trade embargos less possible.
  17. My anti-virus is not running at the moment, yet I'm still experiencing the problem.
  18. I do not have avast and my virus software is taking no interest in MD however I still experience the above problem. Tested in Chrome 30, Chrome 28 and Firefox 20.
  19. Cows have been sacred creatures in many religions not only Hinduism, they are the sacred animal of Apollo in Ancient Greek beliefs, for example. I see no reason why it is necessary to pick an animal devoid of all connotations, for it will only have such connotations for the small amount of people who know about them 
  20. I like the layout of the tabbed inventory. I just have 2 potential improvements: When the inventory is first opened I would like to see all of my items in one long list (as it was before) and be able to use the different tags to 'filter' my inventory. My current tabs are: "valuable | tool, rare | tool | resource | enchanted, consumable | consumable", this is also listing each combination of tabs I have. I would prefer it if comma separated tags each ended up as single tabs. For example, my tabs would appear as: "valuable | rare
  21. I would be able to help and have previous experience with CMSs.
  22. The Warrior (ID: 111191; Days: 1476) Activity days: 88% (A total of 1476 out of 1679 days) Land Affiliation: Loreroot (Land Loyalty: 944) No Tag. No Description.   No major existing roles. Will be particularly available over next few days.
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