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    Rumi got a reaction from Phantom Orchid in Community Garden Mid-Winter Festival 2013   
    It's the middle of winter and I know what's on everybody's mind.

    Spring gardening!

    The MagicDuel Community Garden will be holding festivals during each of the eight Sabbats of the year. These include solstices, equinoxes, and the four dates right in the mid seasons. These include Groundhog Day, May Day, and Halloween.

    Gardeners around the world use these dates to determine planting schedules, along with moon cycles (which we will also be observing). These dates will be used for a number of garden events, including plot management at the community garden.

    This festival will be highlighted by a party the way gardeners party best.


    We are going to build that toolshed we have been talking about for so many months and we need all the help we can get. This is the main event!

    We would like to have some other games and contests, so please post below with ideas and plans. PM if you prefer. As it will be groundhog day, we'll have a groundhog themed poetry and story contest, with prizes for winners in both categories.

    Necrovion scarecrow contest winner will be announced.

    Details of a massive new garden contest will be announced.

    And you all can begin work on your garden plots for the spring season. Perfect time to get those cool season crops started (think roots, greens, and peas). Community Garden plots remain free for all interested gardeners.

    I'd like some help planning and preparing for the event, as well as an additional host for the hours America sleeps. Garden experience appreciated but not required. As I have said before, I'm also looking for dedicated leaders to help manage the community garden (DEVELOP YOUR ROLE) and this is a great opportunity to step up.

    The event will take place at the Meeting of the Roads in No Man's Land. There will be a special lottery giveaway if on the day of the event, the scene has 18/18 herbs and 2/2 memory stones.

    Stay tuned for more information...
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    Rumi got a reaction from Phantom Orchid in <<<Gold Avatar Auction>>> /8/   
    6gc & sharptear & hug
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    Rumi got a reaction from Kyphis the Bard in <<<Gold Avatar Auction>>> /8/   
    6gc & sharptear & hug
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    Rumi got a reaction from dst in Personal Request Month   
    I wish for an independent rainwater harvest tool and four casts of Weather - Mild Rain.

    I intend to provide and collect rainwater for the community garden.
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    Rumi got a reaction from Maebius in Personal Request Month   
    I wish for an independent rainwater harvest tool and four casts of Weather - Mild Rain.

    I intend to provide and collect rainwater for the community garden.
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    Rumi got a reaction from Plix Plox in Personal Request Month   
    I wish for an independent rainwater harvest tool and four casts of Weather - Mild Rain.

    I intend to provide and collect rainwater for the community garden.
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    Rumi got a reaction from Nimrodel in Personal Request Month   
    I wish for an independent rainwater harvest tool and four casts of Weather - Mild Rain.

    I intend to provide and collect rainwater for the community garden.
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    Rumi got a reaction from phantasm in Personal Request Month   
    I wish for an independent rainwater harvest tool and four casts of Weather - Mild Rain.

    I intend to provide and collect rainwater for the community garden.
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    Rumi got a reaction from everyone in Personal Request Month   
    I wish for an independent rainwater harvest tool and four casts of Weather - Mild Rain.

    I intend to provide and collect rainwater for the community garden.
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    Rumi got a reaction from Darigan in Personal Request Month   
    I wish for an independent rainwater harvest tool and four casts of Weather - Mild Rain.

    I intend to provide and collect rainwater for the community garden.
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    Rumi got a reaction from dst in New ideas   
    Viscosity altered by weather effects

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    Rumi reacted to Tom Pouce in where is the logic?   
    Since we are now discusting rating and use of drugs

    i wonder, is alcool concider a drug? its certainly a substance that is illegal in some muslim countries, and illegal to sell and consume by underage in most countries

    in canada you need to be 18 years old to buy or drink alcool, and i think its 21 in US

    But in MD there is beer, and tequilla that any player can use and get drunk (a most not model or moderate use of alcool)

    Does it still meet the PG rating?

    (bring that so one can see that if one go deep ,,, he can wonder where to draw a line)

    And to precise to Grido question my RP did not include USE of drugs, only PLANTING a "Super Skunk Feminised" witch is an yes a kind of hybrid mainly sativa, but is use for medical purpose legaly in some countries, including USA (and that garden for RP was to plant medical plants isnt it?)
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    Rumi reacted to Kafuuka in Html In Messages   
    Having html enabled would make it very annoying to discuss html if someone has a html problem.
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    Rumi got a reaction from Manda in Extreme Magicduel   
    Crazy eights, anyone?


    Yeah, I know what you're thinking, 0 adepts. How sad.
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    Rumi reacted to Muratus del Mur in How can actual spells have "limited cast", its outrageous   
    Normal information can be copied indefinetly without being lost (xerox style). Complex thoughts, such as those for "spells" you can't multiplicate simply because you don't have either the "reading" device nor the "ink" to write a copy. Imagine to make a xerox copy of a 100$ bill...some things look similar, some things will never be similar. What happens in this case is that each copy of that sort of thought is still connected to the one that created it initially. That, in terms of MD dynamics, would mean that players mastering a permanent spell should be able to give away limited casts of it and each cast should drain them of heat as long as it exists. This will scatter the spell across multiple players but not duplicate its original power/source. This is not to far from how things are now ..but not with spells in md..with items. Items that create items, such as pickles and candy, have a limited amount that can be created, based on how many are already "uneaten". This concept was applied to candy and pickles so i could create the system for potential later use, like for now.

    I don't know how much i will be able to bring the spells concept closer to reality, i will try hard , now and for years to come, thats for sure. Sadly some things are very very hard to achieve. For example the connection between inner and outer magic, how to create spells. In the outer world this would be "managed" and limited by ones abilities to understand the surroundings, in md there are tehnical limitations and the surroundings are quite different from the outer-world. I found a solution for that, it will be acceptable in terms of "game play" and will be close enough to reality BUT..but ...my quest will remain that one day I will find a way to perfect it. One day I want players in MD to be able to "learn" a spell and do it, and not "unlock" a spell and click it. It is possible, and all the things i change now point in that direction. However you notice how md population drops as MD goes further away from "gameplay standards". I could have created a branched magic system with points to distribute and such..but nooo, i had to do it my way..this drives people away. I..dont..care..

    The priority in md development as long as i will be the one deciding it, will be to respect its concepts and to fine tune a central idea, same one for years.

    I have connectivity issues with the server so i cant upload anything at the moment. There are several changes that are done but will be uploaded probably tomorow, unless a miracle happens and i manage to do it tonight..oh wait, no miracles, oh well..later then.
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    Rumi reacted to Fyrd Argentus in How can actual spells have "limited cast", its outrageous   
    Heat is the stuff being manipulated here.

    Principles are the tools used to do that.

    The specific collection and sequencing of words/thoughts/memory-images used to do that can use word-metaphors from many walks of life besides "spells". We could call them recipes, verses, stanzas, procedures, lyrics, vows, rites, vignettes, stories, tales, invocations, constructs, weavings, programs, scripts, subroutines, etc. Prayers and rituals bring in other meaning from MD or they would be on the list too.

    It seems to me that each magic culture/tradition would use a different set of words to describe what it is they are doing to manipulate and use heat. I refer you to Roger Zelazny's Madwand series - in which the protagonist has to learn how to do something similar without the benefit of a teacher. Is he manipulating threads, beams, flows, balls, tones, or what? The answer is -- all of the above, depending on circumstance. Different mindsets (principles) make different tasks easier or harder. His Dilvish the Damned series has sorcerers viewing spells (constructs that can be imbued with energy) on different "planes" wherein the construct appears different from different vantage points (principles?). And demons that live in these different energy planes can be summoned and put to work...

    I particularly like the cooking analogy in that an experienced chef will only follow the original recipe exactly a certain number of times before they get bored with it and try something just a little different - with good or bad results. The better the cook, the more often they are successful before something goes wrong and they return to the original recipe.

    [Added: A one-time cast could be using up a favor or credit owed to you by some entity outside yourself. Charlie the demon owes you one - but just one.]
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    Rumi reacted to Muratus del Mur in How can actual spells have "limited cast", its outrageous   
    Its time for a concept clarification. I tried to make md in a very original but also personal view on subjects such as game playe but also the concept of "magic".
    There are some traps i fell in. Because it requires a bit more "insanity" than i was prepared to have back 6 years ago to say things as they are, certain things I made them as they were "expected".

    You might think md is original as it is, but from my point of view, things like "limited number of casts" on a spell, the word "spell" itself...scratch my ears and made me think they are very ..commercial.

    I tried over time to improve things by making them more natural to how I wanted them to be, and some of the steps i did in that direction are relevant. This is one of those steps. It does not involve a tehnical change, because none is required, but it is about a clarification of concept. This clarification is so important for me that I made an announcement about it and shift other things in md tehnical or cenceptual, to fit it. I wanted to make it the milestone that will mark the end of stage X and beginning of stage XI...but i am sure you don't see it as important as I do yet so I will let the stage11 celebrate an other, more dramatic and obvious change/feature.

    Now, what is this all about.

    Spells are nothing more than "pre-compiled" memories, complex thoughts..too complex to remember as they are. Sometimes you can cast them without words, achieving the same result through your actions, sometimes you can use words to "cast" spells by bringing their memory fresh into your mind. The words offer a guide, a focus to set your mind in a defined direction.

    In games, spells became more like ..idk.. pills that you take or buttons that you press and things happen, totaly away from their actual meaning and concept. I am trying to bring this concept more to its reality with certain things like "heat" cost, keeping spells as part of the chat talk and not "buttons to press" and such things. Sadly is not enough, for my standards at least.

    Thats why i write this here and will follow this concept for the future in a more obvious way. SPELLS ARE THOUGHTS, not buttons, not words you read an do things you cant do. The words are aids to do the things you can already do.

    Currently in MD it is a huge gap between the spelldocs, that are the closest thing to spell descriptions you will probably ever find, and the "usable" spells. I am working on that part, and i am aware of this issue. At some point inner magic will unite with outer magic concepts in md, and all the development so far supports that sort of update. As i see it, it will probably happen in stage11..and if i get angry enough it will happen in one night of work because things are increasingly clearer for me as how they should go (development wise). Rendril almost finished a major feature that will also be used to reintegrate the spelldocs, so everything is comming in place nicely.

    I find it outrageous how spells can have "limited number of casts". How can that be? You run out of words? wtf is this bulshit, excuse my language.
    Regardless how angry I am on the general preconceptions that make people think a certain way, or by the need to balance powers that made me add limited number of "casts" to a unlimited thing, i need to move on and go back to what I consider accurate and real. For that I will shift MD further more on the originality path.

    There is one case when spells have indeed limited "casts"..it is when they are not yours and you just remember that thought, copied from someone else. In reality, thoughts do not "re-purify" themselves..sadly. But in RL we experience an entropic universe. In md the world is balanced, or slightly inclined towards syntropy, so what I will say next _makes perfect sense_.

    " A spell has limited uses because a memory used in such way gets slightly tainted by current thoughts and it needs time to recover its purity. Therefore, spell casts are limited, but if you master the spell (as opposed to temporary spells), their "casts" will recharge periodically."
    (This is a quote from the description added to the spell index page)

    Note: Normally in an entropic universe, any thought you repeat (i hate the word spell), becomes altered and gets further away from its original purity..but becomes also stronger.

    Following this sudden change of heart that makes me improve concepts and alter feature just to follow those concepts, I will do different changes to the spell system. Nothing will be drastic, no functionality will be broken. What is now implemented is fine..just some of the words are too standard and i hate it.

    For example, part of this concept will be a new sort of temporary spells..thoughts that you consume till they are gone then you forget how to recall them. Words alone can only help someone recreate thoghts in their mind with their own "vocabulary" of feelings...but spells sometimes are about feelings that you never experienced and such thoughts can not be reproduced without experience..but can be copied in the presence of someone that masters them.

    Temporary spells will also change the way MD is played..mainly because now a lot more people will be able to have spells. The spells wont be abusable because they wont be rechargeable! There is a huge range of possibilities that opened up today but it is all based on the previous years of development.
    In the end I want to remind you all one thing.

    There is no magic..things might look as magic seen from one side but its knowledge seen from the other side. There is no magic for the magician.
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