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    In the southern hemisphere, beneath the Southern Cross, watching life pass me by
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    Often i wonder, and watch.my mind takes me places, yet i'm grounded in reality by my family.
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  1. Waiting for category 5 cyclone to make landfall tonight in North Queensland, will let you all know what happens.Eye of cyclone is from 50 to 100 km across, with gale force winds 400 km from centre, take care, will see you all soon. P.S bunkered down, everything ready, wind speeds up to 300 km/hour plus.............
  2. I might be selling some creatures, that I was given. 3 aged master of puppets.. Bp archer. Angien 445 days. No idea if tokens are on them.Would like to know the market value of them.
  3. Will pay for drachs with gemstones, uncut saphires, message me if interested P.S will send overseas....airmail
  4. Finally sorted out problem with phone, now I'm updating profile

  5. [quote name='Burns' timestamp='1293321310' post='76055'] Mur has placed an activity requirement on the gifts. I'm uncertain if it considers activity lately or in general, but i guess latter, and you obviously don't meet it with 69%. The new rule is in place to stop people from using hardly used accounts to access gifts and transfer/sell them. [/quote]mi mI Just out of curiosity, I was in story mode at time of Mur's gifts, and when I got out couldn't get any gifts, apparently i wasn't elgible for gifts.was it because I was too late? By the way, mp5 should count as not an opportunistic grab
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