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  1. [quote name='DarkPriestess' timestamp='1292335292' post='75439'] I believe he was talking about the bookselves in the Room of Indexed Memories, where people can see on the shelves in alphabetical order the articles/books of the MD Archives. [/quote] I had already found Fyrds clues He states where to find them in the hut. I was just wondering why 1 day i could see an alphabetical lsiting of stuff in the indexed area and the next day it's like a non-scripted clickable. I've since been able to get into them so thanks for resetting .... I'm now 10 days awakened and still trying to figur
  2. So does this mean that someone needs to reset the bookshelves in order or me to see the contents again? My whole point behind this is, I'm looking for clues to interact with the loreroot guardians and I'm also working on "fyrds" quests and thought there might be clues to those as well in the library. I'm not even sure that there are clues and could be wasting my time. If nothign else I'll understand the world better. Riish
  3. I've been in and out of the MDA library and at one point I swear I was able to access an alphabetical listing of items to read. At that time I didn't have the time to start going thru them, but now that I have time the Index no longer shows up. Is there a reason they would appear and then disappear?
  4. No attitude intended. I thought i might legitimately be asking something I couldn't get an answer for. On another note under my name there is a "K" document. I'm not quite sure what to do with it. I also found out why the "clue" didn't match up with the puzzle. The graphic never loaded the 1st time i clicked on it, only the text, and the text made absoluetly no sense without the graphic. I've since solved that puzzle and have moved on and now stand before the doors that have no fate. Thanks for all your help. I'm still out exploring...
  5. Where would i find these quest docs? Or is that also a spoiler?
  6. Is this still going on? I'm into my 2nd day, and I'll try to find you at the paper hut.
  7. I don't know that I want to give up, but some things that are a bit irritating. I end up wasting AP's all the time because as I'm exploring a new area the arrows orientation isn't very intuitive and when I think I'm moving forward I end up moving backwards. The small help windows don't always show up on the arrows. Why not hilight the arrow that is in the direction I came from in a different color? I was hyped that there would be puzzles to solve and I've only found 1 puzzle and by accident found the "clue" but am still no closer to solving it because I had no idea the 2 were interconnect
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